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Feb 19, 2019

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Security It's The End Of 2018, and This Is Your Year in Security (End Of 2018) The Register 12/31/2018 50
Compliance GDPR: Four Letters That Put Fear Into Firms' Hearts in 2018 (High Profile GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act) The Register 12/31/2018 50
Storage The Solid State of Storage in 2018 (Storage 2018) The Register 12/31/2018 50
Connectivity Assessing Performance Bottlenecks in Virtualized Networking (Network Virtualization Bottlenecks) Search Networking 12/31/2018 50
Connectivity 100 GbE Switch Market Shifting to Large Enterprises (100 GbE Catching On) Search Networking 12/31/2018 50
Administration What Are the Pros And Cons of Deploying Containers? (Container Pros & Cons) Search Networking 12/31/2018 50
Operations How Do Virtual ADCs Benefit Enterprise Data Centers? (Virtual ADCs, Application Delivery Controllers) Search Networking 12/31/2018 50
Cloud How to Tame a Multicloud Enterprise by Using a Cloud Management Platform (Taming a Multicloud Enterprise) ToolBox 12/31/2018 50
Management How Not to Handle a Data Breach (What Not to Do in a Breach) ToolBox 12/31/2018 50
Security Privacy is the Ultimate Paradox: Why We Can’t Have Privacy Without Intrusion (Doublethink: Privacy with Intrusion, GDPR) ToolBox 12/31/2018 50
Bit bucket The 27 Best Websites for Wasting Time on the Internet in 2018 (Best Goofing Off Sites) HubSpot 12/31/2018 50
Storage Top Storage News of 2018 (2018 Top Stories) TechRepublic 12/29/2018 52
Technology 10 Tech Trends That Will Actually Be Adopted In 2019 (Trends That Will Be Adopted in 2019) TechRepublic 12/29/2018 52
Connectivity One Byte at a Time – Protocol Analysis (Troubleshooting - One Byte At A Time (Video)) NetworkComputing 12/29/2018 52
Management A Roadmap for Becoming a Customer-Centric CIO (Customer-Centric CIO Roadmap) InformationWeek 12/29/2018 52
Bit bucket After 60 Years, IT’s Time for a Name Change (Time for a Name Change) InformationWeek 12/29/2018 52
Devops How to Transition to DevOps in Less Than 30 Days (30 Day Transition) InformationWeek 12/29/2018 52
Compliance A Data Inventory Is Key to Maintaining Data Privacy Compliance (Data Inventory Is Critical to GDPR, GDPR Article 30) Information Management 12/29/2018 52
Data 10 Steps To Success as a Data-Driven Organization (Data-Driven Success) Information Management 12/29/2018 52
Data Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasm Outpacing Adoption, Study Finds (AI Adoption Lags Enthusiasm) Digital Insurance 12/29/2018 52
Security 7 Business Metrics Security Pros Need to Know (Need To Know Metrics) Dark Reading 12/29/2018 52
Connectivity Net Neutrality Battle Heads to Court In 2019 (Net Neutrality Back to Court) cnet 12/29/2018 52
Management When a Corporate Data Breach Happens: Critical Next Steps for 2019 (Critical Steps After A Breach) Business 2 Community 12/29/2018 52
Connectivity How Micro Modular Data Centers Simplify Complex Network Routes (Micro Modulars Simplify Complex Network Routes, Edge Computing) Search Networking 12/29/2018 52
Data Tips to Implement DRaaS Strategy (DRaaS Tips, DR as a Service) Storage Newsletter 12/28/2018 53
Storage Comparing Tape and Cloud Storage for Long-Term Data Preservation (Tape vs Cloud for Long Term Storage, LTO) Storage Newsletter 12/28/2018 53
Cloud Cloud Security Concerns: IT vs. LoB (Security Concerns IT vs LoB) No Jitter 12/28/2018 53
Data Debunking Four Myths about Flow Data (Flow Data Myths, NetFlow, IPFIX) NetworkComputing 12/28/2018 53
Connectivity Debunking Four Myths about Flow Data (Flow Data Myths, NetFlow, IPFIX) NetworkComputing 12/28/2018 53
Operations 2019 Predictions with Infrastructure Implications (Infrastructure Implication Predictions) NetworkComputing 12/28/2018 53
