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Audit, Compliance, Governance

599 Articles on Audit, Compliance, Governance
17 White Papers on Audit, Compliance, Governance (View)
2 new Compliance Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Who Owns Privacy? (2020-05-26) | (Daniel Barber, CEO at DataGrail)
go   The CCPA's Enforcement Date is Fast Approaching - Are You Ready? (2020-05-25) | (Seth Berman & Sa’adiyah Masoud @ Nutter)

Cloud Technologies

1,465 Articles on Cloud Technologies
40 White Papers on Cloud Technologies (View)
4 new Cloud Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   4 Considerations for Keeping Your Cloud Infrastructure Secure (2020-05-31) | (Tony Lutz, Cloud Security Lead @ Simple Technology Solutions)
go   Moving to the Cloud Too Fast Wastes Time and Effort (2020-05-29) | (Veronica Combs, Sr Writer)
go   Cloud Strategies aren't Just About Digital Transformation Anymore (2020-05-28) | (Lisa Morgan, Freelance Writer)
go   Reexamining Cloud On-Ramp: Access to Your Cloud Applications May Not Be as Direct as You Think (2020-05-28) | (Stephen Watkins. Principal Security Architect @ Fortinet)

Data Center Operations

437 Articles on Data Center Operations
52 White Papers on Data Center Operations (View)
7 new Operations Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Big Data Trends: Our Predictions for 2020 PLUS What Happened in 2019 (2020-05-31) | (Ramesh Menon, VP Cloud & Big Data Analytics @ Infoworks)
go   Debunking Six Disaster Recovery Automation Myths (2020-05-29) | (Chandrasekar S, Sr Technical Lead @ HCL Technologies)
go   The Dunk Tank Reconsidered: How OCP May Yet Immerse Your Servers (2020-05-28) | (Scott Fulton III, Contributing Editor)
go   Four Paths on the Journey to Automated Enterprise Infrastructure (2020-05-28) | (Ken Clipperton, Lead Analyst @ DCIG)
go   The Definitive Guide to Managed Detection and Response (2020-05-25) (PDF White Paper)
go   DRaaS vs. cloud DR: What are the differences? (2020-05-25) | (Brien Posey, Owner & Microsoft MVP @ Posey Enterprises)
go   What is Single Sign-On and How Does it Work? (2020-05-25) | (Deepak Gupta, CIO/CTO & Co Founder @ LoginRadius)

Data Protection and Analytics

1,972 Articles on Data Protection and Analytics
35 White Papers on Data Protection and Analytics (View)
3 new Data Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Voice + AI Represents the Next Chapter in CRM’s Evolution (2020-05-30) | (Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist @ Salesforce)
go   How Data Intelligent Organizations Mitigate Risk (2020-05-25)
go   GDPR Wholly Inappropriate to Govern Contact-Tracing Data (2020-05-25) | (Alex Scroxton, Security Editor)

DevOps and Agile Development

237 Articles on DevOps and Agile Development
14 White Papers on DevOps and Agile Development (View)
1 new DevOps Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   How Could Using Agile Project Management Techniques Change the Way We Conduct BIAs? (2020-05-29) | (Benedict Gross, Sr Mgr BC & Resilience @ PwC)

Geek Stuff

1,041 Articles on Geek Stuff
18 White Papers on Geek Stuff (View)
1 new Technology Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   A Look at IoT Security and Potential Issues (2020-05-26) | (Ryan Ayers, Independent Big Data Consultant)

Management and Leadership

1,994 Articles on Management and Leadership
27 White Papers on Management and Leadership (View)
12 new Management Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   C-Suite Execs Often Pressure IT Teams to Make Security Exceptions for Them (2020-05-31)
go   Cybersecurity: Half of Employees Admit They are Cutting Corners When Working from Home (2020-05-30) | (Danny Palmer, Sr Reporter)
go   Why You Need to Revisit Your IT Policies (2020-05-29) | (Patrick Gray, Mgr Digital Transformation @ Deloitte & Touche)
go   How to Pay a Ransom: A Step-By-Step Guide for Something You'd Never Do (2020-05-29) | (Nicole Ferraro, Freelance Writer)
go   HR's Response to Racism in Viral Form (2020-05-29) | (Kate Bischoff, Emploment Lawyer @ tHRive Law & Consulting)
go   Akamai CTO on How Bots Are Used Online In Legal and Illegal Ways (2020-05-28) | (Dan Patterson, CNET & CBS News Senior Producer)
go   How CIOs Can Support a Gradual Return to the Office (2020-05-28) | (Roberto Torres, Technology Reporter)
go   Talk or Write? A Critical Communication Decision (2020-05-28) | (Dianna Booher, CEO @ Booher Research Institute)
go   Top 5 COVID-19 Litigation Risks for Employers: Is Your Company Prepared? (2020-05-27) | (S. Bowman, B. Falkowski, A. Mayette & A.J. Weissler @ Husch Bla)
go   Inside the Army's Rapid IT Response to COVID-19, with Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford (2020-05-26) | (Billy Mitchell, Editor in Chief)
go   The Service Desk KPIs Top MSPs Rely on for Success & How to Use Them in Your Business (2020-05-25) (PDF White Paper)
go   CISOs are Critical to Thriving Companies: Here's How to Support Their Efforts (2020-05-25) | (Isaac Kohen, VP of R&D @ Teramind)

