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Audit, Compliance, Governance

564 Articles on Audit, Compliance, Governance
15 White Papers on Audit, Compliance, Governance (View)
6 new Compliance Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   What Organizations Need to Know About New Data Privacy Trends (2020-01-27) | (Michael Morton, CTO @ Boomi)
go   Avoid That Billion-Dollar Fine: Blurring the Lines Between Security and Privacy (2020-01-23) | (Jean-Michel Franco, Sr Director of Product Marketing at Talend)
go   4 Reasons Why Companies Should Pursue Data Control (2020-01-22) | (Venkat Ramasamy, Chief Operating Officer @ FileCloud)
go   Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs (2020-01-21) | (U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division) (PDF White Paper)
go   Data Privacy Issues for SaaS Companies in the Age of GDPR (2020-01-21) | (Amber Kemmis)
go   California Dreamin’: Is a Single State EU Data Protection Deal on the Cards? (2020-01-21) | (Jennifer Baker, EU Policy Correspondent)

Cloud Technologies

1,400 Articles on Cloud Technologies
36 White Papers on Cloud Technologies (View)
6 new Cloud Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Cloud Economics: How to Overcome Human Biases to Save Money (2020-01-28) | (Katy Stalcup, Director of Marketing @ ParkMyCloud)
go   How Encryption Could Stop Personal Data Exposures on the Cloud (2020-01-27) | (Laura Hautala, Staff Reporter)
go   SQL Server and High Availability Configurations Reconsidered for the Cloud (2020-01-25) | (David Bermingham, Technical Evangelist @ SIOS Technology)
go   Cloud AI is Like Nuclear Power (2020-01-24) | (David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer @ Deloitte)
go   Tips for Better Cloud Expense Management (2020-01-24) | (Jay Chapel, Co-Founder & CEO @ ParkMyCloud)
go   How to Succeed With a Cloud Transformation Strategy (2020-01-21) | (Joao-Pierre S. Ruth, Sr Writer)

Data Center Operations

357 Articles on Data Center Operations
45 White Papers on Data Center Operations (View)
4 new Operations Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   The Y2K Boomerang: InfoSec Lessons Learned from a New Date-Fix Problem (2020-01-25) | (Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor)
go   101 Business Continuity Metrics… (2020-01-24) | (Jon Seaton FBCI, Chair, Scottish Chapter @ BCI)
go   Four Practical Steps to Achieving Ransom-Free Recoveries (2020-01-24) | (Jerome M. Wendt, Lead Analyst & President @ DCIG, LLC.)
go   Should Data Centers have Common Physical Infrastructure Security Standards? (2020-01-22) | (Maria Korolov, AI & Cybersecurity Journalist)

Data Protection and Analytics

1,876 Articles on Data Protection and Analytics
29 White Papers on Data Protection and Analytics (View)
9 new Data Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Attitudes, Actions Around Data Privacy Protections don't Go Far Enough (2020-01-26) | (James Howard, CDO & Chief Privacy Officer consultant)
go   Ignoring Infrastructure Leads to Major Challenges for AI Adoption (2020-01-25) | (Scott Robinson, Director Business Intelligence @ Lucina Health)
go   There Is No Easy Fix to AI Privacy Problems (2020-01-24) | (Matthew Rosenquist, Independent Cybersecurity Strategist)
go   Kraft Heinz's Place in the Market Dropped. Its CIO is Using Data to Lift It (2020-01-23) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   Data Awareness Is Key to Data Security (2020-01-22) | (Moti Gindi, GM Windows Cyber Defense @ Microsoft)
go   Your Data Analytics Initiatives Need a Human Counterweight (2020-01-21) | (Murad Salman Mirza, Contributing Author @ HR.com)
go   Visa's Acquisition of Plaid Throws Up Data Reuse Concerns (2020-01-21) | (Scott Carey, Group Editor)
go   Stop Hiring Data Scientists (2020-01-21) | (Luke Posey, Machine Learning Engineer @ Procter & Gamble)
go   What Are Analytics and What Makes Them So Effective? (2020-01-21) | (Jim Rushton, Managing Director @ Armeta Analytics)

