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Most Viewed Articles to Date
  1: Why Larger GDPR Fines Could Be On the Horizon
(Viewed 3050 Times)
  2: The U.S. and Europe Are Approaching GDPR and Data Privacy Much Differently
(Viewed 2997 Times)
  3: Can One Year of GDPR Teach the U.S. Anything on Privacy?
(Viewed 2946 Times)
  4: GDPR: Are We there Yet?
(Viewed 1766 Times)

Audit, Compliance, Governance

494 Articles on Audit, Compliance, Governance
7 White Papers on Audit, Compliance, Governance (View)
3 new Compliance Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   You Can’t Ignore GDPR In Customer Service (2019-07-11) | (Forrester)
go   Demand for ICO Help Escalates In GDPR's First Year (2019-07-10) | (Warwick Ashford)
go   Auditing and Compliance with Metadata (2019-07-09) | (Brett Johnson)

Cloud Technologies

1,291 Articles on Cloud Technologies
22 White Papers on Cloud Technologies (View)
6 new Cloud Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   How to Integrate Essential Cloud Visibility Into Your Security Strategy (2019-07-13) | (LORA O’HAVER)
go   There’s a Security Incident in the Cloud: Who’s Responsible? (2019-07-12) | (Kacy Zurkus)
go   Making Multi-Cloud Work (2019-07-11) (PDF White Paper)
go   What Does a Cloud Data Warehouse Look Like? (2019-07-10) | (Mary Branscombe)
go   Serverless Computing: From Planet Mars to the Cloud (2019-07-10) | (Jose Luis V  azquez-Poletti, Ignacio Martln Llorente) (PDF White Paper)
go   A Serverless Real-Time Data Analytics Platform for Edge Computing (2019-07-10) (PDF White Paper)

Data Center Operations

247 Articles on Data Center Operations
31 White Papers on Data Center Operations (View)
5 new Operations Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   A Framework for How to Modernize Data Center Facility Infrastructure (2019-07-14) | (Patrick Donovan, Wendy Torell) (PDF White Paper)
go   Building a Modern Data Center: Principles and Strategies of Design (2019-07-14) | (Scott D. Lowe, James Green, David Davis) (Complete Book)
go   Public Cloud: A Key Component In a Disaster Recovery Plan (2019-07-14) | (Paul Stringfellow)
go   Three Often-Overlooked Questions to Ask When Evaluating Business Continuity Software Vendors (2019-07-12) | (Mike Jennings)
go   DRaaS Providers Come of Age (2019-07-11) | (Jerome Wendt)

Storage Switzerland

Data Protection and Analytics

1,687 Articles on Data Protection and Analytics
17 White Papers on Data Protection and Analytics (View)
10 new Data Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   4 Questions to Help Gauge AI Readiness (2019-07-15) | (Brigham Bechtel)
go   How to Learn from Inevitable AI Failures (2019-07-13) | (Matt Asay)
go   Machine Learning Goes Beyond Theory to Beat Human Poker Champs (2019-07-12) | (Tiernan Ray)
go   Here’s the Role the Government Should Play In Setting AI Standards, According to NIST (2019-07-09) | (Tajha Chappellet-Lanier)
go   Chief Data Officers: Biggest Mistakes, Best Practices (2019-07-09) | (Jessica Davis)
go   Tactics that Work! Keep Data Thieves Out! (2019-07-09) | (Norm Brien)
go   CEO Perspective: The Challenges and Benefits of AI (2019-07-09) | (James E. Powell, David Drai)
go   Why Synthetic Data Could Be the Ultimate AI Disruptor (2019-07-09) | (Yashar Behzadi)
go   Do and Don'ts of Navigating Data Analytics In the Cloud (2019-07-09) | (Allen Licitra)
go   Internet of Things (2019-07-09) | (Anurag Mehta)

DevOps and Agile Development

143 Articles on DevOps and Agile Development
7 White Papers on DevOps and Agile Development (View)
1 new DevOps Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   DevOps Is Killing the ITOps Engineer (2019-07-15) | (Chris Tozzi)

Geek Stuff

830 Articles on Geek Stuff
13 White Papers on Geek Stuff (View)
4 new Technology Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   The Best of Both Worlds: How to Solve Real Problems on Modern Quantum Computers (2019-07-12) | (DOE/Argonne National Laboratory)
go   Hubble Uncovers Black Hole that Shouldn't Exist (2019-07-12) | (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
go   Puzzling on a Quantum Chessboard (2019-07-11) | (University of Innsbruck)
go   How the One-Two Punch of 5G, IoT Pushes Edge Computing (2019-07-10) | (Carsten Rhod Gregersen)

