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Dec 11, 2018

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Category Articles From 2014 Source Posted Date Age
Data Ten Huge Multi-Tenant Data Centers that Came Online in 2014 Data Center Knowledge 12/31/2014 1441
Bit bucket 3D Printing Medical Breakthroughs -- Including Dog Legs ComputerWorld 12/31/2014 1441
Security How Sony Used Old Tech to Function After Hack CIO Today 12/31/2014 1441
Security The Biggest Security Stories of 2014 Security InfoWatch 12/30/2014 1442
Management 5 Hyperscale Lessons for Mainstream Datacenters InformationWeek 12/30/2014 1442
Bit bucket Reclaim Your Schedule in 2015: 7 Tips InformationWeek 12/30/2014 1442
Technology IoT Market Growing Amid Privacy Concerns CIO Today 12/30/2014 1442
Connectivity Internet of Things Growing Despite Security Concerns CIO Today 12/30/2014 1442
Security 8 Tips to Improve Cyber Security In the New Year Network World 12/29/2014 1443
Cloud Retailer Takes Control of Its Cloud IT World 12/29/2014 1443
Data Big Data Industry Predictions 2015 Insurance Networking 12/29/2014 1443
Management New Data, Same Old Dumb Bosses: 3 Lessons InformationWeek 12/29/2014 1443
Cloud 9 Cloud Trends For 2015 InformationWeek 12/29/2014 1443
Bit bucket Mainframe Futures: Reading the Tea Leaves Information Management 12/29/2014 1443
Bit bucket A 2014 Lookback: Predictions vs. Reality Dark Reading 12/29/2014 1443
Security The Separation of Information Security & IT Bank Systems & Technology 12/29/2014 1443
Management 25 Must-Reads for IT Leaders in 2015 Insurance Networking 12/27/2014 1445
Technology 12 Life-Changing Social Media Resolutions ComputerWorld 12/27/2014 1445
Data The World's Biggest Data Breaches, in One Interactive Chart IT World 12/26/2014 1446
Connectivity The Internet of Things, Explained IT World 12/26/2014 1446
Data How to Recruit, Retain Analytics Talent Insurance Networking 12/26/2014 1446
Connectivity Top 10 Social Network Blunders of 2014 InformationWeek 12/26/2014 1446
Cloud Planning for the Future: Enterprise Cloud Trends in 2015 Data Center Knowledge 12/26/2014 1446
Bit bucket Top 10 Tech Conspiracy Theories of All Time ComputerWorld 12/25/2014 1447
Bit bucket Bloopers, Breakdowns, and Bad Jobs: The IT Chronicles InfoWorld 12/24/2014 1448
Data The Future of Data Scientists Information Management 12/24/2014 1448
Bit bucket Why Digital Forensics in Incident Response Matter More Now Dark Reading 12/24/2014 1448
Cloud The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages of 2014 CRN 12/24/2014 1448
Technology Court Reaffirms: Think Before you Email ComputerWorld 12/24/2014 1448
Technology Coke Cuts Voicemail: Sign of the Times, or Mistake? No Jitter 12/23/2014 1449
Administration Scaling Servers: A Cost Breakdown NetworkComputing 12/23/2014 1449
Bit bucket Computer Vision Finally Matches Primates' Ability IT World 12/23/2014 1449
Security 4 positive predictions for security in 2015 InfoWorld 12/23/2014 1449
Data Sports Analytics: The Extra Man Information Management 12/23/2014 1449
Technology Speech Recognition Technology Better than Human's Exists Information Management 12/23/2014 1449
Security What the Sony Breach Means for Security In 2015 CSO Online 12/23/2014 1449
Compliance The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2014 CRN 12/23/2014 1449
Bit bucket Are Personality Assessments Effective Hiring Tools? Network World 12/22/2014 1450
Management 5 Lessons To Help Security Pros Craft a New Year's Resolution Network World 12/22/2014 1450
Bit bucket 2015's Most Ridiculous Tech Predictions NetworkComputing 12/22/2014 1450
Data 5 Big Data Technology Predictions for 2015 CIO 12/22/2014 1450
Management 3 Reasons Why Company Leaders Should be Worried About Mobile Surveillance Business 2 Community 12/20/2014 1452