Connectivity 5G E Isn’t Real 5G. Here’s What You Need to Know (5G E Isn’t Real 5G, AT&T 5G E) How To Geek 12/28/2018 53
Data Artificial Intelligence: Future and Trends to Watch (Artificial Intelligence Trends) ciol 12/28/2018 53
Data AI's Dark Secret? A Desire for Data Without Bounds (AI's Dark Secret, Artificial Intelligence) CIO 12/28/2018 53
Compliance What You Need to Know About California’s New IoT Security Law (California’s New IoT Security Law, SB-327) ToolBox 12/28/2018 53
Data Data Management Trends That Will Impact 2019: Dark Data is on the Move (2019 Data Management Trends) ToolBox 12/28/2018 53
Security 3 Ways to Protect Your Employees' Inboxes from Phishing Threats (Phishing Protection) TechRepublic 12/22/2018 59
Management 3 Ways Project Leadership Will Evolve in 2019 (Project Management Will Evolve) TechRepublic 12/22/2018 59
Bit bucket 13 In-Demand Tech Certifications That Will Help You Get a Better Job (13 In-Demand Tech Certifications, Agile, Scrum, AWS, CEH, CISSP, CCNA, CCNP, CompTIA, GIAC, ITIL, ITSM, MCSE, PMP) TechRepublic 12/22/2018 59
Connectivity Which Should You Choose for Your Next Server-Side Application – .NET Framework or .NET Core? (NET Framework vs NET Core) Business 2 Community 12/22/2018 59
Security The First 100 Days of the New CISO: How to Avoid the “Curse of Firefighting”? (CISO's First 100 Days) Business 2 Community 12/22/2018 59
Management 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study (2018 Breach Cost, White Paper) IBM, Ponemon Institute LLC 12/22/2018 59
Compliance Facebook Like, Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website May Land You In GDPR Hot Water If Data Goes a-Wanderin' (Possible Trouble with Like, Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website, GDPR, CJEU) The Register 12/21/2018 60
Data Google Lens Now Recognizes Over 1 Billion Products (Recognizing Over 1 Billion Products, Augmented Reality) Venture Beat 12/21/2018 60
Cloud The Cloud May Finally be Ready for Your Legacy Apps InformationWeek 12/21/2018 60
Security Why CXOs are Leading the Charge for AI-Based Security (Artificial Intelligence Based Security) TechRepublic 12/20/2018 61
Management What Got You Here won't Get You There (Past History Doesn't Cut It) TechRepublic 12/20/2018 61
Security 5 Biggest Security Vulnerabilities Of 2018 (2018'a Biggest Vulnerabilities) TechRepublic 12/20/2018 61
Security Better Security Achieved with Randomly Generating Biological Encryption Keys (Randomly Generated Biological Encryption Keys) Science Daily 12/20/2018 61
Connectivity Juniper CTO Talks Cloud, High-Speed Networking (Juniper CTO on Networking) Networks Asia 12/20/2018 61
Management Crystal Balling Gazing into 2019 (2019 Crystal Ball) Networks Asia 12/20/2018 61
Data IT Leaders Frustrated With Complexity, Limited Insights of Analytics (Frustrated with Analytics Complexity) Information Management 12/20/2018 61
Administration How to Remotely Brick a Server (Bricking A Server) Dark Reading 12/20/2018 61
Operations Business Technology: 4 Threats to Watch Out For (Future Threats) Business 2 Community 12/20/2018 61
Cloud Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (Serverless Pitfalls, White Paper) UC Berkeley 12/20/2018 61
Data Sensored to Death: How Machine Learning In the Cloud Will Destroy All Privacy (The Death of Privacy, IoT, Cloud) ZDnet 12/19/2018 62
Management 'A Very, Very Bad Thing': This Is What a No-Deal Brexit Means for Tech Companies And Jobs (No-Deal Brexit) ZDnet 12/19/2018 62
Security Why 2019 will Introduce Stricter Privacy Regulation (Stricter Privacy In 2019) TechRepublic 12/19/2018 62
Connectivity Two-Thirds of Organizations Plan to Launch 5G by 2020 (66% Launching 5G By 2020) TechRepublic 12/19/2018 62
Technology The Year in IT: Technologies that Shaped 2018 (2018 Centerstage Tech) TechRepublic 12/19/2018 62
Cloud Rethinking Disaster Recovery for the Cloud (Rethinking DR) Networks Asia 12/19/2018 62
