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Mar 24, 2019

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Technology The Enterprise Prepares for IoT (Preparing for IoT) NetworkComputing 03/24/2019 New
Connectivity Zero Trust is Not Enough: The Case for Intent-Based Segmentation (Zero Trust is Not Enough) NetworkComputing 03/24/2019 New
Security Security Lessons from My Game Closet (Lesson's from Old Board Games) Dark Reading 03/24/2019 New
Bit bucket These Are Shark Tank's Greatest Tech Successes ... and Flops (Shark Tank Flips & Flops) TechRepublic 03/23/2019 New
Data The Next Stage of Intent Data – Part 1 (Intent Data – Part 1) Business 2 Community 03/23/2019 New
Data What is Machine Learning? (What is Machine Learning) Business 2 Community 03/23/2019 New
Storage Flash Storage: A Cheat Sheet (Cheat Sheet for Flash) TechRepublic 03/22/2019 New
Management 3 Ways Businesses Can Help Project Managers Succeed (Helping PMs Succeed, Project Management, PMTQ) TechRepublic 03/22/2019 New
Data Unlocking the Real Value of Data (Unlocking Value) Networks Asia 03/22/2019 New
Security It’s Early for Artificial Intelligence in ICS Cybersecurity (Too Early for Cyber AI, Incident Command System, ICS) IoT World Today 03/22/2019 New
Management 7 Disruptions CIOs Need to Watch (Disruptive Technologies) InformationWeek 03/22/2019 New
Data Lead with Purpose: Data, Analytics Cultural Challenges (Analytic Challenges) InformationWeek 03/22/2019 New
Security Businesses Have Cybersecurity Best Practice Guidelines But Fail in Practice (Best Practices - Theory vs Reality) HelpNet Security 03/22/2019 New
Security Hacker AI vs. Enterprise AI: A New Threat (Artificial Intelligence: Hacker vs Enterprise) Dark Reading 03/22/2019 New
Security TLS 1.3: A Good News/Bad News Scenario (TLS 1.3: Good News/Bad Encryption News) Dark Reading 03/22/2019 New
Operations Cloud Based Backup vs Physical On-Site Backup (Cloud Based vs On-Site Backups) Business 2 Community 03/22/2019 New
Security Why 91% of IT And Security Pros Fear Insider Threats (91% Fear Insider Threats) TechRepublic 03/21/2019 New
Connectivity 5G Will Impact These 10 Industries the Most (Industries Impacted by 5G) TechRepublic 03/21/2019 New
Management 4 Reasons to Offer Interns Full-Time Jobs, and 3 Ways to Make Sure They Want to Accept (Why Hiring Interns is Grea) TechRepublic 03/21/2019 New
Technology Toilet Seat that Detects Congestive Heart Failure Getting Ready to Begin Commercialization (IoT Toilet Seat Monitors Heart Failure) Science Daily 03/21/2019 New
Security Distributed Denial Of Service Threats: Risks, Mitigation, and Best Practices (Distributed Denial Of Service Threats, White Paper) Cisco Sytems 03/21/2019 New
Devops 6 Ways Mature DevOps Teams Are Killing It in Security (Mature DevOps Teams Are Hitting Home Runs in Security) Dark Reading 03/21/2019 New
Technology IBM Demos Quantum Leap in Artificial Intelligence (Quantum Leap in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) ComputerWeekly 03/21/2019 New
Security What is Zero Trust Identity Security? How Can You Implement It? (What is Zero Trust Identity) Solutions Review 03/21/2019 New
Connectivity Predictive Networks: How Realistic are They? (Predictive Networks) Search Networking 03/21/2019 New
Data Big Data Adoption Exploding, But Companies Struggle to Extract Meaningful Information (Companies Struggling with Meaningful Big Data) TechRepublic 03/20/2019 4
Cloud Public Cloud: Real-World Examples of Strategic Success (Real-World Examples of Public Cloud Success) Networks Asia 03/20/2019 4
Management Who's Responsible When IT Goes Awry? (Where Does the Buck Stop) InformationWeek 03/20/2019 4
Technology Success With the IoT Starts With Understanding 'Thing Management' (IoT Starts with 'Thing Management') Information Management 03/20/2019 4