Security What We Know about North Korea's Cyberarmy Network World 12/19/2014 1453
Bit bucket 10 Predictions for IT in 2015 Network World 12/19/2014 1453
Bit bucket 10 IT Roles to Target when Poaching Talent Network World 12/19/2014 1453
Technology It's Okay to Take a Breather from the Technology Maelstrom Insurance Networking 12/19/2014 1453
Connectivity 6 Aging Protocols That Could Cripple the Internet Network World 12/18/2014 1454
Bit bucket Only 1% of Consumers Feel Safe Using Mobile Paymets HelpNet Security 12/18/2014 1454
Data 8 Hadoop Big Data Predictions for 2015 Information Management 12/18/2014 1454
Bit bucket 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Running Your SOC Dark Reading 12/18/2014 1454
Bit bucket Driver's License App on a Smartphone Raises Privacy Issues ComputerWorld 12/18/2014 1454
Bit bucket Getting Real about Information Governance ComputerWorld 12/18/2014 1454
Cloud 5 Warnings about Jurisdiction and Cloud Storage Business Solutions 12/18/2014 1454
Data 6 Essential Steps to Managed Backup Success Business Solutions 12/18/2014 1454
Data Sponsored Link - Superfast 60 Minute Data Center Service Delivery in Europe DEAC 12/17/2014 1455
Connectivity Sponsored Link - DEAC Superfast Data Center Services Maximize One of the Fastest Internet Connections in the World DEAC 12/17/2014 1455
Security 10 routes to IT job security TechRepublic 12/17/2014 1455
Bit bucket Did Alcatraz Escapees Survive? Computer Program Says they Might Have Network World 12/17/2014 1455
Bit bucket 16 of the Hottest IT Skills for 2015 CIO 12/17/2014 1455
Cloud Signs the Cloud Isn't Right for Your Business Business 2 Community 12/17/2014 1455
Data Big Data: Do You Have a Plan? Business 2 Community 12/17/2014 1455
Management Five Ways to Get Your IT Project Signed Off ZDnet 12/16/2014 1456
Bit bucket What Do Workers Everywhere Want Most? To Be Valued and Appreciated TLNT 12/16/2014 1456
Data Lessons Learned from Data Breaches Risk Management Monitor 12/16/2014 1456
Data How Predictive Analytics can Help Set Perfect Hotel Room Prices Network World 12/16/2014 1456
Bit bucket How Colleges are Failing Their Students Network World 12/16/2014 1456
Data 7 Devices that Make Your Data Vulnerable Network World 12/16/2014 1456
Bit bucket 1 In 5 Employees Going Rogue with Corporate Data HelpNet Security 12/16/2014 1456
Data The Theory of Data Trust Relativity Information Management 12/16/2014 1456
Security 10 Changes You Can Make to Achieve Security Serenity Now! CSO Online 12/16/2014 1456
Security Top 10 Security Risks of 2014 CRN 12/16/2014 1456
Technology Quantum Physics Used In Quest for Fraud-Proof Credit Cards ComputerWorld 12/16/2014 1456
Security Move Security from IT Up to Boardroom ComputerWeekly 12/16/2014 1456
Management How CIOs Can Prepare for Healthcare 'Data Tsunami' CIO 12/16/2014 1456
Administration Sponsored Link - Hot 12/Deal! Achieve Business Reliability Through Powerful Server Rental in European Data Centers DEAC 12/15/2014 1457
Management Drone Management: The Next Frontier Network World 12/15/2014 1457
Cloud Do You Know the Laws that Govern Personal Information In the Cloud? IT World 12/15/2014 1457
Bit bucket 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself Global Knowledge 12/15/2014 1457
Bit bucket Predictions for 2015 CSO Online 12/15/2014 1457
Bit bucket Q&A: How U.S. Companies can Overcome European Regulatory Hurdles CRN 12/15/2014 1457
Security Despite the Hype 'Encrypted' Does Not Equal 'Safe' Continuity Central 12/15/2014 1457
Security Blind Faith in Security Standards could Create Cyber Vulnerabilities Continuity Central 12/15/2014 1457
Security You Can't Always Stop a Breach: But You Should Always be Able to Spot One Continuity Central 12/15/2014 1457
Security Holding Masses of Data, Cybercriminals Face Hurdles Cashing Out ComputerWorld 12/15/2014 1457