DevOps and Agile Development

200 Articles on DevOps and Agile Development
11 White Papers on DevOps and Agile Development (View)
4 new DevOps Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Is Your Software Development Project Really Agile? (2020-01-26) | (Salah Bugazia, Program Management @ Acumen Solutions)
go   Container Security Requires Continuous Security in New DevSecOps Models (2020-01-26) | (Dave Frampton, VP Security Solutions @ Sumo Logic)
go   11 DevOps Trends That Will Matter Most in 2020 (2020-01-24) | (Teena Maddox, Associate Managing Editor)
go   Bridging the Gap between Development and Deployment (2020-01-21) | (Lori MacVittie, Principal Technical Evangelist @ F5 Networks)

Geek Stuff

967 Articles on Geek Stuff
18 White Papers on Geek Stuff (View)
9 new Technology Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   10 Emerging IT Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 (2020-01-28) | (Kyle Alspach, Sr Technical Editor)
go   There's Nothing Much New in Tech, But It's What We Do with What We Have that Matters (2020-01-26) | (Tim Worstall, Sr Fellow @ Adam Smith Institute)
go   What Is Smishing, and How Do You Protect Yourself? (2020-01-24) | (Chris Hoffman, Editor in Chief)
go   How IoT Betrays Us: Today, Sonos Speakers. Tomorrow, Alexa and Electric Cars? (2020-01-24) | (Jason Perlow, Sr Technology Editor)
go   Mobile Device (2020-01-24) (PDF White Paper)
go   An ICS Security Checklist (2020-01-23) | (Brian Buntz, Technology Journalist)
go   The Long Goodbye of Wi-Fi Has Begun (2020-01-23) | (Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Columnist)
go   How to Clean Battery Acid off Your Gadgets (2020-01-22) | (Craig Lloyd, Writer and Gadget Expert)
go   The Facial Recognition Debate (2020-01-21) | (Gal Ringel, CEO and Co-Founder @ Mine)

Management and Leadership

1,813 Articles on Management and Leadership
20 White Papers on Management and Leadership (View)
12 new Management Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   NY Proposes Outlawing Ransomware Payments (2020-01-28) | (Susan Miller, Executive Editor)
go   Greater Focus on Privacy Pays Off for Firms (2020-01-28) | (Robert Lemos. Technology Journalist)
go   Cyber Insurance Policies Evolving to Meet Emerging Risks — and Premiums Reflect It (2020-01-28) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   Equifax Ordered to Spend $1 Billion on Data Security (2020-01-27) | (Filip Truta, Technology Writer)
go   Project Management v. Business Process Management: What You Need to Know (2020-01-27) | (Moira Alexander, PMP ISP ITCP IP3P @ PMWorld 360 Magazine)
go   State CIOs See Innovation as Critical Priority, Only 14% Report Extensive Innovation (2020-01-26)
go   How to Prevent Dysfunction In Project Teams Before It Begins (2020-01-24) | (Moira Alexander, PMP ISP ITCP IP3P @ PMWorld 360 Magazine)
go   IT Culture: 10 Outdated Beliefs to Banish In 2020 (2020-01-24) | (Carla Rudder, Writer & Content Manager)
go   After CEOs, CIOs are the Oldest Members of the C-Suite (2020-01-23) | (Roberto Torres, Reporter)
go   Ohio Chief Information Officer Shares 2020 IT Strategies (2020-01-22) | (Dan Lohrmann, Chief Strategist & CSO @ Security Mentor)
go   How KPIs and OKRs Work Together to Achieve Results (2020-01-22) | (Andriy Bas, Co-Founder & CEO @ Plai)
go   5 Strategies for Fixing a Toxic Work Culture (2020-01-21) | (Dr. Rick Goodman, Motivational Business Keynote Speaker)

Networks and Connectivity

1,291 Articles on Networks and Connectivity
12 White Papers on Networks and Connectivity (View)
7 new Connectivity Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Wi-Fi 6 Is Here: Should You Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 in 2020? (2020-01-28) | (Chris Hoffman, Editor in Chief)
go   FCC Authorizes Full Commercial Deployment in 3.5 GHz Band (2020-01-27) | (Wireless Telecommunications Bureau)
go   Quantum Physics: On the Way to Quantum Networks (2020-01-26) | (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
go   Moving to a Security-Driven Networking Strategy (2020-01-25) | (Nirav Shah, Director, Product Marketing @ Fortinet)
go   Wi-Fi 6E: What Is It, and How Is It Different From Wi-Fi 6? (2020-01-23) | (Chris Hoffman, Editor in Chief)
go   Nearly 75% of SD-WAN Owners Lack Confidence Post-Digital Transformation (2020-01-22) | (Dark Reading Staff)
go   What Is an Internet Troll? (2020-01-21) | (Vann Vicente, Writer)