Cloud Key Enterprise Cloud Trends for 2019 (2019 Enterprise Trends) Networks Asia 12/19/2018 62
Data Consolidating Data Silos: What Enterprises Need to Know to Harmonize Data (Data Silo Consolidation) Information Management 12/19/2018 62
Compliance Best Practices to Prepare for New Data U.S. Protection Regulations (Prepare For New Data Regulations, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, CCPA) Information Management 12/19/2018 62
Cloud 5 Top Cloud Computing Myths Debunked (Debunking The Myths) Information Management 12/19/2018 62
Devops Risk Based Access Control and the Role of Continuous Authentication (Continuous Authentication, DevOps) ToolBox 12/19/2018 62
Data How to Build And Run a Successful Data Team (Build A Successful Team) GCN 12/19/2018 62
Operations We Asked, You Answered: The Truth About Software Reliability (Software Reliability) The Register 12/18/2018 63
Technology 5 Biggest IoT Security Failures Of 2018 (IoT Security Failures Of 2018) TechRepublic 12/18/2018 63
Security How A Personality Trait Puts You at Risk for Cybercrime (Personality Trait and Cybercrime) Science Daily 12/18/2018 63
Storage Data Storage Using Individual Molecules (Individual Molecules) Science Daily 12/18/2018 63
Security Hiding Images and Information in Plain Sight (Encryption In Plain Sight) Science Daily 12/18/2018 63
Data How Big Data Analytics will Transform UC Migrations (UC Migrations Transformed By Analytics, ETL UCaaS) No Jitter 12/18/2018 63
Connectivity SD-WAN Can Reduce WAN Costs by Half (Reduce WAN Costs by Half With SD-WAN) No Jitter 12/18/2018 63
Security Test-Drive Your Security Approach (Test-Drive Your Approach) Networks Asia 12/18/2018 63
Connectivity VPN: An Essential Tool in Your Security Toolbox (Essential Tool - VPN) Business 2 Community 12/18/2018 63
Technology How Wireless Recharging Works -- and Doesn’t, Yet (Wireless Recharging...Sorta) GCN 12/18/2018 63
Technology Why Email Phishing Persists (Phishing Here to Stay) GCN 12/18/2018 63
Connectivity If Most Punters Are Unlikely to Pay More for 5G, Why All the Rush? (2022 For 5G) The Register 12/17/2018 64
Storage The Future is Bright, The Future is NVMe (The Future is NVMe) The Register 12/17/2018 64
Data Top 5 Questions for Data Scientists (Data Scientists Questions) TechRepublic 12/17/2018 64
Security The Rise of EDR and MDR and What They Mean for Security Teams (The Rise of EDR and MDR) Networks Asia 12/17/2018 64
Security Browser Is the New Endpoint (A New Endpoint: The Browser) Networks Asia 12/17/2018 64
Data Are You Protecting Your Data from Human Error? (Protection From Human Error) Networks Asia 12/17/2018 64
Compliance Why Data Privacy Professionals Need a New Approach to Compliance (New Approach Needed, GDPR, PIA/DPIA) Information Management 12/17/2018 64
Connectivity What’s the Difference Between 5G and 5GHz Wi-Fi? (5G and 5GHz Wi-Fi Difference) How To Geek 12/17/2018 64
Security Cryptojacking: The Hot New Type of Attack on Data Centers (Cryptojacking) Data Center Knowledge 12/17/2018 64
Security 2019 Attacker Playbook (Attacker Playbook 2019) Dark Reading 12/17/2018 64
Bit bucket Is Your Boss Spying on You? (Employee Monitoring) Business 2 Community 12/17/2018 64
Devops DevOps Is Causing Chaos for Enterprises (Causing Problems) SD Times 12/17/2018 64
Operations The Complete Guide To: Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Hyperconverged Infrastructure Guide, White Paper) IDG 12/17/2018 64
Cloud Chaos Engineering Aims to Avert Disasters (Availability Thru Chaos Engineering) ToolBox 12/17/2018 64
Operations The Staying Power of Mainframes (Mainframes Here To Stay) GCN 12/17/2018 64
Cloud Principles of Chaos Engineering (Chaos Engineering Principles0 PRINCIPLES OF CHAOS ENGINEERING 12/17/2018 64
Cloud 6 Cloud Security Predictions for 2019 (2019 Predictions) Dark Reading 12/16/2018 65