Management and Leadership

1,570 Articles on Management and Leadership
14 White Papers on Management and Leadership (View)
14 new Management Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Leadership Styles: One Size Does Not Fit All (2019-07-15) | (Sarah Fister Gale)
go   What Does Leadership Mean for the Modern CIO? (2019-07-15) | (Brian Carlson)
go   Forward-Thinking Companies Are Listening to Employees (2019-07-14) | (Cath Everett, Ron Hanscome (Gartner))
go   In the Aftermath Of Tech Outages, Execs Struggle With Stress (2019-07-13) | (Roberto Torres @TorresLuzardo)
go   A Lawyer’s Guide to Cyber Insurance: 4 Basic Tips (2019-07-13) | (Beth Burgin Waller)
go   Project Management User Research Report (2019-07-12) | (Eileen O’Loughlin)
go   The Critical Leadership Technique Most Often Forgotten (2019-07-12) | (Steve Cooper)
go   4 Reasons Why SOC Superstars Quit (2019-07-11) | (Edy Almer)
go   Why You Need a Global View of IT Assets (2019-07-11) | (Pablo Quiroga)
go   CIO Leadership - Gartner Insights on How Leaders Innovate for Digital Success (2019-07-11) (PDF White Paper)
go   Managing Your Overwhelm (2019-07-10) | (Mary Patry)
go   Why Your Software Project Failed, and How to Succeed Next Time (2019-07-10) | (Alison DeNisco Rayome)
go   CIO Interview: Craig Donald, CIO, The Football Association (2019-07-10) | (Mark Samuels, Craig Donald (FA))
go   Emotional Intelligence in Hiring: How to Spot it (2019-07-09) | (Chad Brooks,)

Networks and Connectivity

1,122 Articles on Networks and Connectivity
9 White Papers on Networks and Connectivity (View)
7 new Connectivity Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   SD-WAN in Play: How Software-Defined Solves Core Business Challenges (2019-07-15) | (Alex Scroxton)
go   5G Deployment will Accelerate SD-WAN Growth (2019-07-15) | (John Fruehe)
go   What Is Edge Computing, and How Can You Get Started? (2019-07-15) | (Michaela Goss)
go   The Pervasive Use of Second Screens Endangers Corporate IT Networks (2019-07-11)
go   Is a SD-WAN Network as Secure as My MPLS Network? (2019-07-11) | (Keith Langridge) (PDF White Paper)
go   What Are the SD-WAN Requirements for a Multicloud Environment? (2019-07-10) | (Christian Annesley)
go   5G and Huawei: Mobile Networks Race Ahead as Government Delays (2019-07-09) | (Steve Ranger)


3,690 Articles on Potpourri
4 White Papers on Potpourri (View)
1 new Potpourri Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   6 Key Issues You're Being Judged On In Your Job Interviews (2019-07-14) | (Kathy Caprino, Paul Wolfe (SVP @ Indeed))

Security Technologies

2,180 Articles on Security Technologies
82 White Papers on Security Technologies (View)
17 new Security Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   US Mayors: No More Ransomware Payments (2019-07-15) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz)
go   Blockchain Adoption: will Disrupt Software Development in 2019 (2019-07-15) | (Herman Morgan)
go   Why AI Is The Future Of Cybersecurity (2019-07-15) | (Louis Columbus)
go   The Blockchain Effect: Why Businesses Need to Prepare Employees (2019-07-14) | (Aaron Tan)
go   Buyers Guide: Identity, Access and API Management Solutions (2019-07-12) | (Steve Firestone) (PDF White Paper)
go   Persistent Threats Can Last Inside SMB Networks for Years (2019-07-11) | (Steve Zurier)
go   12 Essential Features of Advanced Endpoint Security Tools (2019-07-11) | (Linda Rosencrance)
go   Zero-Trust Security Model Means More Than Freedom from Doubt (2019-07-11) | (Johna Till Johnson)
go   APAC Guide Yo Plugging Endpoint Security Gaps (2019-07-11) (PDF White Paper)
go   Data-at-rest Encryption (2019-07-09) (PDF White Paper)
go   ‘Blockchain Fatigue’ Could Stall Supply-Chain Adoption (2019-07-09) | (Hailey McKeefry)
go   Mastering the Incident Response Function: Is It Possible? (2019-07-09) | (Kevin Beaver)
go   Protecting Your IT Environment: Tips from the Trenches (2019-07-09) | (SOLARWINDS)
go   Why, When & How to Implement Employee Monitoring (2019-07-09) (PDF White Paper)
go   Why Identity Is the Foundation of Security (2019-07-09) | (Rob MacDonald)
go   Zero Trust Security: A New Paradigm for a Changing World (2019-07-09) (PDF White Paper)
go   Don't Miss These 10 Cybersecurity Blind Spots (2019-07-09) | (Caroline Wong)

Server Administration

237 Articles on Server Administration
8 White Papers on Server Administration (View)
4 new Administration Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Microservices and Docker at Scale (2019-07-13) | (Avan Mathur) (PDF White Paper)
go   How to Run a Command That Requires Sudo via SSH (2019-07-12) | (Jack Wallen)
go   How to Work With Container Backups (2019-07-09) | (Evan Koblentz)
go   The Expert’s Guide to Running Containers in Production (2019-07-09) (PDF White Paper)

Storage Technologies

181 Articles on Storage Technologies
9 White Papers on Storage Technologies (View)
2 new Storage Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   New Ransomware Targets QNAP's Network-Attached Storage Devices (2019-07-11) | (Jai Vijayan)
go   Dominating the Data Center - The Rise of SSD Technology (2019-07-11) | (Adrien Vinaud)

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