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Audit, Compliance, Governance

746 Articles on Audit, Compliance, Governance
19 White Papers on Audit, Compliance, Governance (View)
1 new Compliance Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Three US State Laws are Providing Safe Harbor Against Breaches (2021-09-12) | (Kayne McGladrey, vCISO @ Ascent Solutions LLC)

Cloud Technologies

1,820 Articles on Cloud Technologies
43 White Papers on Cloud Technologies (View)
6 new Cloud Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Two-Thirds of Cloud Attacks Could Be Stopped By Checking Configurations, Research Finds (2021-09-20) | (Charlie Osborne, Cybersecurity Journalist)
go   What to Do When You Hit The CloudOps Wall (2021-09-20) | (David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer @ Deloitte)
go   Misconfigurations: Still The Biggest Threat to Cloud Security (2021-09-15) | (Sam Bocetta, Technology & Security Journalist)
go   The Lines Between Private Data Centers and Public Clouds Are Blurring (2021-09-14) | (David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer @ Deloitte)
go   10 Cloud Strategies to Avoid Cost Overruns (2021-09-13) | (Cynthia Harvey, Freelance Journalist)
go   How to Get a Maxed-Out Cloud Budget (2021-09-13) | (David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer @ Deloitte)

Data Center Operations

757 Articles on Data Center Operations
54 White Papers on Data Center Operations (View)
8 new Operations Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Data Center Downtime Decreases, But Consequences Get More Severe (2021-09-20) | (Katie Malone, Assoc Editor)
go   What Are the Differences Between ITSM & ITIL? (2021-09-20) | (Joanna Redmond, Writer)
go   Securing AI and ML at the Edge (2021-09-15) | (Sue Poremba, Writer)
go   Using Blockchain to Improve Security for IoT Devices (2021-09-14) | (Neil Okikiolu, Computer Scientist, Roboticist & Founder @ Simius)
go   Critical Infrastructure Warrants Mandatory Safeguards and Sufficient Funding (2021-09-13) | (Robert Dupree, Manager Government Affairs @ Telos Corporation)
go   Are Bots and Robots the Answer to Worker Shortages? (2021-09-13) | (Dan Lohrman, Chief Strategist & CSO @ Security Mentor)
go   The Key Benefits of Observability for SREs (2021-09-12) | (Jayne Groll, Co-Founder @ DevOps Institute)
go   Java Creator James Gosling Interview (2021-09-12) | (Gene Spafford - Professor at Purdue, recognized expert in InfoSe)

Data Protection and Analytics

2,393 Articles on Data Protection and Analytics
39 White Papers on Data Protection and Analytics (View)
7 new Data Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Key DevOps Principles & Practices for Success (2021-09-20) | (Lauren Hansen, Journalist)
go   How Artificial Intelligence Will Change IT Jobs (2021-09-15) | (John Edwards, Technology Journalist)
go   Next Generation Autonomous Control - Dynamic Artificial Intelligence DAI (2021-09-15) | (John Lenko, CEO @ Xtensor Systems)
go   How States Can Get the Most from Data Analytics (2021-09-13)
go   We're Ready for AI, But We Don't Know Where to Start (2021-09-13) | (Purdue University Study)
go   Finding High-Value AI Use Cases (2021-09-13) | (Jessica Davis, Sr Editor)
go   12 Database Security Landmines, Failures, and Mistakes (2021-09-12) | (Peter Wayner, Contributing Editor)

DevOps and Agile Development

361 Articles on DevOps and Agile Development
16 White Papers on DevOps and Agile Development (View)
3 new DevOps Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Organizational Change for Innovation: Agile Versus Predictive (2021-09-15) | (Mark Bojeun, CTO @ Skyline Technology Solutions)
go   Why DevOps Teams Should Eliminate SLAs (2021-09-13) | (Alex Nauda, CTO @ Nobl9)
go   Managing Effective Agile and DevOps Teams in a Hybrid Work Model (2021-09-12) | (Nathan Eddy, Technology Writer)

Geek Stuff

1,197 Articles on Geek Stuff
19 White Papers on Geek Stuff (View)
1 new Technology Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   From Stardust To Heat Death: The Lifecycle Of Our Solar System (2021-09-14)