Networks and Connectivity

1,394 Articles on Networks and Connectivity
16 White Papers on Networks and Connectivity (View)
3 new Connectivity Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   2B or Not 2C? That is the Question for 5G (2020-05-31) | (Joe O’Halloran, Networking Editor)
go   T-Mobile Sub-6 5G Vs. mmWave: Capabilities Comparison (2020-05-29) | (Todd Fariss, Director of Cellular Signal @ WilsonPro)
go   World's Fastest Internet Speed from a Single Optical Chip (2020-05-25) | (Monash University - Australia)


3,746 Articles on Potpourri
5 White Papers on Potpourri (View)
2 new Potpourri Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   How to Look Better on Zoom (2020-05-28) | (Harry Guinness, Resident Photographer @ HOW TO GEEK)
go   Supercomputer Simulates he Impact of the Asteroid That Wiped Out Dinosaurs (2020-05-28) | (Daphne Leprince-Ringuet, Reporter based in London)

Security Technologies

2,951 Articles on Security Technologies
140 White Papers on Security Technologies (View)
17 new Security Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Credential Dumping: LAPS (2020-05-31) | (Rembrandt (1606 - 1669) Painter, Printmaker, Draftsman)
go   The 60 Questions to Ask Before You MSSP Your SOC (2020-05-31) | (George Finney, CSO @ Southern Methodist University (SMU))
go   Maintaining the SOC in the Age of Limited Resources (2020-05-31) | (Joshua Douglas, VP Threat Intelligence @ Mimecast)
go   Sumo: 1 Vulnhub Walkthrough (2020-05-30) | (Sushma Ahuja, Security Consultant @ ProgIST Solutions)
go   Zero Trust Security: A Cheat Sheet (2020-05-30) | (Brandon Vigliarolo, Contributing Writer)
go   3 SMB Cybersecurity Myths Debunked (2020-05-29) | (Marc Wilczek, Digital Strategist & COO @ Link11)
go   Security 101: SQL Injection (2020-05-29) | (Curtis Franklin Jr., Sr Editor)
go   Ransomware Gangs' Ruthlessness Leads to Bigger Profits (2020-05-29) | (Mathew J. Schwartz, Exec. Editor)
go   Don’t Get Stumped by Deception: Busting 4 Myths About Distributed Deception Platforms (2020-05-29) | (Wade Lance, Field CTO @ Illusive Networks)
go   Cyber Essentials Toolkit - Essential Element: Yourself, the Leader (2020-05-29) (PDF White Paper)
go   Cyber Essentials - Overview (2020-05-29)
go   Mercedes-Benz Data Leak Lesson: Lock Down Code Repositories (2020-05-28)
go   Spotting Zero-Day Ransomware (2020-05-28) | (Susan Miller, Executive Editor)
go   5 Tips for Fighting Credential Stuffing Attacks (2020-05-27) | (Joan Goodchild, Technology Journalist)
go   Automated Attacks Surge as Malicious Bots Take Center Stage (2020-05-26) | (Byron Mühlberg, Staff Correspondent)
go   Lateral Movement: Pass the Cache (2020-05-25) | (Pandeep Singh, Security Researcher @ AAA Technologies Pvt)
go   Abusing Microsoft Outlook 365 to Capture NTLM (2020-05-25) | (Raj Chandel, Founder @ Hacking Articles)

Server Administration

294 Articles on Server Administration
10 White Papers on Server Administration (View)
1 new Administration Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   A Rogues' Gallery of MacOS Malware (2020-05-29) | (Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor)

Storage Technologies

249 Articles on Storage Technologies
14 White Papers on Storage Technologies (View)
1 new Storage Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Why a Special Purpose CPU May Be in Your Storage Future (2020-05-30) | (Brien Posey, Owner & Microsoft MVP @ Posey Enterprises)

54 Articles Added in the Last 7 Days
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