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Jan 19, 2019

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Management World's Hot Alternative Energy Projects Network World 01/19/2019 New
Bit bucket Machine Learning: The Deplorable State of Deployment ComputerWorld 01/19/2019 New
Security Why Vendor Security Practices are Causing Heartburn for Enterprise Pros (Heartburn From Vendor Practices) TechRepublic 01/18/2019 1
Compliance 4 Ways to Prepare for GDPR And Similar Privacy Regulations (Prepare for GDPR and Similar) TechRepublic 01/18/2019 1
Security 4 Strategies For Your IT Wearables Policy (Wearables Policy, Smartwatches, Smart Glasses, Wearable Scanners) TechRepublic 01/18/2019 1
Security 'We Want IoT Security Regulation,' Say 95% of IT Decision-Makers (IoT Security Regulations Needed Dark Reading 01/18/2019 1
Cloud Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations (Top Public Cloud Recommendations, White Paper) Palo Alto Networks 01/18/2019 1
Bit bucket The Race To Create A Real-Life Star Trek Medical Scanner (Building the Tricorder) ZDnet 01/17/2019 2
Technology 2019: The Year AR Finally Goes From 'Unsexy' To Cool? (AR Finally Goes Cool, Augmented Reality) ZDnet 01/17/2019 2
Connectivity Top 5 Terms to Know About 5G (5G Terms, 3GPP, mmWave, MIMO, small cells, 5G NR) TechRepublic 01/17/2019 2
Devops DevOps: Big Effort, Big Benefits (Big Effort, Big Benefits) InformationWeek 01/17/2019 2
Data The Future of Data Infrastructure (Data Infrastructure, HCI) Data Center Knowledge 01/17/2019 2
Security Are You Listening to Your Kill Chain? (Listen To Your Kill Chain, CKC ) Dark Reading 01/17/2019 2
Compliance The Complete Guide to GDPR (GDPR Complete Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 01/17/2019 2
Storage Hard Disk Drive Unit Shipments Slowly Spinning Down (HDD Shipments Down) The Register 01/16/2019 3
Security Five APAC Cyber Security Predictions For 2019 (Security Predictions For 2019) Networks Asia 01/16/2019 3
Data Is Data Meeting Decision-Makers' Needs? (Data Decision-Makers' Needs) Networks Asia 01/16/2019 3
Management The Costs of Cyberattacks Increased 52% to $1.1 Million (Cyberattack Costs Increasing) HelpNet Security 01/16/2019 3
Storage NVMe Over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) (NVMe Over Fabrics, White Paper) Mellanox 01/16/2019 3
Storage NVMe Over Fabrics Agenda (NVMe Over Fabrics Agenda, White Paper) nvm EXPRESS 01/16/2019 3
Management Why Cyberattacks Are the No. 1 Risk (Cyberattacks No. 1 Risk) Dark Reading 01/16/2019 3
Technology 10 Wearable Devices That Stole The Show At CES 2019 (CES 2019 Top Wearable Devices) CRN 01/16/2019 3
Management Spear Phishing: Targeting Executives to Steal the Most Critical Data (Spear Phishing Executives) Business 2 Community 01/16/2019 3
Cloud Cloud Native – Design, Delivery And Management of Applications (Going Cloud Native, The Right Way) Cloud Tweaks 01/16/2019 3
Management How To Know When to Let Someone Go (Letting Someone Go, Firing Someone) TechRepublic 01/15/2019 4
Technology Breakthrough in Organic Electronics (Organic Electronics Breakthrough, OLED) Science Daily 01/15/2019 4
Security Highlight These 4 Areas in Your Malware Incident Response Plan (Malware Incident Response Plan) Search Disaster Recovery 01/15/2019 4
Technology 10 Technology Trends You Should Be Worried about This Year (Worrisome Trends) SD Times 01/15/2019 4
Management How The Right Team Organization Helps to Survive a Microservices-Based Project (Surviving A Microservices-Based Project) SD Times 01/15/2019 4
Bit bucket Cops Told: No, You Can't Have A Warrant to Force A Big Bunch Of People to Unlock Their Phones by Fingerprint, Face Scans (Fifth Amendment Protection for Mobile Devices) The Register 01/14/2019 5
Security If You Wanna Learn from the IT Security Blunders Committed By Hacked Hospital Group, Here's Some Weekend Reading (Learn from IT Blunders) The Register 01/14/2019 5