Technology The 8 Biggest IoT Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (IoT Security Mistakes, White Paper) Praetorian 03/20/2019 4
Operations Relationship Between Virtualization & HCI, White Paper Hitachi 03/20/2019 4
Devops DevOps Done Right (DevOps Done Right, White Paper) New Relic 03/20/2019 4
Cloud 3 Common Multi-Cloud Challenges – and How to Solve Them (Multi-Cloud Challenges, White Paper) BT 03/20/2019 4
Storage How Lasers are Changing Hard Drive Technology (Laser HDD for 40TB) Information Age 03/20/2019 4
Operations The Complete Guide To IT Monitoring (IT Monitoring Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 03/20/2019 4
Management Boeing 737 Max: Software Patches can Only Do So Much (Software Can't Fix a Bad Design) ZDnet 03/19/2019 5
Connectivity Selling 5G Needs Steak, Not just Sizzle (Talk About Real 5G) The Register 03/19/2019 5
Connectivity Overhyped 5G is Being 'Rushed', Britain's Top Comms Boffin Reckons (5G Is Not Ready, Massive MIMO, M-MIMO) The Register 03/19/2019 5
Management How Managers can Prevent Developer Burnout: 10 Tips (Preventing Burnout) TechRepublic 03/19/2019 5
Security DDoS Attacks on the Rise: Largest Attack Ever Hit 1.7 Tb/second (1.7 Tb/second DDoS Attacks) TechRepublic 03/19/2019 5
Security Nine Essential Elements for a Strong Privileged Account Management Strategy (Privileged Account Management Strategy, PAM) Networks Asia 03/19/2019 5
Technology The Race to Exascale: A Story of Superpowers and Supercomputers (Exascale Race Is On) Data Center Dynamics 03/19/2019 5
Security Top 5 Must-Learn Cybersecurity Courses and Certifications (Top Certifications) CBR 03/19/2019 5
Connectivity What's the Difference Between Network Availability and Reliability? (Availability vs Reliability) Search Networking 03/19/2019 5
Connectivity What Are the 3 Most Common Network Issues to Troubleshoot? (3 Common Issues To Troubleshoot) Search Networking 03/19/2019 5
Management IT Predictions and Anti-Predictions for 2019: Networking, Security, Cloud Communications (Predictions and Anti-Predictions for 2019, White Paper) Masergy 03/19/2019 5
Bit bucket UK Code Breakers Release Enigma War Machine Simulator (Enigma War Machine Simulator, Bombe, Typex, Turing, Bletchley Park) ZDnet 03/18/2019 6
Security What To Include in an Enterprise Cybersecurity Plan (Cybersecurity Plan) TechRepublic 03/18/2019 6
Operations Top 5 Data Recovery Tips (Data Recovery Tips, Backup, Disaster Recovery, BU, DR) TechRepublic 03/18/2019 6
Data Why Cybersecurity Alone is Not Enough to Protect Private Data (Cybersecurity Alone is Not Enough) TechRadar 03/18/2019 6
Security A New Privacy Constitution for Facebook (What Facebook Needs To Do) Schneier on Security 03/18/2019 6
Management Does Experience Equal Competency? (Project Management Competency) PMWorld 360 03/18/2019 6
Data Not spending on AI yet? Don’t worry, you probably will (Artificial Intelligence WILL become a Budget Item) IT World Canada 03/18/2019 6
Cloud Tips to Protect Your User Experience During Cloud Migration (Protecting Users During Migration) Information Management 03/18/2019 6
Security Anomaly Detection Techniques: Defining Normal (Define Normal for Anomaly Detection) Dark Reading 03/18/2019 6
Security 7 Low-Cost Security Tools (Low-Cost Tools) Dark Reading 03/18/2019 6
Cloud The 12 Worst Serverless Security Risks (Worst Serverless Security Risks) Dark Reading 03/18/2019 6
Data 19 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2025 (Analytics Predictions Through 2025) Business 2 Community 03/18/2019 6
Connectivity Take Steps Now To Ready Your Network For 802.11ax Specification (Getting Read for 802.11ax) Search Networking 03/18/2019 6
Connectivity 3 Developing 5G Trends That Differentiate it from 4G LTE (Differentiating 5G from 4G LTE) Search Networking 03/18/2019 6
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6: How does OFDMA work? (What is OFDMA) Search Networking 03/18/2019 6