Security 6 CISO Resolutions for 2019 (2019 CISO Resolutions) Dark Reading 12/16/2018 65
Management Save the Children Foundation Duped By Hackers into Paying Out $1 Million (BEC Scam) ZDnet 12/15/2018 66
Security How The Industry Expects to Secure Information In a Quantum World (Quantum Encryption, Quantum Computer) ZDnet 12/15/2018 66
Security How One Hacked Laptop Led To An Entire Network Being Compromised (One Hack Brings Disaster) ZDnet 12/15/2018 66
Technology 2018 Technology Trends That Will Matter a Decade from Now (Today's Tech That Will Matter in 10 Years, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Quantum Computing, Digital Transformation) ZDnet 12/15/2018 66
Security The Biggest Phishing Attacks of 2018 and How Companies Can Prevent It in 2019 (Phishing Prevention Tips) TechRepublic 12/15/2018 66
Data How Technology Might Solve our Impending Food Crisis (Technology and Food) TechRepublic 12/15/2018 66
Management 4 Ways Leaders Destroy Team Morale (Morale Busters) TechRepublic 12/15/2018 66
Security 15 Skills You Need to Be a Whitehat Hacker And Make Up to $145K Per Year (Whitehat Hacker Skills) TechRepublic 12/15/2018 66
Data 10 Skills Employers Need In a Data Scientist (Data Scientist Skills) TechRepublic 12/15/2018 66
Bit bucket What Tech Mega Hubs Will Do to East Coast Cities (Mega Hub Issues) InformationWeek 12/15/2018 66
Management Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2019 (Top 10 Predictions 2019) InformationWeek 12/15/2018 66
Management Capital One CIO: We're a Software Company (Becoming A Software Company) InformationWeek 12/15/2018 66
Data 5 Machine Learning Resolutions for 2019 (Machine Learning Considerations) InformationWeek 12/15/2018 66
Data 6 AI Predictions for 2019 (2019 Artificial Intelligence Predictions) Digital Insurance 12/15/2018 66
Security Despite Breaches, Many Organizations Struggle to Quantify Cyber-Risks to Business (Quantifying Risk) Dark Reading 12/15/2018 66
Security Cybercrime Is World's Biggest Criminal Growth Industry ($3 Trillion in 3 Years) Dark Reading 12/15/2018 66
Security Who Are You, Really? A Peek at the Future of Identity (Future of Identity Management) Dark Reading 12/15/2018 66
Technology The State Of Email Security (Email Security, White Paper) Mimecast Limited 12/14/2018 67
Cloud Strategically Achieving Multicloud Success (Multicloud Success Strategy, White Paper) F5/IBM 12/14/2018 67
Cloud Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations (Security Recommendations, White Paper) Palo Alto Networks 12/14/2018 67
Connectivity 6 Things You Should Know About 802.11ax (802.11ax Insight, W-Fi) NetworkComputing 12/13/2018 68
Technology How SDN and Blockchain can help with IoT Privacy and Security? (IoT better With SDN & Blockchain NetworkComputing 12/13/2018 68
Connectivity Big Market for Smart Speakers, other Predictions About 5G, And. . . Radio? (5G Coming with Complications) MediaPost 12/13/2018 68
Security 4 Lessons Die Hard Teaches About Combating Cyber Villains (Lessons From the Movie Die Hard) Dark Reading 12/13/2018 68
Security Worst Password Blunders of 2018 Hit Organizations East and West (Unbelievable Password Blunders) Dark Reading 12/13/2018 68
Devops Forget Shifting Security Left; It's Time to Race Left (DevOps Shift Left) Dark Reading 12/13/2018 68
Operations 36% of Workers Would Rather Go to the DMV than Troubleshoot an IT Issue (DMV or Troubleshoot) TechRepublic 12/11/2018 70
Technology What can we expect from technology in 2019? (2019 Expectations) Networks Asia 12/11/2018 70
Cloud Key Considerations When Migrating Workloads to the Public Cloud (Migrating To The Public Cloud, White Paper) Insight 12/11/2018 70
Data How to Get Beyond AI Myths (Beyond AI Myths, Artificial Intelligence) Washington Technology 12/11/2018 70
Data How to Get Beyond AI Myths (Beyond AI Myths, Artificial Intelligence) GCN 12/11/2018 70