Data Top 5 Ways Humans Bias Machine Learning (Humans Bias Machine Learning) TechRepublic 01/14/2019 5
Technology Quantum Computer Components: Learn the Basics (Quantum Computer Basics) TechRepublic 01/14/2019 5
Cloud 69% Of Enterprises Moving Business-Critical Applications To the Cloud (69% Moving Business-Critical Applications) TechRepublic 01/14/2019 5
Security A Lesson On The Need For Incident Playbooks Learned The Hard Way (Incident Playbooks Learned The Hard Way) IT World Canada 01/14/2019 5
Security Phishing: The Simple Attack That Shreds The Defenses Of Sensitive Networks (Phishing Shreds Sensitive Networks) Forrester 01/14/2019 5
Devops Why Security By Design and Security Devops Are So Critical to Success (Security By Design Critical to Success) HelpNet Security 01/14/2019 5
Technology IoT Community Announces Formation of Security, Privacy & Trust IoT Center of Excellence (SPTIoTCoE) (IoT Community Announces Security, Privacy & Trust CoE) HelpNet Security 01/14/2019 5
Security Battling Ransomware: How To Prevent A Ransomware Incident (Prevent A Ransomware Incident) Forbes 01/14/2019 5
Security Kudos to the Unsung Rock Stars of Security Dark Reading 01/14/2019 5
Technology The Complete Guide to Internet of Things (Complete Guide to IoT, White Paper) Tech World Insights 01/14/2019 5
Data Moving Data to the Cloud –Best Practices (Moving Data to the Cloud, White Paper) Virtual Instruments 01/13/2019 6
Bit bucket 8K TV Has Arrived. Here’s What You Need to Know (8K TV Has Arrived) How To Geek 01/13/2019 6
Cloud The One Thing You Need More than Cloud Visibility (More than Cloud Visibility) Business 2 Community 01/13/2019 6
Operations Moving your Infrastructure to the Cloud (Cloud Infrastructure, White Paper) Diversity Limited 01/13/2019 6
Security How To Tackle Phishing With Machine Learning (Combatting Phishing With Machine Learning) TechRepublic 01/12/2019 7
Technology 3D Printing 100 Times Faster with Light (3D Printing 100 Times Faster) Science Daily 01/12/2019 7
Operations Identifying the Hidden Challenges Facing IT Infrastructure (Infrastructure Challenges) No Jitter 01/12/2019 7
Cloud Who Takes Responsibility for Cyberattacks in the Cloud? (Responsibility for Cyberattacks) Dark Reading 01/12/2019 7
Technology Do Hidden Robots Need Guiding Standards Too? (Examining Isaac Asimov's Robot Rules) Business 2 Community 01/12/2019 7
Management NotPetya an ‘Act of War,’ Cyber Insurance Firm Taken to Task for Refusing to Pay Out (NotPetya An ‘Act Of War,’) ZDnet 01/11/2019 8
Technology Spintronics 'Miracle Material' Put To the Test (Spin Transistors) Science Daily 01/11/2019 8
Security Why Computer Passwords Are Still a Problem in 2019 (Passwords Are Still A Problem) NextGov 01/11/2019 8
Data The Problem With AI: Machines Are Learning Things, But Cant Understand Them (Artificial Intelligence: Learning vs Understanding) How To Geek 01/11/2019 8
Management Four Cybersecurity Trends Every CIO Should Know (Cybersecurity Trends CIO's Should Know) HelpNet Security 01/11/2019 8
Security Don't Bite That Phishing Bait: Bet On These Five Simple Safety Rules (Don't Bite That Phishing Bait) Forbes 01/11/2019 8
Security A New Type of Network Is on the Rise to Combat the Quantum Threat to Encryption (Quantum Key Distribution Networks) Data Center Knowledge 01/11/2019 8
Security Four Risks to Physical Data Security That Data Centers Must Consider (Physical Risks) Data Center Knowledge 01/11/2019 8
Technology Consumers Demand Security from Smart Device Makers (Consumers Demand Security from IoT) Dark Reading 01/11/2019 8
Bit bucket The Best of CES 2019: Highlights and Top Products (CES 2019 Top Products) CRN 01/11/2019 8
Operations DARPA Probes Tech to Solve Supply Chain Uncertainty (Dialets Can Tell Real from Fake) FCW 01/11/2019 8
Technology Meet Your New Colleague: Artificial Intelligence (AI Colleague) Workforce 01/10/2019 9