Connectivity What 4 Questions Can Help Prepare Your Network for IoT? (Preparing For IoT) Search Networking 03/18/2019 6
Storage Top 8 Reasons For LTO-8 Technology (LTO-8 Benefits) Ultrium LTO 03/18/2019 6
Management How Continuous Monitoring is Revolutionizing Risk Management (Revolutionizing Risk Management, White Paper) BitSight Technologies 03/18/2019 6
Management How IT Must Adapt to the Office of the Future (Adapting to f the Future) ToolBox 03/18/2019 6
Data What the Heck is Time-Series Data (and Why Do I Need a Time-Series Database)? (What is a Time-Series Database, TSDB, ) TimeScale 03/18/2019 6
Bit bucket Researchers Eye Huge Supply of Rare-Earth Elements From Mining Waste (Rare Earth Elements from Mining Waste. REE) Science Daily 03/17/2019 7
Technology Reversing the Flow of Time On a Quantum Computer (Reversing Time) Science Daily 03/17/2019 7
Connectivity The 5G Future Will Be Powered By AI (Artificial Intelligence Will Power 5G) NetworkComputing 03/17/2019 7
Management How to Find a Qualified Developer in a Hurry (Hiring Qualified Developer Quickly) InformationWeek 03/17/2019 7
Security The Quantum Sea Change: Navigating the Impacts for Cryptography (Impact Of Quantum Encryption) HelpNet Security 03/17/2019 7
Security Ransomware's New Normal (New Normal for Ransomware) Dark Reading 03/17/2019 7
Security 4 Reasons to Take an 'Inside Out' View of Security (Reasons to Take an 'Inside Out' View) Dark Reading 03/17/2019 7
Connectivity Six Degrees of Network Security (Common Network Security Pitfalls, Infographic PDF) Cisco Sytems 03/17/2019 7
Cloud Survey: Cloud Monitoring, Management Tools Come Up Short (Management & Monitoring Tools Come Up Short) Networks Asia 03/15/2019 9
Management 9 Ways To Address the IT Retirement Boom (Address the IT Retirement Boom) CIO 03/15/2019 9
Operations Data Backup & Recovery – Back Up Critical Business Data (Back Up Critical Business Data) Business 2 Community 03/15/2019 9
Connectivity Hands On: Broadcast Analysis of UPNP and SSDP Packets (Tuning UPNP and SSDP Packets) NetworkComputing 03/14/2019 10
Management 4 Ways to Keep Employees from Quitting (Reduce Turnover) TechRepublic 03/13/2019 11
Bit bucket The Ups and Downs of Sit-Stand Desks (Pros & Cons of Sit-Stand Desks) Science Daily 03/13/2019 11
Data How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence? (Is AI Really Intelligent) Science Daily 03/13/2019 11
Management CIO Survey Shows Shifts in IT Leadership Role (CIO Role Changing) InformationWeek 03/13/2019 11
Data 5 Steps to Performing an Effective Data Security Risk Assessment (Performing a Security Risk Assessment) Information Management 03/13/2019 11
Data 5 Steps to Performing an Effective Data Security Risk Assessment (Performing a Security Risk Assessment) Information Management 03/13/2019 11
Operations 4 Business Continuity Planning Essentials (Business Continuity Essentials, White Paper) Datto 03/13/2019 11
Operations Backup vs. Business Continuity (Backup vs. Business Continuity, White Paper) Datto 03/13/2019 11
Operations The Do's and Don'ts of Establishing SLAs (Establishing a Service Level Agreement, White Paper) ConnectWise 03/13/2019 11
Cloud The Biggest Cloud Security Challenges Enterprises Face (Biggest Cloud Security Challenges) TechRepublic 03/12/2019 12
Security Quantum Computing: The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats (Quantum Threats, RSA Key, Quantum Key Distribution) TechRepublic 03/12/2019 12
Security When Will AI Become A Reality In Security? (When Will Artificial Intelligence Become Real) Security InfoWatch 03/12/2019 12
Cloud Real Words or Buzzwords?: Fog Computing (Fog Computing Explained) Security InfoWatch 03/12/2019 12
Technology One Step Closer to a Clock That Could Replace GPS and Galileo (Portable Atomic Clock for GPS, Laser Cavity Soliton) Science Daily 03/12/2019 12