Security US Senate Computers will Use Disk Encryption (Disk Encryption for US Senate) ZDnet 12/03/2018 78
Technology A New Light on Significantly Faster Computer Memory Devices (Faster Computer Memory Devices) Science Daily 12/03/2018 78
Management End Users Are Winning the Shadow IT War (End Users Winning Shadow War) InformationWeek 12/03/2018 78
Connectivity HTTPS Is Almost Everywhere. So Why Isn’t the Internet Secure Now? (Why HTTPS Does Not Mean Secure) How To Geek 12/03/2018 78
Management Your People Problem With Emerging Technology and Innovation (People Problems and Technology) Digital Insurance 12/03/2018 78
Data The Complete Guide To: Data Science (Data Science Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 12/03/2018 78
Technology IoT and the Security Challenges That Tech Companies Face (IoT Security Challenges) TechRepublic 11/30/2018 81
Security How To Protect Your Business from Botnets: 6 Strategies (Botnet Protection Strategies) TechRepublic 11/30/2018 81
Management How Cyber-Attacks Will Change the Face of Company Boards (Cyber Attacks Changing Boards Of Directors) Networks Asia 11/30/2018 81
Security The Season of Fraud is Coming. Are You Prepared? (Checklist on How to Deal With Holiday Fraud) Business 2 Community 11/30/2018 81
Operations What Serverless Is and What it Means for You = Part 2: Challenges and Considerations for Choosing the Right Serverless Solution (Choosing the Right Serverless Solution) Business 2 Community 11/30/2018 81
Data Data Science for Marketers (Part 2): Descriptive v Diagnostic Analytics (Descriptive v Diagnostic Marketing Analytics) Business 2 Community 11/30/2018 81
Connectivity 10 Tips for Diagnosing Slow Applications (Fixing Slow Applications) No Jitter 11/29/2018 82
Connectivity Higher Speed Ethernet Requirements Continue to Grow (Higher Speed Ethernet Growing) NetworkComputing 11/29/2018 82
Connectivity Preparing for 5G's Biggest Security Challenges (5G's Security Challenges) NetworkComputing 11/29/2018 82
Security Encrypted Traffic Reaches a New Threshold (Encrypted Traffic Breaking Point, Encryption) NetworkComputing 11/29/2018 82
Data Three Steps Toward Stronger Data Protection (Stronger Data Protection) Information Management 11/29/2018 82
Security Last Quarter Saw 137M Phishing Attacks, Up Nearly 30 Percent (Phishing Up 30% To 137MM/Qtr) Information Management 11/29/2018 82
Security Is Security the Real Stuff of Nightmares? (CISOs Manage Constant Risk) HelpNet Security 11/29/2018 82
Operations Blind Spots and How to See Them: Observability in a Serverless Environment (Observability in a Serverless Environment, FaaS, DevOps, VPC) HelpNet Security 11/29/2018 82
Data Incorrect Assessments of Data Value Putting Organizations at Risk (Incorrect Data Value Assessments) Dark Reading 11/29/2018 82
Security The "Typical" Security Engineer: Hiring Myths & Stereotypes (Security Engineer: Hiring Myths) Dark Reading 11/29/2018 82
Management 7 Trends Driving Enterprise IT Transformation in 2019 (2019 Trends) ciol 11/29/2018 82
Operations What Serverless is and What it Means for You - Part 1 (What Is Serverless Computing) Business 2 Community 11/29/2018 82
Technology 5 Ways to Help Robots Work Together with People (Robots Working With People) GCN 11/29/2018 82
Compliance Domain Name 'Admin' Role Eyed Up as Latest Victim in Whois System's GDPRrmeggdon (GDPRrmeggdon) The Register 11/28/2018 83
Data How Better Standards can Decrease Data Security Spending Needs (Better Standards Reduce Costs, FedRAMP) Information Management 11/28/2018 83
Connectivity Why You Shouldn't Trust Free VPNs (Don't Trust Free VPNs) How To Geek 11/28/2018 83
Compliance Why Compliance is Never Enough (Never Enough) HelpNet Security 11/28/2018 83
Security Take Cybersecurity Into Your Own Hands: Don't Rely on Tech Giants (Don't Put Your Security Into Someone Else's Hands) HelpNet Security 11/28/2018 83