Connectivity Overtones Can Provide Faster Data Communication (Faster Data Communication With Overtones) Science Daily 01/10/2019 9
Technology IoT Momentum Continues as Edge Computing Gains Traction (IoT Continues Momentum) Networks Asia 01/10/2019 9
Connectivity How Far Can 5G Go In the Enterprise? (5G In The Enterprise, 802.11ax) Networks Asia 01/10/2019 9
Compliance GDPR: Five Tips For Organizations to Remain Compliant (Remain GDPR Compliant) HelpNet Security 01/10/2019 9
Technology Email Security Predictions: What We Can Expect In 2019 (2019 Email Security Predictions) HelpNet Security 01/10/2019 9
Devops Container Deployments Bring Security Woes at DevOps Speed (Container Security Woes) Dark Reading 01/10/2019 9
Management Insight 2019 Technology Predictions (Technology Predictions From Insight CIO) ComputerWeekly 01/10/2019 9
Data Focus More On Disaster Recovery Strategy In 2019 (Focus on DR in 2019) Search Disaster Recovery 01/10/2019 9
Data Essential Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans (Develop A BD/DR Plan) Search Disaster Recovery 01/10/2019 9
Data What Are 3 Best Practices for Compressed Backups? (Compressed Backups) Search Data Backup 01/10/2019 9
Operations Does AI Require High-End Infrastructure? (Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure) GCN 01/10/2019 9
Security 9 Essential Traits for a New Age CISO (CISO Essential Traits) ETCISO 01/10/2019 9
Security Holographic Color Printing for Optical Security (Holographic Optical Security) Science Daily 01/09/2019 10
Cloud How Security Operations Centers Are Adapting to the Cloud Era (SOCs Adapting Networks Asia 01/09/2019 10
Devops Mastering The 12 Agile Software Development Principles (Mastering Agile Principles, DevOps) Information Management 01/09/2019 10
Compliance Blockchain and GDPR: Not Mutually Exclusive But Can Be A Toxic Blend (Blockchain and GDPR; Toxic Blend) Information Management 01/09/2019 10
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6: What’s Different, and Why it Matters (Why Wi-Fi 6 Matters, 802.11ax, Wi-Fi 5 , 802.11ac, Wi-Fi 4, 802.11n, ) How To Geek 01/09/2019 10
Management Modern CISO Challenges: Implementing DevSecOps, Improving Security Operations (Modern CISO Challenges) HelpNet Security 01/09/2019 10
Security Encryption Backdoors Open a Pandora’s Box for Cybersecurity (Backdoor Pandora’s Box) HelpNet Security 01/09/2019 10
Operations Data Center Power and Cooling Trends to Watch in 2019 (Power and Cooling Trends) Data Center Knowledge 01/09/2019 10
Security Security Matters When It Comes to Mergers & Acquisitions (Frequently Ignored M&A Process) Dark Reading 01/09/2019 10
Operations The Complete Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure, White Paper) Tech World Insights 01/09/2019 10
Connectivity Hacking Attacks On Your Router: Why the Worst Is Yet to Come (Router Hacking Attacks) ZDnet 01/08/2019 11
Connectivity CES 2019: Are these Newly Launched ‘5G’ Services Truly 5G Wireless? (Are New 5G Devices Really 5G)) ZDnet 01/08/2019 11
Bit bucket CES 2019: A First Look At the Cool Tech of CES Unveiled (CES 2019 Cool Tech) TechRepublic 01/08/2019 11
Administration Enterprise Container Platform Software Suites, Q4 2018 (Enterprise Container Platforms, Containers, White Paper) Forrester 01/08/2019 11
Technology Stepping Up Security for an IoT World (Stepping Up IoT Security) Networks Asia 01/08/2019 11
Technology Experian Exec Says Biometrics Won’t Save You from Mobile Hacks (Biometrics Won’t Save You From Hacks) Networks Asia 01/08/2019 11
Administration Remotely Stopping Wireshark (Stopping Wireshark Remotely) NetworkDataPedia 01/08/2019 11
Management Emerging Tech Adoption Hindered By Yesterday's Systems and Skills (Yesterday's Systems and Skills Hindering Adoption) Information Management 01/08/2019 11