Cloud Do You Know the Laws That Govern Personal Information In the Cloud? ComputerWorld 12/15/2014 1457
Bit bucket A Terabyte on a Postage Stamp: RRAM Heads into Commercialization ComputerWorld 12/15/2014 1457
Bit bucket Want to Stay Anonymous? Don't Wear a Camera CIO 12/15/2014 1457
Data How to Crash the Data Center with One Word InfoWorld 12/13/2014 1459
Bit bucket How to Configure a Golden Triangle TechRepublic 12/12/2014 1460
Bit bucket 9 Reasons Good Employees Leave -- and How You Can Prevent It Network World 12/12/2014 1460
Management The Top 3 Ways Congress could Help Fight Tenacious Cyber Threats IT World 12/12/2014 1460
Security Meet the FBI's Most Wanted Cyber Suspects IT News 12/12/2014 1460
Connectivity How to Bridge and Secure Air Gap Networks CSO Online 12/12/2014 1460
Data If You Build It: The Rise of the Mega Data Center CRN 12/12/2014 1460
Cloud Cloud Is Blurring Boundaries Between IT and Telecom Consultants CRN 12/12/2014 1460
Bit bucket What Effect Do You Have on People? TLNT 12/11/2014 1461
Management CIO: The Flaw in Your IT Strategy IT World Canada 12/11/2014 1461
Security Don't Trust That Lamp! How 12 Common Devices Can now Be Hacked IT World 12/11/2014 1461
Bit bucket Real Innovation, not False Bravado, Disrupts Markets InfoWorld 12/11/2014 1461
Technology Weird Science: The 10 Oddest Tech Stories of 2014 InfoWorld 12/11/2014 1461
Bit bucket How EPM Is Similar to Football Information Management 12/11/2014 1461
Data IT And End Users are Far Apart on Critical Data Access CSO Online 12/11/2014 1461
Management The Biggest Challenges Faced by CIOs/CISOs Heading into 2015 CSO Online 12/11/2014 1461
Cloud Cloud Security Still 'Disruptive' Trend in 2015 CIO Today 12/11/2014 1461
Management 3 Reasons It's Time To Outsource IT Support To A Managed Services Provider Business 2 Community 12/11/2014 1461
Management The Technology Shift of 1914: Lessons We Can Learn 100 Years Later Business 2 Community 12/11/2014 1461
Bit bucket 10 Admin Tasks to Knock Out by the End of the Year TechRepublic 12/10/2014 1462
Connectivity More Education Needed to Realize the Internet of Everything Network World 12/10/2014 1462
Administration Heat Your Home this Winter with... A Cloud Server Network World 12/10/2014 1462
Bit bucket Iowa to Put Driver's Licenses on Mobile Phones Network World 12/10/2014 1462
Management Strategic Architecture vs Quick Project Wins Information Management 12/10/2014 1462
Cloud California CIO Discusses State's Cloud first Policy Government Technology 12/10/2014 1462
Security Why the Board Of Directors (BoD) Will Go Off on Security In 2015 CSO Online 12/10/2014 1462
Bit bucket Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner could Secure Large Venues ComputerWorld 12/10/2014 1462
Management Orion's Lesson for IT: Test Your Systems, Then Test Again (And Again) ComputerWorld 12/10/2014 1462
Security The Human Factor a Key Challenge to Information Security, Say Experts ComputerWeekly 12/10/2014 1462
Data No NAND's Land: Flash Will NOT Take Over the Data Centre The Register 12/09/2014 1463
Bit bucket Father of Video Games Ralph Baer Dead at 92 Network World 12/09/2014 1463
Cloud No, You Can't Buy a Cloud at Best Buy InfoWorld 12/09/2014 1463
Security Security Group Plans for a Future Without Passwords ComputerWorld 12/09/2014 1463
Management Why Blades need Enterprise Management Software The Register 12/08/2014 1464
Management 10 Things End Business Users Should Ask when Making Tech Purchases TechRepublic 12/08/2014 1464
Technology 9 Social Media Trends to Watch In 2015 TechRepublic 12/08/2014 1464
Bit bucket Forgotten Subdomains Boost Risk of Account Hijacking, Other Attacks IT World 12/08/2014 1464
Data Power Company Plugs Data Center Directly into High-Voltage Grid IT World 12/08/2014 1464