Data A Robotic Leg, Born Without Prior Knowledge, Learns to Walk (Artificial Intelligence Learns to Walk) Science Daily 03/12/2019 12
Cloud Juggling Cloud Security Pros and Cons has CIOs Looking to Managed Services (Juggling Security Pros and Cons, MSP, Hybrid) Networks Asia 03/12/2019 12
Security IT Managers Can’t Ignore Endpoints because Most Cyberattacks Start There (Most Attacks Start Here) HelpNet Security 03/12/2019 12
Administration The Reality of Container Escapes (Container Escapes) HelpNet Security 03/12/2019 12
Security 3 Places Security Teams are Wasting Time (Time Wasting Areas) Dark Reading 03/12/2019 12
Compliance Software Compliance Risks in the Age of Digital Transformation (Software Risks, SAM, EULA) Business 2 Community 03/12/2019 12
Operations Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools in 2019 (Best Monitoring Tools) Business 2 Community 03/12/2019 12
Devops The Complete Guide to: DevOps (DevOps Complete Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 03/12/2019 12
Cloud Cloud Native – Design, Delivery and Management of Applications (Cloud Native Management) Cloud Tweaks 03/12/2019 12
Security How CISOs Can Gain a Better Understanding of Their Cybersecurity Attack Surface (Understanding Your Attack Surface) TechRepublic 03/11/2019 13
Security Top-Clicked Phishing Subject Lines (Top-Phishing Lines) KnowBe4 03/11/2019 13
Security The Impact 0f Spear Phishing On Organizations and How to Combat This Growing Threat (Spear Phishing Impact) HelpNet Security 03/11/2019 13
Security Cybersecurity Skills Gap Worsens, Security Teams are Understaffed (Skills Gap Worsens) HelpNet Security 03/11/2019 13
Bit bucket Why No One Hears what You’re Really Saying (Listening is Complicated) Fast Company 03/11/2019 13
Data Business Leaders Love AI -- in Theory (Artificial Intelligence- Reality vs Theory) Digital Insurance 03/11/2019 13
Devops NetOps vs. DevOps vs. NetSecOps: What's the difference? (NetOps vs. DevOps vs. NetSecOps) Search Networking 03/11/2019 13
Connectivity Use The Right Performance Monitoring Strategy for Automated Networks (Automated Networks Monitoring Strategy) Search Networking 03/11/2019 13
Connectivity The Switch to 400 Gbe May Be Closer Than You Think (400 GbE May be Close) Search Networking 03/11/2019 13
Technology This Year, Cellular Changes Forever (Cellular Changes Coming) GCN 03/11/2019 13
Security That Marketing Email Database that Exposed 809 Million Contact Records? Maybe Make that Two-BILLION-Plus (Closer to Two BILLION-Plus Exposed) The Register 03/10/2019 13
Connectivity If You Plan on Installing a Ton of Smarthome Devices, Skip Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Has Limits for Smarthomes, Wi-Fi 6, Z-Wave, ZigBee) How To Geek 03/10/2019 13
Technology Putting Qubits to Work and Play (Quantum Computers Explained) TechRepublic 03/09/2019 14
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6 is Coming: It’s Not Too Early to Plan for 802.11ax (Start Planning for Wi-Fi 6) NetworkComputing 03/09/2019 14
Operations Introduction to Composable Infrastructure and its Use Cases (Intro to Composable Infrastructure) NetworkComputing 03/09/2019 14
Management It's Time to Rethink Your Vendor Questionnaire (Vendor Questionnaire) Dark Reading 03/09/2019 14
Technology 6 Questions to Ask While Buying a Connected Car (Connected Car Questions) Dark Reading 03/09/2019 14
Security Facebook's Two-Factor Authentication Puts Security and Privacy at Odds (Facebook and Privacy at Odds) cnet 03/09/2019 14
Operations What is SAM Maturity and How Do You Measure It? (SAM Maturity, Software Asset Management) Business 2 Community 03/09/2019 14
Bit bucket Top 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid (Resume Mistakes) TechRepublic 03/08/2019 15
Administration 6 Critical Factors to Consider When Deploying Containers (Container Deployment Factors, Containers) TechRepublic 03/08/2019 15
