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Audit, Compliance, Governance

627 Articles on Audit, Compliance, Governance
18 White Papers on Audit, Compliance, Governance (View)
1 new Compliance Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Hefty HIPAA Fine After Breach Involving 'The Dark Overlord' (2020-09-23) | (Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, Editor @ HealthcareInfoSecurity)

Cloud Technologies

1,528 Articles on Cloud Technologies
43 White Papers on Cloud Technologies (View)
5 new Cloud Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Avoiding the Pitfalls of Cloud Migration (2020-09-23) | (Matt Lock, UK Technical Director@ Varonis.)
go   When -- and When Not -- To Use Cloud Native Security Tools (2020-09-22) | (Chris Tozzi. Analyst @ Fixate IO)
go   How Cloud Threat Protection Takes on Shadow IT (2020-09-21) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   How to Manage Hybrid Cloud Costs: 4 Tips (2020-09-21) | (Kevin Casey, Technology Writer)
go   Cloud Mapping Can Transform Your Business (2020-09-20) | (Chuck Vondra, Sr Consultant @ Communication Strategies,)

Data Center Operations

488 Articles on Data Center Operations
52 White Papers on Data Center Operations (View)
6 new Operations Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Top Five Ways Backup Can Protect Against Ransomware (2020-09-24) | (Stephen Pritchard , Freelance Journalists & Broadcaster)
go   Top Five Ways Backup Can Protect Against Ransomware (2020-09-24) | (Stephen Pritchard , Freelance Journalists & Broadcaster)
go   A Case for the Creation of the Core Principles of Business Continuity (2020-09-24) | (Rico Andrew Patron,Head of Operations & Resilience)
go   IT Vendors Want You to be Extra Careful with Edge Data Centers (2020-09-24) | (Yevgeniy Sverdlik, Editor in Chief)
go   Four common business continuity misconceptions (2020-09-21) | (Jeff Keyes, VP of Product @ Plutora)
go   How to Sell ‘Disaster Recovery’ to Senior Management (2020-09-21) | (Sarah Doherty, Product Marketing Manager @ iland Cloud)

Data Protection and Analytics

2,058 Articles on Data Protection and Analytics
39 White Papers on Data Protection and Analytics (View)
3 new Data Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Most Useful C/C++ ML Libraries Every Data Scientist Should Know (2020-09-24) | (Sharmistha Chatterjee, Sr Mgr Data Sciences @ Publicis Sapient)
go   Deepfake Detection Poses Problematic Technology Race (2020-09-21) | (Robert Lemos, Technology Journalist)
go   The Data You Share on Social Platforms – Who Owns It? (2020-09-21) | (Daniel Burrus, CEO & Founder @ BURRUS RESEARCH, INC.)

DevOps and Agile Development

277 Articles on DevOps and Agile Development
16 White Papers on DevOps and Agile Development (View)
2 new DevOps Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   DevOps Matters to the CIO (2020-09-24) | (John Musser, CEO & Founder @ API Science)
go   DevOps Database Strategies and Challenges: Automation, Scalability, and More! (2020-09-22) | (Gilad David Maayan, Technology Writer)

Geek Stuff

1,108 Articles on Geek Stuff
19 White Papers on Geek Stuff (View)
1 new Technology Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   New Hubble Data Suggests There Is an Ingredient Missing from Current Dark Matter Theories (2020-09-22) | (ESA/Hubble Information Centre)

Management and Leadership

2,143 Articles on Management and Leadership
27 White Papers on Management and Leadership (View)
14 new Management Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Gartner: 7 Traits of Highly Successful Digital Leaders (2020-09-25) | (Mary Mesaglio & Apoorva Chhabra, Analysts @ Gartner)
go   How to Negotiate Software Costs as IT Budgets are Slashed (2020-09-24) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   3 Things Jeff Bezos Looks for in Job Candidates (2020-09-24) | (Plato)
go   Why IT Departments Need to Consider Deepfakes (2020-09-24) | (Lisa Morgan, Freelance Writer)
go   7 Lessons From an Old West Shootout (2020-09-23) | (Mark Armstrong, Digital Marketing Experet)
go   Business Intelligence: How Organizations Use Employee Monitoring Data (2020-09-23) | (Dale Strickland)
go   The Secret Skill Every Project Portfolio Manager Should Have (2020-09-23) | (Jan Schiller, Partner @ Berkshire Consulting, LLC.)
go   6 Types of CISO and the Companies They Thrive In (2020-09-23) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   How to Help Your Team Accept Tough Decisions (2020-09-23) | (Jeff Fields, CIO @ SERVPRO)
go   How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis (2020-09-23) | (Jeff Previte, Content Manager @ Bluleadz,)
go   Edge Computing’s Epic Turf War (2020-09-20) | (Stacy Collett, Contributing Writer)
go   Make Sure Staff Working from Home aren’t Burned Out, Say CISOs (2020-09-20) | (Howard Solomon, Freelance Writer)
go   Data Doesn't Speak for Itself: 4 Benefits of Giving Security Metrics Context (2020-09-20) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   Leadership lessons from Accenture’s CIO (2020-09-20) | (Martha Heller, CEO @ Heller Search Associates)