Bit bucket Gigabit Speeds Over Telephone Wires Get Closer Thanks to New G.Fast Standard IT World 12/08/2014 1464
Technology Data from Wearable Devices Could Soon Land You in Jail IT World 12/08/2014 1464
Administration Fake Clouds: The Last Gasp of Client-Server InfoWorld 12/08/2014 1464
Administration The Beginning of the End of the Private Mail Server InfoWorld 12/08/2014 1464
Compliance Why You Need to Go Above & Beyond PCI Compliance Bank Systems & Technology 12/08/2014 1464
Storage Grueling Endurance Test Blows Away SSD Durability Fears IT World 12/05/2014 1467
Bit bucket Renewable Energy Trends Highlighted IT Web 12/05/2014 1467
Technology Working Conditions? Amazon's Robots have No Complaints InfoWorld 12/05/2014 1467
Security Should Chief Marketing Officers Be Involved in Security and Privacy Decisions? CSO Online 12/05/2014 1467
Technology Using Social Media to Recruit Better Tech Talent Network World 12/04/2014 1468
Connectivity Full Speed Ahead for 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi Network World 12/04/2014 1468
Cloud Cloud Upstarts: too Cheap to Trust? Network World 12/04/2014 1468
Connectivity Best Practices ln Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) HelpNet Security 12/04/2014 1468
Bit bucket Storm or Spark: Choose Your Real-Time Weapon InfoWorld 12/04/2014 1468
Security Better Phishing Makes Email an Unclosable Hole in Security ComputerWorld 12/04/2014 1468
Bit bucket What Is SDN? The History of All Things SDN Virtualization Practice 12/03/2014 1469
Bit bucket Aussie Telcos Struggling with IPv6 Adoption IT News 12/03/2014 1469
Data Big Data Market Projected to Reach $76 Billion by 2020 Insurance Networking 12/03/2014 1469
Security Why FBI Is Wrong on Encryption Workaround InformationWeek 12/03/2014 1469
Cloud Cloud Storage: 8 Ways You're Wasting Money InformationWeek 12/03/2014 1469
Security Security Executives Reveal Their Holiday Wish Lists CSO Online 12/03/2014 1469
Administration The 10 Coolest Servers of 2014 CRN 12/03/2014 1469
Bit bucket Firms Losing Millions through Avoidable IT Outages v3 co uk 12/02/2014 1470
Bit bucket BYOD is Saving Serious Money for IT Network World 12/02/2014 1470
Management Facebook at Work: The pro and con considerations for CIOs IT World Canada 12/02/2014 1470
Security The Catastrophic State of Security in 2014 InfoWorld 12/02/2014 1470
Bit bucket Home Automation is a Solution In Search of a Problem InfoWorld 12/02/2014 1470
Bit bucket Leveraging the Kill Chain for Awesome Dark Reading 12/02/2014 1470
Security The Breach at Sony Pictures Is No Longer Just an IT Issue CSO Online 12/02/2014 1470
Bit bucket Making a Hash of Passwords ComputerWorld 12/02/2014 1470
Bit bucket IT Resume Makeover: Top 11 Tips from 2014 CIO 12/02/2014 1470
Bit bucket The 10 Biggest Killers of Employee Motivation TLNT 12/01/2014 1471
Bit bucket How to Get the Most Out of Your IT Talent Network World 12/01/2014 1471
Cloud Public Cloud Storage Can Be Efficient, But the Potential Is Still Limited Network World 12/01/2014 1471
Bit bucket SDN Tools Increase WAN Efficiency Network World 12/01/2014 1471
Cloud How to Get More Out of Your Virtualized and Cloud Environments Network World 12/01/2014 1471
Data How UPS Uses Analytics to Drive Down Costs (and No, it Doesn't Call it Big Data) Network World 12/01/2014 1471
Security What to Expect In the Unpredictable World of IT Security? HelpNet Security 12/01/2014 1471
Management Why You Need to Build Career Paths for Nonmanagers IT World 12/01/2014 1471
Connectivity Net Neutrality: Five Myths, and the Real Facts IT World 12/01/2014 1471
Bit bucket There's No Magic in PaaS, Only Trade-Offs InfoWorld 12/01/2014 1471
Bit bucket 9 Key Enterprise Tech Trends for 2015 And Beyond InfoWorld 12/01/2014 1471
Management 13 Insider Tips for Acing Your Job Interview InfoWorld 12/01/2014 1471