Management and Leadership

2,748 Articles on Management and Leadership
28 White Papers on Management and Leadership (View)
7 new Management Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   How to Win Over Your Board of Directors (2021-09-20) | (Stephanie Overby, Reporter and Editor)
go   Tips to Manage the Stress of Your Remote Team (2021-09-20) | (Sandy Chernoff)
go   You Are Not a FAILURE... Overcoming Our Mistakes (2021-09-20) | (Lori McNeil)
go   7 Techniques to Enhance Your Power to Persuade (2021-09-20) | (Eric Bloom, Exec Director @ IT Management & Leadership Institute)
go   Gartner: IT Skills Shortage Hobbles Cloud, Edge, Automation Network World (2021-09-14) | (Michael Cooney, Senior Editor)
go   Change Management: 3 Strategies for Staying Power (2021-09-12) | (Jaeson Paul, Senior Strategist @ CI&T)
go   Hybrid Work Policy Templates: 6 Things You Need (2021-09-12) | (Stephanie Overby, Reporter)

Networks and Connectivity

1,695 Articles on Networks and Connectivity
21 White Papers on Networks and Connectivity (View)
5 new Connectivity Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Create a Wireshark Desktop Shortcut to Automatically Capture (2021-09-20) | (Tony Fortunato, Sr Network Specialist @ The Technology Firm)
go   What Is MPLS: What You Need to Know About Multi-Protocol Label Switching (2021-09-15) | (Neal Weinberg, Writer & Johna Till Johnson, CEO @ Nemertes Resea)
go   Enterprises Need to Invoke Plan B as 3G Sunset Looms (2021-09-15) | (Salvatore Salamone, Managing Editor)
go   Attackers Moving Faster Inside Target Networks (2021-09-12) | (Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor)
go   How 5G Slicing and Edge Computing Will Transform Smart Grids (2021-09-12) | (Jake Saunders, VP Asia-Pacific @ ABI Research)


3,799 Articles on Potpourri
5 White Papers on Potpourri (View)

Security Technologies

4,261 Articles on Security Technologies
152 White Papers on Security Technologies (View)
13 new Security Articles Posted in the Past 7 days!!

go   Free REvil Ransomware Master Decrypter Released for Past Victims (2021-09-20) | (Lawrence Abrams, Editor In Chief)
go   Japanese Crypto Exchange Robbed of $100,000,000 (2021-09-20) | (Ty Mezquita)
go   Ransomware Gang Threatens to Wipe Decryption Key If Negotiator Hired (2021-09-20) | (Lawrence Abrams, Editor In Chief)
go   Constant Threat of Ransomware Causing Data Protection Headaches (2021-09-15) | (Shannon Williams)
go   The Three Pillars of Unified Risk Management for Product Security (2021-09-14) | (Altaz Valani, Director, Insights Research @ Security Compass)
go   Attacking Cryptocurrency Theft: Transaction Databases and Analytics (2021-09-13) | (Katherine Heires, Founder @ Mediakat Llc)
go   MSSQL for Pentester: Abusing Linked Database (2021-09-13) | (Yashika Dhir, Pen Tester @ Vayam Technologies Ltd.)
go   Why Cybersecurity Should Be Prioritized for the Hybrid Working World (2021-09-13) | (Chris Vaughan, Area VP EMEA @ Tanium)
go   Top 3 Ransomware Attack Vectors and How to Avoid Them (2021-09-13) | (Diana Kelley, CTO & Founder @ SecurityCurve)
go   NTLM Relay Attacks Explained (2021-09-12) | (Chris Hughes, CISO & Co-Founder @ Aquia)
go   How Does CIEM Reduce Identity Access Risk? (2021-09-12) | (Yehudah Sunshine, Security Evangelist @ Odix)
go   Jetblue CISO Tells Data Centers to Concentrate on Threat Actors (2021-09-12) | (Christine Hall)
go   How China’s Information Protection Law Affects Businesses (2021-09-12) | (Soumik Ghosh, Assistant Editor, Asia)

Server Administration

341 Articles on Server Administration
11 White Papers on Server Administration (View)

Storage Technologies

305 Articles on Storage Technologies
18 White Papers on Storage Technologies (View)

51 Articles Added in the Last 7 Days
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