Networks and Connectivity

1,497 Articles on Networks and Connectivity
20 White Papers on Networks and Connectivity (View)
10 new Connectivity Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Is Zero Trust Network Access Right for Your Remote Workforce? (2020-09-24) | (Todd Ellison, Networking Practice Lead @ Veristor,)
go   Vendors Extend the Range of 5G Millimeter-Wave Transmissions (2020-09-23) | (Patrick Nelson, Contributing Wrtier)
go   How Intrusion Detection Systems Work! (2020-09-22) | (Andrey Yesyev, Director of Cybersecurity Solutions @ Accedian)
go   Choosing the Best VPN: 5 Tips for First-Time Users (2020-09-22) | (Jan Youngren, Consumer Protection Specialist @ VPNpro)
go   Network Security Post-Pandemic: Key Measures to Secure Internet Network for Your Business (2020-09-21) | (Joseph Chukwube, Founder @ Digitage)
go   What's on Your Enterprise Network? You Might Be Surprised (2020-09-20) | (Jai Vijayan, Seasoned Technology reporter)
go   About Your Remote Access Policy: It's Time for an Update (2020-09-20) | (John Edwards, Technology Journalist)
go   Edge Computing and 5G Give Business Apps a Boost (2020-09-20) | (Keith Shaw, Contributing Writer)
go   Connected Toys, Kettles and Sports Gear Are Sneaking On to Enterprise Networks (2020-09-20) | (Howard Solomon, Freelance Wrtier)
go   Minimize Human Error and Failed Networks (2020-09-20) | (Gary Audin, President @ Delphi, Inc.)


3,766 Articles on Potpourri
5 White Papers on Potpourri (View)
2 new Potpourri Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   10 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications to Launch Your Career (2020-09-25) | (Sarah K. White, Sr Writer)
go   10 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications to Launch Your Career (2020-09-25) | (Sarah K. White, Sr Writer)

Security Technologies

3,220 Articles on Security Technologies
148 White Papers on Security Technologies (View)
14 new Security Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Quantum Computing: Threat to Cybersecurity? (2020-09-24) | (Julien Legrand, Security Governance Lead @ Neat)
go   Credential Stuffing Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg (2020-09-24) | (Roey Eliyahu, CEO @ Salt Security)
go   DaaS, BYOD, Leasing and Buying: Which Is Better for Cybersecurity? (2020-09-24) | (Apu Pavithran, CEO @ Hexnode)
go   NIST Unveils Updated Guide to Privacy, Security Controls (2020-09-24) | (Akshaya Asokan, Sr Correspondent)
go   Data Integrity: Recovering from Ransomware and Other Destructive Events (2020-09-23) (PDF White Paper)
go   Enterprise Threat Visibility Versus Real-World Operational Constraints (2020-09-22) | (Gunter Ollmann, CSO @ Microsoft Cloud & AI Security)
go   5 Steps to Greater Cyber Resiliency (2020-09-21) | (Andrew Rubin, CEO & Founder @ Illumio)
go   Netwalker, the Powerful New Strain of Ransomware Used Against Equinix (2020-09-21) | (Maria Korolov, Technology Journalist)
go   Mercury: Vulnhub Walkthrough (2020-09-21) | (Vishva Vaghela, Digital Forensics & Cyber Security student)
go   US CISA: Agencies Must Patch Zerologon Bug by Monday (2020-09-21) | (Phil Muncaster, UK / EMEA News Reporter)
go   Deadly Ransomware Story Continues to Unfold (2020-09-20) | (Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor)
go   What Security Needs to Know Before Diving into SaaS Contracts (2020-09-20) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   Why Darknet Markets Persist (2020-09-20) | (Mathew J. Schwartz Executive Editor @ DataBreachToday)
go   Information Warfare Countermeasures (2020-09-20) | (Ian Barwise, Security Engineer @ Raytheon Intelligence)

Server Administration

318 Articles on Server Administration
11 White Papers on Server Administration (View)
4 new Administration Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   What Is a Virtual Machine, and Why Are They So Useful? (2020-09-24) | (Keith Shaw, Contributing Write)
go   Microservices Guru Says Think Serverless, Not Kubernetes: You Don't Want to Manage 'A Towering Edifi (2020-09-22)
go   14 Ways to Speed Up Windows 10 (2020-09-21) | (Preston Gralla Contributing Editor)
go   iOS 14: What’s New for Enterprise IT? (2020-09-21) | (Jonny Evans, Freelance Journalist)

Storage Technologies

274 Articles on Storage Technologies
17 White Papers on Storage Technologies (View)
2 new Storage Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Should You Upgrade Tape Drives to the Latest Standard? (2020-09-22) | (W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technical Evangelist @ Druva)
go   Top Five Ways to Benefit From Tape Today (2020-09-21) | (Stephen Pritchard, Freelance Journalists & Broadcaster)

64 Articles Added in the Last 7 Days
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