Management CIO Checklist: Ready for the Disrupted, Digital World? InformationWeek 12/01/2014 1471
Storage Bank of America Tech Chief Cathy Bessant: What I Believe InformationWeek 12/01/2014 1471
Connectivity Internet-Connected Things will Soon Outnumber People Government Technology 12/01/2014 1471
Bit bucket Eliminating Downtime: Six Key Considerations for Your Hosting Architecture Data Center Knowledge 12/01/2014 1471
Connectivity Internet Encryption As The New Normal Dark Reading 12/01/2014 1471
Security How I Became a CISO: Jonathan Trull, Qualys Dark Reading 12/01/2014 1471
Bit bucket 10 Deadliest Differences of State-Sponsored Attacks CSO Online 12/01/2014 1471
Connectivity 'Time Cloak' Could Revolutionize Fiber Networks ComputerWorld 12/01/2014 1471
Connectivity The 6 Requirements for Data Center Networks Business 2 Community 12/01/2014 1471
Data What Does Big Data Mean for Marketers? Business 2 Community 12/01/2014 1471
Data How to Navigate Big Data In Healthcare ComputerWorld 11/30/2014 1472
Bit bucket Ignoring Software Updates Exposes You Business 2 Community 11/30/2014 1472
Connectivity Internet of Things Will Create Unique Legal Scenarios Firms must Consider Now v3 co uk 11/28/2014 1474
Bit bucket Warning: Chinese E-Cigarettes may Damage Your PC's Health v3 co uk 11/28/2014 1474
Bit bucket The 3 Risks You Face When Employees are Traveling for You TLNT 11/28/2014 1474
Bit bucket Disney Animation Team Pushes Technical Boundaries with Big Hero 6 TechRepublic 11/28/2014 1474
Management 5 Ways PCI Will Be More Security-Conscious In 2015 IT World 11/28/2014 1474
Security 7 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Tighten Cyber Security InfoWorld 11/28/2014 1474
Cloud Sponsored Link - Make Your Life Easier with Fully-Customized DEAC Cloud Configurator - Find Out Your Price Now! DEAC 11/27/2014 1475
Data Sponsored Link - Tailored Solutions by European Data Center Operator DEAC DEAC 11/27/2014 1475
Technology Engineering and Technology Industries Face a Scrap Over Digital Skills v3 co uk 11/27/2014 1475
Bit bucket User Flexibility Without the Risk The Register 11/27/2014 1475
Bit bucket The Intelligent Knife that Helps Surgeons Sniff Out Cancer TechRepublic 11/26/2014 1476
Bit bucket It's Alive! The 3D Printing of Living Tissues TechOnline India 11/26/2014 1476
Connectivity Network Security Must Focus on Incident Response NetworkComputing 11/26/2014 1476
Connectivity Leveraging Network Intelligence and Deep Packet Inspection HelpNet Security 11/26/2014 1476
Management 8 Feel-Good Tales of Life In IT InfoWorld 11/26/2014 1476
Bit bucket Top Reasons for CSOs to Give Thanks CSO Online 11/26/2014 1476
Bit bucket Here's Why Hydrogen-Fueled Cars aren't Little Hindenburgs ComputerWorld 11/26/2014 1476
Connectivity The Internet of Things Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes - Part 2 Business 2 Community 11/26/2014 1476
Data Don't Get Skunked in a Data Breach Business 2 Community 11/26/2014 1476
Management Don't Forget Charisma when Hiring an IT Leader TechRepublic 11/25/2014 1477
Security The Impact of Collaboration in Cyber Risk Insurance Risk Management Monitor 11/25/2014 1477
Data Home Depot Spent $43 Million on Data Breach In Just One Quarter PC World 11/25/2014 1477
Storage NASA Sets huge $5M Cubesat Competition Network World 11/25/2014 1477
Connectivity SDN Networking Followed by SDN Security Network World 11/25/2014 1477
Bit bucket 8 Tools to Manage Holiday Family Stress NetworkComputing 11/25/2014 1477
Security Thinking of Buying a Security Camera? Read this First InfoWorld 11/25/2014 1477
Bit bucket Corporate IT's Darwinian Challenge InformationWeek 11/25/2014 1477
Bit bucket You May Not Know It, but You Used A Supercomputer Today Data Center Knowledge 11/25/2014 1477