Connectivity 5G Cybersecurity Concerns and Physical Challenges: What You Need to Know (5G Concerns and Challenges) TechRepublic 03/08/2019 15
Connectivity Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Light in Optical Communications (Unlocking Lights Potential) Science Daily 03/08/2019 15
Bit bucket A Slice of Pi History: How π Took Over The World (History of Pi) Poplular Mechanics 03/08/2019 15
Management A Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Offices (PMOs) (Beginner’s Guide to PMOs) PMWorld 360 03/08/2019 15
Compliance 9 Ways Insurers Can Prep for New Privacy Laws (Prepare for Privacy Laws) Digital Insurance 03/08/2019 15
Security Debunking 5 Myths About Zero Trust Security (Zero Trust Security Myths) Dark Reading 03/08/2019 15
Cloud Cutting Costs in 2019 Can Be as Easy as Moving to a Cloud (Cost Cutting) Business 2 Community 03/08/2019 15
Management How to Overcome the Risk of Overcorrecting (Overcome Overcorrecting) TechRepublic 03/07/2019 16
Compliance 3 Ways To Manage Regulatory and Compliance Changes (Managing Changes) TechRepublic 03/07/2019 16
Technology 1 + 1 Does Not Equal 2 for Graphene-Like 2D Materials (1 + 1 # 2 for Graphene) Science Daily 03/07/2019 16
Bit bucket Can Entangled Qubits Be Used to Probe Black Holes? (Probing Black Holes with Qubits, Quantum Computing) Science Daily 03/07/2019 16
Connectivity A Practical Approach to IBN and Improved IT Automation (Practical Approach to IBN) NetworkComputing 03/07/2019 16
Management Data Points: 5 Technology Executives Share the Metrics They Can’t Ignore (Can't Ignore Metrics) IT World Canada 03/07/2019 16
Devops Q&A: DevOps Institute’s Jayne Groll on the Future of DevOps (Future of DevOps) InformationWekk 03/07/2019 16
Storage Caching vs Tiering with Storage Class Memory and NVMe – A Tale of Two Systems (Tale of Two Systems: Caching vs Tiering) DCIG 03/07/2019 16
Security To Improve Security, We Must Focus on Its People (Focus on People for Improvement) Dark Reading 03/07/2019 16
Data Augmented Analytics Tools, NLP Search, Graph are Trending (Augmented Analytics Trending) Search Business Analytics 03/07/2019 16
Technology What is the IIoT? Everything you Need to Know about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT Explained) ZDnet 03/06/2019 17
Security How to Make People Sit Up and Use 2-Factor Authorization (MFA - Risk Communication Is Key) The Register 03/06/2019 17
Connectivity 5G is 'Ready' Once You Redefine 'Ready'... And Then Redefine 'Reality' (5G - Minimum of 18 Months of Debugging) The Register 03/06/2019 17
Storage Western Digital Sees Storage Sun Rise In NVMe Land... and Slowly Set on SATA, SAS SSDs (Slow Goodbye to SATA, SAS SSDs) The Register 03/06/2019 17
Connectivity 10 Enterprise Network Mistakes That Open the Door to Hackers (Network Mistakes that Open the Doors) TechRepublic 03/06/2019 17
Security What is a Botnet? And Why They Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon (Why Aren't Botnets Going Away) Networks Asia 03/06/2019 17
Cloud The Ugly Truth About Cloud Computing In the Enterprise (Lack of Strategy is the Ugly Truth) Networks Asia 03/06/2019 17
Operations Three Cabling Factors that Affect Data Centre Deployment (Deployment Cabling Factors) Networks Asia 03/06/2019 17
Management How CIOs Can Influence the Board (Influencing the Board, BoD, Board of Directors) InformationWekk 03/06/2019 17
Security IoT Automation Platforms Open Smart Buildings to New Threats (Building Threats from IoT) HelpNet Security 03/06/2019 17
Management A CEO Cheat Sheet For The Cybersecurity Big One (CEO Security Cheat Sheet) Forbes 03/06/2019 17
Bit bucket Consumers Care About Privacy, but Not Enough to Act on It (Consumers Don't Really Care about Privacy) Dark Reading 03/06/2019 17
Technology Google, Microsoft, Amazon Race for Augmented-Reality Glasses (The Race for AR Glasses) ToolBox 03/06/2019 17