Security Cybersecurity 2019: Predictions You Can't Ignore (Predictions You Can't Ignore) HelpNet Security 11/28/2018 83
Operations Lessons From This Year's Data Center Outages: Focus On the Fundamentals (Outage Fundamentals) Data Center Knowledge 11/28/2018 83
Security Who's the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain? (Weakest Link: Third Parties) Dark Reading 11/28/2018 83
Security 8 Tips for Preventing Credential Theft Attacks on Critical Infrastructure (Preventing Credential Theft Attacks) Dark Reading 11/28/2018 83
Data Data Science for Marketers (Part 1): Getting Your Data Ready (Getting Your Data Marketing Ready) Business 2 Community 11/28/2018 83
Cloud Options for Dedicated Cloud Interconnects and Their Benefits (Options for Dedicated Interconnects) Search Networking 11/28/2018 83
Technology Using Blockchain to Support Trustworthy Transactions on the IoT (Blockchain and IoT Trustworthiness) InformationWeek 11/28/2018 83
Security Blockchain Applications for Identity Verification (Blockchain for Identity Verification, White Paper) Evident 11/28/2018 83
Technology Racing Electrons Under Control (Computing At Petahertz Frequencies) Science Daily 11/27/2018 84
Technology Quantum Computing at Scale: Scientists Achieve Compact, Sensitive Qubit Readout (Sensitive Qubit Readout) Science Daily 11/27/2018 84
Data Mass Data Fragmentation Requires a Storage Rethink (Data Fragmentation) Network World 11/27/2018 84
Security The World of Wirearchy: The Future of Security Operation Centres (Wirearchy: The Future of SOCs) Networks Asia 11/27/2018 84
Security Transforming into a CISO Security Leader (Becoming a CISO, Leadership) Dark Reading 11/27/2018 84
Compliance Learning from a $150 Billion Compliance Failure ($150 Billion Compliance Failure) Security Today 11/27/2018 84
Cloud 7 Factors to Consider When Designing a Cloud Migration Plan (Migration Factors) TechRepublic 11/27/2018 84
Technology Building The Tricorder: The Race To Create A Real-Life Star Trek Medical Scanner (Building A Real-Life Tricorder ZDnet 11/26/2018 85
Connectivity Mobile Networks are Killing Wi-Fi for Speed Around the World (Mobile Killing Wi-Fi) The Register 11/26/2018 85
Connectivity A 5G Day May Come When the Courage of Cable and DSL Fails ... But it Is Not This Day (Cable & DSL Face 5G, 5G FWA) The Register 11/26/2018 85
Security Why Military Veterans Might Be Key to Closing the Cybersecurity Jobs Gap (Hire Military Cyber Professionals) TechRepublic 11/26/2018 85
Operations 8 Strategies To Keep Legacy Systems Running (Keep Legacy Systems Running) TechRepublic 11/26/2018 85
Data 6 Ways To Include Dark Data In Analytic Strategies (Using Dark Data) TechRepublic 11/26/2018 85
Technology How to Tell Which IoT Predictions to Pay Attention to (Real Or Fake IoT Predictions, IIoT) Network World 11/26/2018 85
Data Meeting the Intelligent Data Management Needs of 2019 (Data Management In 2019) Networks Asia 11/26/2018 85
Cloud Why Banking Industry Cloud Strategies Lag Behind (Banking Industry Lags Behind) InformationWeek 11/26/2018 85
Security Fundamental Concepts of Cyber Resilience: Introduction and Overview (Fundamentals of Cyber Resistance, White Paper) R&D Center 11/26/2018 85
Security Edge Computing Security Dos and Don'ts (Edge Dos and Don'ts) NetworkComputing 11/24/2018 87
Technology 6 Mobile Security Threats You Should Take Seriously in 2019 (2019 Mobile Threats) Networks Asia 11/23/2018 88
Management Decision Making During Crises And How To Avoid Groupthink (Avoid Groupthink During A Crisis) Continuity Central 11/23/2018 88
Data Gone Phishing: Everything You Need to Know About the Ever Present Threat to Your Data (Ever Present Threat) Business 2 Community 11/23/2018 88
Cloud Closing the Cloud Security Business Gap (Mitigate Data Threats, White Paper) SalesForce 11/23/2018 88