Data Context is Next Big Data Challenge Data Center Knowledge 11/25/2014 1477
Data Data Management vs. Data Loss Prevention: Vive La Difference! Dark Reading 11/25/2014 1477
Security 10 Ways Security Gurus Give Thanks Dark Reading 11/25/2014 1477
Storage Want A 100TB Disk Drive? You'll Have To Wait 'Til 2025 ComputerWorld 11/25/2014 1477
Storage NASA Creates First 3D Printed Object in Space ComputerWorld 11/25/2014 1477
Bit bucket Fidelity's Top IT Exec sees Potential In A.I. ComputerWorld 11/25/2014 1477
Management Why CIOs and CMOs Must Run Side by Side CIO 11/25/2014 1477
Security Thwarting Attackers with Threat Intelligence Network World 11/24/2014 1478
Bit bucket 14 Go-To Tools for Mac SysAdmins Network World 11/24/2014 1478
Security ENISA Guidelines on Cryptographic Solutions HelpNet Security 11/24/2014 1478
Security CISO Role is Gaining Traction: Survey IT World Canada 11/24/2014 1478
Connectivity Getting Started with Power-Line Networking IT World 11/24/2014 1478
Connectivity Net Neutrality: Too Much Spin, Not Enough Facts InformationWeek 11/24/2014 1478
Connectivity Network Security Needs Big Data ComputerWorld 11/24/2014 1478
Bit bucket 11 Job Search Mistakes that Can Kill Your Chances CIO 11/24/2014 1478
Management Health IT Success Hinges on CIO-Business Collaboration CIO 11/24/2014 1478
Data The Longer You Delay, the More the Data Decay Business 2 Community 11/23/2014 1479
Management Data Gravity: Charting the Future of Your Organization's Critical Information Business 2 Community 11/23/2014 1479
Technology Forget Your Robot Overlords: Watch Out For Lethal Autonomous Systems That Make Mistakes Network World 11/22/2014 1480
Management Lessons from MBIA: When Breaches Go Viral Risk Management Monitor 11/21/2014 1481
Bit bucket Molecular Flash Memory could Store Massive Data IT World 11/21/2014 1481
Cloud In a Cloud Outage, No One Can Hear You Scream InfoWorld 11/21/2014 1481
Bit bucket 6 Traits That Make a Great IT Candidate InformationWeek 11/21/2014 1481
Bit bucket 10 Holiday Party Attire Atrocities InformationWeek 11/21/2014 1481
Management 3 Lessons Hawaii Learned from Gamifying Government Government Technology 11/21/2014 1481
Management How CSOs Can Help CIOs Talk Security to the Board CIO 11/21/2014 1481
Connectivity The Internet of Things Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes - Part 1 Business 2 Community 11/21/2014 1481
Cloud Buyer Beware: The Cloud Is Not A Magic Button Business 2 Community 11/21/2014 1481
Bit bucket You're doing BYOD Wrong: These Numbers Prove It Wall Street & Technology 11/20/2014 1482
Security NSA Chief Says Cyberattacks on Industrial Systems are His Top Concern Network World 11/20/2014 1482
Bit bucket 4 Ways Your Competitors are Stealing Your IT Talent Network World 11/20/2014 1482
Management Don't Wrap Your Organization too Tight with Metrics Insurance Networking 11/20/2014 1482
Management Bank CEOs Fear Data-Driven Decisions Information Management 11/20/2014 1482
Management Good Leaders Need to Have Good Manners, Too TLNT 11/19/2014 1483
Bit bucket New Cruise Ship a Floating Heaven for Tech Geeks Network World 11/19/2014 1483
Connectivity Net Neutrality: It's Regulation for the Public Good, Not Government Takeover Network World 11/19/2014 1483
Bit bucket RAID Redefined NetworkComputing 11/19/2014 1483
Bit bucket Time to Secure the Web? EFF Says HTTPS Can Soon Be the Norm InfoWorld 11/19/2014 1483
Bit bucket 7 Important Tech Regulatory Issues in 2015 InformationWeek 11/19/2014 1483
Bit bucket Coming by 2023, An Exascale Supercomputer In the U.S. ComputerWorld 11/19/2014 1483
Data Sponsored Link - European Data Center Operator DEAC Launches In US, UK and German Markets DEAC 11/18/2014 1484
Technology Five Big Social Media Red Flags to Avoid From Potential Hires TLNT 11/18/2014 1484