Connectivity USB-IF Announces USB4 with Native Thunderbolt at 40Gbps Transfers (USB4 With Native 40Gbps) The Inquirer 03/05/2019 18
Devops 7 Must-Have Skills for Enterprise DevOps Practitioners (Must Have Enterprise Skills) TechRepublic 03/05/2019 18
Security 3 Reasons Businesses Are Still Failing at Strong Cybersecurity (Businesses Still Failing at Cybersecurity) TechRepublic 03/05/2019 18
Storage Why RAID Systems Dangerous and Why You Should Stop Using Them, According to WD (RAID No Longer the Choice) Storage Newsletter 03/05/2019 18
Storage Transforming Magnetic Storage (Ultrafast Magnetic Storage Devices, Femtomagnetism) Science Daily 03/05/2019 18
Connectivity SD-WAN: Yes, It's a Revolution Alright (SD-WAN:Revolution) No Jitter 03/05/2019 18
Connectivity Cisco Log Tip (Cisco Log Tip) NetworkDataPedia 03/05/2019 18
Security SSL/TLS-Based Data Security Threats Are On the Rise (SSL/TLS Threats Rising) Information Management 03/05/2019 18
Devops The Patterns of Elite DevSecOps Practices (DevSecOps Practices Patterns) HelpNet Security 03/05/2019 18
Storage All-Flash vs. Hybrid Flash – Choosing What's Right for You (Flash vs. Hybrid Flash) Data Center Knowledge 03/05/2019 18
Security Blockchain White Paper (Blockchain White Paper) National Archives 03/05/2019 18
Connectivity WPA3 Protocol: Should Enterprises Implement the Changes? (Should You Implement WPA3)) Search Security 03/05/2019 18
Technology Smartphones Replicate 3D Objects for Virtual Reality (3D VR from Smartphone) GCN 03/05/2019 18
Technology Want A Foldable Phone? Hold Out for Real Glass (Needed Glass for Foldable Phone) Wired 03/04/2019 19
Cloud A Multi-Cloud Approach – What’s In It for Me? (Multi-Cloud Approach) IT World Canada 03/04/2019 19
Data 9 Steps Organizations Can Take to Get Ahead Of New Data Privacy Laws (Stay Ahead of Privacy Laws) Information Management 03/04/2019 19
Management 3 Things Every CIO Should Know Before They Migrate to the Cloud (Before You Migrate to the Cloud) Digital Insurance 03/04/2019 19
Operations Lithium-Ion Batteries Offer A Definitive, Sustainable and Cost-Effective Advantage for UPS (Lithium-Ion Batteries for UPS, Li-ion) Data Center Dynamics 03/04/2019 19
Security Here's What Happened When a SOC Embraced Automation (SOC Embraces Automation) Dark Reading 03/04/2019 19
Security Security Experts, Not Users, Are the Weakest Link (Experts Are the Weakest Link) Dark Reading 03/04/2019 19
Management The First 100 Days of the New CISO: Expectations vs. Reality (CISOs First 100 Days) Business 2 Community 03/04/2019 19
Connectivity Network Operating System Advantages Extend to White Box Switching (White Box Network Operating Systems, NOS, Open Apis) Search Networking 03/04/2019 19
Connectivity What Are the Pros And Cons of Machine Learning In Network Security? (Security Pros and Cons of Machine Learning) Search Networking 03/04/2019 19
Security Encryption Offers Safe Haven for Criminals and Malware (Encryption Provides Safe Refuge of Bad Guys) Dark Reading 03/03/2019 20
Cloud Security Pros Agree: Cloud Adoption Outpaces Security (Adoption Outpacing Security) Dark Reading 03/03/2019 20
Technology 6 Major Challenges Foldable Phones Need to Overcome to Prove They're Not a Fad (Foldable Phone Challenges) Mashable 03/03/2019 20
Technology Moving Closer to Practical Photonic Quantum Computing (One Step Closer to Practical Quantum Computing) Science Daily 03/01/2019 22
Bit bucket Hiding Black Hole Found (Black Hole Found) Science Daily 03/01/2019 22
Data Is Dark Data Putting Your Business at Risk? (Dark Data Risk) IT Web 03/01/2019 22
Data The Future of AI in America: What All Leaders Should Consider (The Future of Artificial Intelligence) InformationWeek 03/01/2019 22
Security Enterprises Are Blind to Over Half Of Malware Sent to Their Employees (Employers Blind to 50% of Malware) HelpNet Security 03/01/2019 22