Technology Real Talk: You're Gonna Have to Get Real About Real-Time Analytics If You Wanna Make IoT Work (Making IoT Work) The Register 11/22/2018 89
Connectivity Net Neutrality Is Heading To the Courts (Again): So Will the Current Rules Stand or Be Overturned (Again)? (Net Neutrality Round Three) The Register 11/22/2018 89
Data What is Catastrophic Forgetting and How Does it Affect AI Development? (Catastrophic Forgetting, Artificial Intelligence) TechWorld 11/22/2018 89
Data 5 Trends To Expect For Artificial Intelligence In 2019 (AI Trends in 2019) Digital Insurance 11/22/2018 89
Security How to Stay Safe in a World Where Phishing is More Sophisticated Than Ever (Stay Safe from Phishing) Business 2 Community 11/22/2018 89
Security 3 Steps That Will Lower Your Cybersecurity Risk (Steps to Lower Risk) Business 2 Community 11/22/2018 89
Operations Data Center Power Distribution and Capacity Planning (Understanding Power, White paper) Raritan 11/22/2018 89
Data How Big Data Is Helping To Power Mercedes To F1 Glory (Mercedes + Big Data = F1 Victory) ZDnet 11/21/2018 90
Bit bucket Photos: 25 Bad Tech Gifts to Avoid Giving this Holiday Season (Really Bad Tech Gifts) TechRepublic 11/21/2018 90
Connectivity How 5G Technology will Change Data Centers (5G Impact) TechRepublic 11/21/2018 90
Security 85% of Enterprises Allow Employees to Access Data From Personal Devices, Security Risks Abound (Bad Idea -Employees Accessing Data From Personal Devices) TechRepublic 11/21/2018 90
Data Inside the Chief Data Privacy Officer Role with Barbara Lawler (Data Privacy Officer Role) Information Management 11/21/2018 90
Cloud Why a Multi-Cloud Strategy Is Critical for Enterprise Data Protection (Multi-Cloud Strategy Is Essential) Data Center Knowledge 11/21/2018 90
Management Consumers are Forgiving After a Data Breach, but Companies Need to Respond Well (Consumers Forgive After a Breach; Provided....) Dark Reading 11/21/2018 90
Security What We Can Learn from the Recent Singapore Data Breach (Singapore Data Breach Lessons) Networks Asia 11/20/2018 91
Connectivity Why SDN and IBN Demand Better Network Visibility (Better Visibility for SDN & IBN) NetworkComputing 11/20/2018 91
Storage How Do SSDs Work? (Inside SSDs) ExtremeTech 11/20/2018 91
Security Securities Markets at High Risk of Cyberattack (Highest Risk of Attack) Dark Reading 11/20/2018 91
Security 9 Traits of a Strong InfoSec Resume (Elements of a Strong InfoSec Resume) Dark Reading 11/20/2018 91
Security Can a New Standard Prevent An Encryption Meltdown. (Could Quantum Prevent An Encryption Meltdown) GCN 11/20/2018 91
Management Be Accessible, Not Open-Door (Accessible Not Open-Door) Project Management Advisor 11/20/2018 91
Security A Little Phishing Knowledge May Be a Dangerous Thing (Phishing Is Really Dangerous And Effective) The Register 11/19/2018 92
Technology Securing the IoT Has Become Business-Critical (Business Critical: IoT Security) Network World 11/19/2018 92
Cloud Gotcha Pricing from the Cloud Pushes Workloads Back on Premises (It's Not Cheaper) Network World 11/19/2018 92
Data Tips for Protecting Your Data When Losing an Employee (Protect Your Data When Losing An Employee) Information Management 11/19/2018 92
Technology What Is Augmented Reality, Anyway? (Long Way To Go for Augmented Reality) GCN 11/19/2018 92
Security How to Prepare for Your Next Security Breach (Prepare Now For The Next Breach) PC Magazine 11/18/2018 93
Data Building An Artificial General Intelligence Begins by Asking 'What is Intelligence?' (What is Artificial Intelligence) Information Management 11/18/2018 93
Security Would You Know if You've Been Breached? (Have You Been Breached, White Paper) thycotic 11/18/2018 93
Data Discriminate for Fairness (Fairness) DeadSalmonData 11/18/2018 93
Technology The Impact of Popular IoT Devices on Our Lives (IoT's Impact) Read IT Quick 11/17/2018 94