Bit bucket Adapt to the End of 'Imperial IT' or Risk Becoming Irrelevant TechRepublic 11/18/2014 1484
Cloud Cloud Computing's Not-so-Secret Mission Network World 11/18/2014 1484
Technology 11 Top Science & Technology Research Labs NetworkComputing 11/18/2014 1484
Security How to Lose Customers with Excessive Security InfoWorld 11/18/2014 1484
Bit bucket Tech Hygiene: 10 Bad Habits to Break InformationWeek 11/18/2014 1484
Bit bucket Time for Data-Driven Intuition Information Management 11/18/2014 1484
Management What are the Keys to Effective Leadership? Government Technology 11/18/2014 1484
Bit bucket How to Communicate Effectively at Work Forbes 11/18/2014 1484
Security Five Security Developments We can Be Thankful for in 2014 CSO Online 11/18/2014 1484
Management Growing a Business: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble ComputerWorld 11/18/2014 1484
Security Getting Your Board's Buy-In on Cybersecurity ComputerWorld 11/18/2014 1484
Cloud IT Needs to Stop Pretending It's Not Responsible for Cloud Security ComputerWorld 11/18/2014 1484
Management How to Be the CIO of Tomorrow CIO 11/18/2014 1484
Bit bucket The 10 Mightiest Supercomputers on the Planet Network World 11/17/2014 1485
Connectivity Encrypt Everything, Urges Internet Architecture Board Network World 11/17/2014 1485
Data 100 Gbps Headed for the Data Center NetworkComputing 11/17/2014 1485
Bit bucket How 40 Tech Companies Got their Names IT World 11/17/2014 1485
Administration The Seven Flavors of Virtualization Insurance Networking 11/17/2014 1485
Connectivity Net Neutrality Is as Simple as Freedom vs. Monopoly InfoWorld 11/17/2014 1485
Security 10 Security Mistakes that Will get You Fired InfoWorld 11/17/2014 1485
Bit bucket IT's 10 Fastest-Growing Paychecks InformationWeek 11/17/2014 1485
Bit bucket Why We Must Move to IPv6 InformationWeek 11/17/2014 1485
Data Nine Steps to Unlock Big Data's Hidden Value Information Management 11/17/2014 1485
Bit bucket Is Rogue IT Really a Problem? Dark Reading 11/17/2014 1485
Security The Top Infosec Issues of 2014 CSO Online 11/17/2014 1485
Cloud Enterprises Moving Big Data Workloads to Public Cloud ComputerWorld 11/17/2014 1485
Technology Is Enterprise IT a Social Media Leisure Suit? CIO 11/17/2014 1485
Bit bucket Information Overload: Beyond Better Filters Business 2 Community 11/17/2014 1485
Bit bucket Consumers Warming to Alternative Payments Bank Systems & Technology 11/17/2014 1485
Management 7 Enterprise-Grade Gadgets Built for Business Network World 11/15/2014 1487
Management 4 Rounds of Interviews? It Shows how Screwed Up Your Hiring Process Is TLNT 11/14/2014 1488
Connectivity DARPA Wants to Toughen-Up WAN Edge Networking, Security Network World 11/14/2014 1488
Bit bucket 7 Ways IT Can Do a Better Job of Listening To Users InfoWorld 11/14/2014 1488
Security Rethinking Security with a System of 'Checks & Balances' Dark Reading 11/14/2014 1488
Bit bucket After This Judge's Ruling, Do You Finally See Value in Passwords? CSO Online 11/14/2014 1488
Bit bucket Privacy Is the New Killer App ComputerWorld 11/14/2014 1488
Bit bucket Enterprise Hybrid Drives: Who Manages the Flash? NetworkComputing 11/13/2014 1489
Management 8 Lessons from Rosetta Comet Mission InformationWeek 11/13/2014 1489
Cloud Heating Your House with Cloud Computing InformationWeek 11/13/2014 1489
Security The Enemy Who is Us: DoD Puts Contractors on Notice for Insider Threats Dark Reading 11/13/2014 1489
Bit bucket Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 25 Gadgets that Make Great Gifts CRN 11/13/2014 1489
Data Room to Grow: Tips for Data Center Capacity Planning ComputerWorld 11/13/2014 1489
Bit bucket Taking Aim at Passwords Bank Systems & Technology 11/13/2014 1489
Cloud Enterprise Exposure to Cloud Apps Rises, Security Controls Spread Thin Wall Street & Technology 11/12/2014 1490