3,697 Articles on Potpourri
4 White Papers on Potpourri (View)
1 new Potpourri Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   How to Make a Curved Graph in Excel (2020-01-28) | (Alan Murray, Excel Trainer & Consultant)

Security Technologies

2,644 Articles on Security Technologies
125 White Papers on Security Technologies (View)
24 new Security Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Average Ransomware Payments More Than Doubled in Q4 2019 (2020-01-28) | (Jai Vijayan, Technology Reporter)
go   How to Get the Most Out of Your Security Metrics (2020-01-28) | (Curtis Simpson, CISO @ Armis)
go   Cyber Threats & Future of Cyber Security: Raj Samani MacAfee Chief Scientist (2020-01-27)
go   How Hackers Make Themselves Untraceable, Metasploit Timestomp Module (2020-01-27)
go   Online Employment Scams on the Rise, Says FBI (2020-01-27) | (Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer)
go   Caveat Emptor: Not all AIOps is Created Equal (2020-01-27) | (Will Cappelli, CTO & VP Product, EMEA @ Moogsoft)
go   5 Cybersecurity Threats to Be Aware of in 2020 (2020-01-26) | (Gaurav Belani, Content Marketing Analyst @ The 20 Media)
go   Travelex Hackers Shut Down German Car Parts Company Gedia in Massive ‘Cyber Attack’ (2020-01-24) | (Bill Goodwin, Investigations Editor)
go   Hackers Target Unpatched Citrix Servers to Deploy Ransomware (2020-01-24) | (Catalin Cimpanu, Security Reporter)
go   Zero Trust: Beyond Access Controls (2020-01-24) | (Robert MacDonald, Director Security Strategy @ Micro Focus)
go   5 Threat Predictions for 2020: Are You Prepared? (2020-01-23) | (Raj Samani, Chief Scientist & McAfee Fellow @ McAfee)
go   Chipotle & Target CISOs: Repurpose Talent for Cyber (2020-01-23) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)
go   Ransomware Attacks are Causing More Downtime Than Ever Before (2020-01-23) | (Danny Palmer, Senior Reporter)
go   Ransomware Marketplace Report (2020-01-23)
go   The Glories and Woes of Security Committees (2020-01-22) | (Kevin Beaver, Security Consultant @ Principle Logic, LLC)
go   If Security Professionals Know Everything, Why do Breaches Continue? (2020-01-22) | (Kevin Beaver, Security Consultant @ Principle Logic, LLC)
go   Ransomware, Snooping and Attempted Shutdowns: See What Hackers Did to These Systems Left Unprotected (2020-01-22) | (Danny Palmer, Senior Reporter)
go   Machine Learning vs. Machine Learning (2020-01-22) | (David Geer, Freelance Technology Writer)
go   Handling Holiday Hackers (2020-01-22) | (David Greer, Freelance Technology Writer)
go   Building an Effective Security Operations Center Framework (2020-01-22) | (Johna Till Johnson President & Chf Res Officer @ Nemertes Resear)
go   Why Secure Email Gateways Fail to Catch Phish (2020-01-22) (Complete Book)
go   Hazard Reduction: 5 Steps to Adapt Your Cybersecurity Strategy for 2020 (2020-01-21) | (Nick Ellsmore, Director Consulting @ Trustwave)
go   These Subject Lines Are the Most Clicked for Phishing (2020-01-21) | (N.F. Mendoza, Contributing Writer)
go   To Fend off Attacks, CISOs Share Threat Information. Even with Competitors (2020-01-21) | (Samantha Ann Schwartz, Associate Editor)

Server Administration

265 Articles on Server Administration
9 White Papers on Server Administration (View)
2 new Administration Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About inodes on Linux (2020-01-22) | (David McKay, Data Protection Officer @ Pro-Networks Ltd)
go   Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About inodes on Linux (2020-01-22) | (David McKay, Data Protection Officer @ Pro-Networks Ltd)

Storage Technologies

219 Articles on Storage Technologies
14 White Papers on Storage Technologies (View)
2 new Storage Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Predictions for Data Protection and Storage Trends… (2020-01-24) | (www.scality.com)
go   NVMe: Driving Changes in the Traditional M&E Storage Hierarchy (2020-01-21) | (Tom Coughlin, President @ Coughlin Associates) (PDF White Paper)

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