Technology 7 Questions Boards Need to Ask About Artificial Intelligence (Questions the Board Must Ask About AI) Information Management 11/17/2018 94
Security 95% of Organizations Have Cultural Issues Around Cybersecurity (Embedding Cybersecurity into the Organization) Dark Reading 11/17/2018 94
Cloud 10 Challenges in Taking off on a Bold Multi-Cloud Strategy (Multi-Cloud Strategy Challenges) ciol 11/17/2018 94
Security Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Common Sense (Common Sense) Business 2 Community 11/17/2018 94
Operations Bridging the Divide between Software Developers and Operators using Logs (White Pape) Queen’s University, Canada 11/17/2018 94
Bit bucket 31 Books Every Techie Should Read (Must Reads for Techies) TechRepublic 11/16/2018 95
Cloud The Top 5 Myths about Cloud-Based Security (Cloud Security Myths) TechRepublic 11/16/2018 95
Connectivity SD-WAN Puts Traditional Routers on Notice (SD-WAN Is Arriving, Routers, MPLS) Network World 11/16/2018 95
Cloud Cloud Security: The Essential Checklist (Essential Security Checklist, IAM, LDAP) InfoWorld 11/16/2018 95
Storage Performance Benefits of NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe vs Fibre, White Paper) Demartek 11/16/2018 95
Technology How to Choose a Safer Analytics SDK for Your Mobile App (Safer Analytics SDK) Business 2 Community 11/16/2018 95
Connectivity OM5 and OM4+ Fiber (OM5 vs OM4+ fiber , White Paper) Commscope 11/16/2018 95
Security AI and Cybersecurity for Dummies (Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity For Dummies, White Paper) IBM 11/16/2018 95
Operations Six Critical Systems, Four Months To Brexit - And No Completed Testing (Brexit: Four Months Not Looking Good) The Register 11/15/2018 96
Technology How to Improve Enterprise IoT Security: 5 Tips (5 Tips for IoT Security) TechRepublic 11/15/2018 96
Connectivity 5G Mobile Networks: A Cheat Sheet (5G Cheat Sheet, eMBB, URLCC, mMTC) TechRepublic 11/15/2018 96
Connectivity Performance Testing: WinPcap versus Npcap (WinPcap vs Npcap, Wireshark) NetworkComputing 11/15/2018 96
Connectivity 5 Tips to Harden Network Security in a Connected Enterprise (Harden Security, IoT, Zero Trust) NetworkComputing 11/15/2018 96
Data Employees Aren't Taking The Proper Steps To Keep Information Safe While Traveling (Safe While Traveling) HelpNet Security 11/15/2018 96
Security What's Keeping Europe's Top Infosec Pros Awake at Night? (Keeping Europe Awake At Night, GDPR) HelpNet Security 11/15/2018 96
Compliance Practical Guidance for Complying with Canada's New Privacy Breach Rules (Complying with Canada's PIPEDA) Data Center Dynamics 11/15/2018 96
Security To Click or Not to Click: The Answer Is Easy (Spearphishing Works) Dark Reading 11/15/2018 96
Devops Security Teams Struggle with Container Security Strategy (Strategy for Container Security) Dark Reading 11/15/2018 96
Security Understanding Evil Twin AP Attacks and How to Prevent Them (Evil Twin AP Attacks, MitM, 802.11b, SSID) Dark Reading 11/15/2018 96
Security Why Cryptojacking Malware Is a Bigger Threat to Your PC Than You Realize (Huge Threat: Cryptojacking Malware) ZDnet 11/14/2018 97
Management CEOs are the Least Tech-Savvy Executives, Harming Enterprise Digital Transformation (Least Tech-Savvy Executives) TechRepublic 11/14/2018 97
Bit bucket 10 Signs You May Not Be Cut Out for IT (Decide if IT Is Your Career) TechRepublic 11/14/2018 97
Security Don't Underestimate the Power of Privilege (Danger From Privileged Accounts) SC Magazine 11/14/2018 97
Security RIP, 'IT Security' (Making Sense) Dark Reading 11/14/2018 97
Data Who is Your Data Expert? (Expert For Data) Business 2 Community 11/14/2018 97
Devops DevOps Done Right (Barriers To Success, White Paper) New Relic 11/14/2018 97
Cloud An Introduction To the New IT Approach Called Hybrid IT (Hybrid Introduction, White Paper) WEI 11/14/2018 97
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