Cloud Survey: Most Companies are Failing at Cloud Cost Management (Cost Control Failure) Data Center Knowledge 03/01/2019 22
Security Solving Security: Repetition or Redundancy? (Examine Strengths and Weaknesses) Dark Reading 03/01/2019 22
Management The Caregivers Among You Need Help (Your Employees are Caregivers Too) TLNT 03/01/2019 22
Operations Safeguarding Hardware from Cyberattack (Safeguarding HW) Science Daily 02/28/2019 23
Technology Universal Entangler For New Quantum Tech (Quantum Universal Entangler) Science Daily 02/28/2019 23
Technology Immunizing Quantum Computers Against Errors (Immunizing Quantum Computers) Science Daily 02/28/2019 23
Cloud Don’t Forget the Distance When Looking Up to the Clouds (Proximity is Important) Networks Asia 02/28/2019 23
Management How to Become a Master Scrum Master (Becoming a Master Scrum Master) InformationWeek 02/28/2019 23
Connectivity What Are USB Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 2×2? (Know the Difference in USB Connections, USB Gen 1, USB Gen 2, and USB Gen 2×2, USB SuperSpeed) How To Geek 02/28/2019 23
Storage What are NVMe Drives, and Should You Buy One? (NVMe Drives) How To Geek 02/28/2019 23
Operations The New Need to Create a Secondary Perimeter to Detect for Malware’s Presence (Backups and Malware Perimeter Protection) DCIG 02/28/2019 23
Connectivity Do Smart Network Cards Have a Future Outside the Hyperscale Data Center? (The Future of SmartNICs, Smart NICs) Data Center Knowledge 02/28/2019 23
Management CTO? Why Updating Your Backup Strategy Should Be on Your 2019 to-Do List (Strategy Backups for CTO Consideration) Continuity Central 02/28/2019 23
Compliance The Right to Be Forgotten Versus the Need to Backup (Backup and the Right to Be Forgotten, GDPR, CCPS AB 375) Continuity Central 02/28/2019 23
Cloud Avoid Turbulence When Shifting to Data Analytics In the Cloud (Avoid Turbulence When Migrating Analytics) Search Business Analytics 02/28/2019 23
Security Payroll Provider Gives Extortionists a Payday (Paying Ransomware As Last Resort) Krebs on Security 02/28/2019 23
Technology Get Ready for USB 3.2: Super-Fast 20Gbps Transfer Speeds But Tons of Confusion (Confusion Surrounds USB3.2, USB3.1, USB3.0, USB-IF, USB Gen 2x2) ZDnet 02/27/2019 24
Administration Containers, Explained (Containers Explained) PC Magazine 02/27/2019 24
Data Trends That Will Rule Data Protection in 2019 (Protection Trends in 2019) Networks Asia 02/27/2019 24
Security Firms Not Taking Privileged Access Management Seriously Enough, Says Vendor Report (Privileged Access Management is a Problem, PAM) IT World Canada 02/27/2019 24
Data Your Future Requires You to Define Your Real Master Data (Define Your Real Master Data) Information Management 02/27/2019 24
Cloud Security Is Battling to Keep Pace with Cloud Adoption (Security Battling to Keep Pace) ComputerWeekly 02/27/2019 24
Data Why Datafication is Key for the Organisation of Tomorrow (Datafication is Key for Tomorrow, MDM) Mark van Rijmenam 02/27/2019 24
Security How AI Cybersecurity Thwarts Attacks -- and How Hackers Fight Back (Artificial Intelligence and Hackers) Search CIO 02/27/2019 24
Compliance US Legal Eagle: Well Done, You Bought Privacy Compliance Tools. Doesn't Mean You Comply with Anything (Tools Don't Mean Compliant) The Register 02/26/2019 25
Security 5 Ways to Avoid Top Malware Threats (Avoiding Top Malware Threats) TechRepublic 02/26/2019 25
Cloud Checklist for a Successful Cloud UCC Implementation (Successful UCC Implementation) No Jitter 02/26/2019 25
Connectivity Survey Says: 5G Developments Vary (5G Deployments Varied) No Jitter 02/26/2019 25
Security Should Organizations Consider Enhancing Security With an MSSP? (Time for MSSP Assistance) Networks Asia 02/26/2019 25
Security Removing the Cyber Criminal’s Mask of Anonymity (Removing the Mask of Anonymity) Networks Asia 02/26/2019 25