Connectivity Why You (Probably) Don’t Want a 5G Router (No 5G Routers Yet) How To Geek 01/08/2019 11
Connectivity What Is 5G, and How Fast Will It Be? (How Fast Is 5G) How To Geek 01/08/2019 11
Security Stronger DNS Security Stymies Would-Be Criminals (Stronger DNS Stymies Criminals) Dark Reading 01/08/2019 11
Bit bucket The Best of CES So Far (CES 2019 Cool Products) cnet 01/08/2019 11
Security The Challenges With Preventing Phishing Attacks: an Insider's Perspective (Phishing Attack Challenges) TechRepublic 01/07/2019 12
Connectivity 5G Outlook: What's To Come In 2019 and Beyond (5G Outlook) TechRepublic 01/07/2019 12
Data 8 Top Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Trends for 2019 (Top AI and Analytic Trends) Digital Insurance 01/07/2019 12
Bit bucket 30 Hot Products And Technologies At CES 2019 (CES 2019 Hot Products) CRN 01/07/2019 12
Bit bucket 25 Cutting-Edge Products at CES Unveiled 2019 (CES 2019 Cutting Edge Products) CRN 01/07/2019 12
Connectivity At CES 2019, 5G Rides One Last Wave of Hype Before Reality Kicks In (5G Hype vs Reality) cnet 01/07/2019 12
Management 2019: The Year of the Value Stream (Measuring SW Value) SD Times 01/07/2019 12
Technology LA Taps Augmented Reality for Specialized Repairs (LA Benefits From AR) GCN 01/07/2019 12
Security Ohio Law Creates Cybersecurity 'Safe Harbor' for Businesses (Ohio Law Creates 'Safe Harbor') TechRepublic 01/05/2019 14
Management Project Communication Plan: How To Effectively Communicate Change (Communicating Change, Project Management) PMWorld 360 01/05/2019 14
Compliance Managing Security in Today's Compliance and Regulatory Environment (Managing Security) Dark Reading 01/05/2019 14
Technology Here Are The 3 Biggest Trends To Watch In Mobile This Year (2019 Mobile Trends) Business 2 Community 01/05/2019 14
Cloud Open Stack Operations Guide (Cloud, White Paper) O'Reilly 01/05/2019 14
Compliance The Glorious Brexit Uncertainty: The Only Dead Cert On Data Rules for Tech Biz in 2019 (Brexit Uncertainty, GDPR) The Register 01/04/2019 15
Connectivity Software-Defined WAN for Dummies (SW WAN for Dummies, White Paper) velocloud 01/03/2019 16
Management When It's Time To Disagree And Commit (Disagree And Commit) TechRepublic 01/03/2019 16
Security What To Expect from Blockchain In 2019 (Blockchain In 2019) TechRepublic 01/03/2019 16
Connectivity The Internet is the Future of the WAN, but MPLS will Persist (Future of the WAN) NetworkComputing 01/03/2019 16
Data Smart Data: The Secret Weapon Underpinning the Cloud (Underpinning the Cloud) NetworkComputing 01/03/2019 16
Management 7 Key IT Investments for 2019 (and 3 Going Cold) (Key IT Investments) CIO 01/03/2019 16
Administration Meet Hyper-V Cluster Requirements to Maintain High Availability (Hyper-V Cluster Requirements) Search Server Virtualization 01/03/2019 16
Devops DevOps Security Model Hits Organizational Snags (Organizational Snags) Search IT Operations 01/03/2019 16
Connectivity 5G Market Predictions for 2019 (2019 5G Predictions) TechRepublic 01/02/2019 17
Management The Year Ahead: Technologies That Will Shake the IT Industry In 2019 (2019 Shake Up Technologies) Networks Asia 01/02/2019 17
Technology 5 Technology Trends for 2019 (2019 Trends, OCR, NLP) Networks Asia 01/02/2019 17
Technology Top 10 IoT Vulnerabilities of 2018 (Top IoT Vulnerabilities) IT World Canada 01/02/2019 17
Security Making Staff an Effective First Line of Defense In Data Security (First Line Of Defense) Information Management 01/02/2019 17
Security 7 Best Practices for Combating Cybersecurity Risks (Best Practices For Combating Risks) Digital Insurance 01/02/2019 17
Technology 2018 Augmented and Virtual Reality Survey Report (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Survey Report, White Paper) Perkins Coie 01/01/2019 18
Security 4 Interesting Trends to Watch in The Applications of Blockchain Technology in 2019 (Blockchain In 2019) Tool Box 01/01/2019 18