Bit bucket A Guide to the Top Mobile Payments Options Network World 11/12/2014 1490
Storage Are Converged Systems Right for You? NetworkComputing 11/12/2014 1490
Management What Software Project Managers can Learn from NASA IT World 11/12/2014 1490
Security What Happens When Enterprises Promote Employees with Low Security Iqs? CSO Online 11/12/2014 1490
Bit bucket Control over Personal Info Nearly Dead ComputerWorld 11/12/2014 1490
Data What CIOs Can Learn from the Biggest Data Breaches CIO 11/12/2014 1490
Bit bucket 'Twisted Light' Beamed across Vienna BBC 11/12/2014 1490
Cloud 2014: The Year the Cloud Killed the Datacenter ZDnet 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket Understanding IPv6: Solicited-Node Multicast in Action NetworkComputing 11/11/2014 1491
Compliance IT Compliance Strategies for Mainframe Applications NetworkComputing 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket Only 47% of IT Pros Are Confident in their Hardware Configurations HelpNet Security 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket Vigilance and the Enterprise of Things HelpNet Security 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket Vigilance and the Enterprise of Things (EoT) HelpNet Security 11/11/2014 1491
Compliance 9 Tips for Maintaining PCI Compliance IT World Canada 11/11/2014 1491
Cloud You Should Listen to that Annoying Cloud Skeptic InfoWorld 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket 10 Smart Tech Toys for Kids InformationWeek 11/11/2014 1491
Cloud Salvation Army Finds Refuge, Recovery In The Cloud InformationWeek 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket Are Fingerprints Pins or Physical Artifacts? CSO Online 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket Seagate Preps for 30TB Laser-Assisted Hard Drives ComputerWorld 11/11/2014 1491
Technology Robotic Spiders May Someday Build Satellites in Space ComputerWorld 11/11/2014 1491
Bit bucket Military Vets Excel in IT, Companies Find ComputerWorld 11/11/2014 1491
Compliance Software-Defined Storage: A Reality Check NetworkComputing 11/10/2014 1492
Connectivity Internet of Things to Reach 30 Billion Devices in 2020 HelpNet Security 11/10/2014 1492
Bit bucket A Holistic Approach to Protecting Intellectual Property HelpNet Security 11/10/2014 1492
Security Aligning Risk Analysis and IT Security Spending HelpNet Security 11/10/2014 1492
Security Data Breaches: 8 Tips for Board-Level Discussions InformationWeek 11/10/2014 1492
Data Big Data Survey: Trouble Brewing for IT InformationWeek 11/10/2014 1492
Bit bucket Enter the Digital Risk Officer (DRO) Dark Reading 11/10/2014 1492
Security How I Became a CISO: Jennings Aske, Nuance Communications Dark Reading 11/10/2014 1492
Data Build vs. Buy: What's the Best Solution for My App Analytics? Business 2 Community 11/09/2014 1493
Storage Why Solid-State Disks are Winning The Argument The Register 11/07/2014 1495
Connectivity Proactive Network Management: The Basics NetworkComputing 11/07/2014 1495
Storage Converged Ethernet vs. More Links NetworkComputing 11/07/2014 1495
Data Overcoming Big Data security obstacles HelpNet Security 11/07/2014 1495
Bit bucket IT Talent Shortage: Ugly Truths InformationWeek 11/07/2014 1495
Bit bucket Leveraging Three Tiers of Health Data Information Management 11/07/2014 1495
Connectivity Where do Big Data, Internet of Things Intersect? Information Management 11/07/2014 1495
Cloud 3 IT Practices that Add Risk to Cloud Dark Reading 11/07/2014 1495
Management Answer These 3 Questions If You Want to Get Your Security Projects Funded CSO Online 11/07/2014 1495
Bit bucket Scientists Connect Two Human Brains at Different Locations Business 2 Community 11/07/2014 1495
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