Compliance 7 Ways the New California Privacy Law Will Impact All Organizations (Impact of California Privacy Law, CCPS AB 375) Information Management 02/26/2019 25
Connectivity What Is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)? (What Is DHCP) How To Geek 02/26/2019 25
Technology Most IoT Devices are Being Compromised by Exploiting Rudimentary Vulnerabilities (IoT Compromised by Exploiting Rudimentary Vulnerabilities) HelpNet Security 02/26/2019 25
Management RLI CIO Bryan Fowler on Insurtech, Cloud (CIO Interview on Priorities) Digital Insurance 02/26/2019 25
Security The Business Value of Software Security Updates (Value of Software Updates) Business 2 Community 02/26/2019 25
Devops 4 Must-Have DevOps Tools in 2019 (Must-Have Tools) Business 2 Community 02/26/2019 25
Management The Executive’s Practical Guide to Thriving In the Face of Evolving Cyber Risks (Practical Guide to Evolving Cyber Risks, White Paper, Free E-Book) Kip Boyle 02/26/2019 25
Security Why IoT Devices Pose a Bigger Cybersecurity Risk Than Most Realize (IoT Poses Huge Problems) ZDnet 02/25/2019 26
Cloud Containers May Be Leading to Cloud Computing Cost Overruns (Containers Leading to Cost Overruns) ZDnet 02/25/2019 26
Data Artificial Intelligence: You Know it Isn't Real, Yeah? (AI Isn't Real) The Register 02/25/2019 26
Cloud Exponential Growth of SaaS Deployment Exposes Hidden Vulnerabilities (SaaS Hidden Vulnerabilities) Information Management 02/25/2019 26
Security Accidental Data Breaches are Often Compounded By a Failure to Encrypt (Breaches Often By a Failure to Encrypt, Encryption) HelpNet Security 02/25/2019 26
Connectivity 6 Tips for Getting the Most from Your VPN (VPN Tips) Dark Reading 02/25/2019 26
Security Can Quantum Key Distribution Secure The Grid? (Quantum Key Distribution, QKD, Encryption) FCW 02/25/2019 26
Management The Complete Guide to the Biggest Tech Trends in 2019 (2019 Tech Trends, White Paper) TechWorld 02/25/2019 26
Technology The Top 10 Alternatives to the Apple Watch (Apple Watch Alternatives) TechRepublic 02/24/2019 27
Security To Mitigate Advanced Threats, Put People Ahead of Tech (People First Tech Second) Dark Reading 02/24/2019 27
Management What is Change Management? (Change Management) PMWorld 360 02/22/2019 29
Operations Why Disk Beat Tape In the Backup Wars (Disc Beats Tape for Backup) Network World 02/22/2019 29
Management No One-Size-Fits-All Competencies for Project Management (No One-Size-Fits-All for Project Managers, PM, OPM) IT Web 02/22/2019 29
Compliance How and Why the Data Privacy Mandate is Expanding (Privacy is Expanding) Information Management 02/22/2019 29
Security 92% of Organizations Rank Users as Their Primary Security Concern (Users Are Primary Security Concern) HelpNet Security 02/22/2019 29
Data 10 Top Data and Analytics Trends for 2019 (Top 2019 Analytic Trends) Digital Insurance 02/22/2019 29
Security Why Cybersecurity Burnout Is Real and What to Do About It (Burnout Is Real) Dark Reading 02/22/2019 29
Management Why Agency Holding Companies Need to Standardize Their Software (Standardizing Software) Business 2 Community 02/22/2019 29
Cloud Estimate Cloud Computing Costs Prior to App Migration (Pre Migration App Cost Estimate) Search Cloud Computing 02/22/2019 29
Devops Containers, Cloud Orchestration Tools Rattle DevOps Foundation (Undermining the Foundation) Search Cloud Computing 02/22/2019 29
Operations Evaluating Backup Bandwidth with a Portable Wan Emulator (Evaluating Backup Bandwidth) NetworkComputing 02/21/2019 30
Cloud Searching for a Cloud-Native App Strategy Amid the Chaos (Maintaining Order Amid the Chaos) InformationWeek 02/21/2019 30
Data AI is Not Magic – It’s Time to Demystify and Apply (Demystify, Experiment and Apply Artificial Intelligence) InformationWekk 02/21/2019 30
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