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Mar 24, 2019

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Technology The Enterprise Prepares for IoT (Preparing for IoT) NetworkComputing 03/24/2019 New
Technology Toilet Seat that Detects Congestive Heart Failure Getting Ready to Begin Commercialization (IoT Toilet Seat Monitors Heart Failure) Science Daily 03/21/2019 New
Technology IBM Demos Quantum Leap in Artificial Intelligence (Quantum Leap in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) ComputerWeekly 03/21/2019 New
Technology Success With the IoT Starts With Understanding 'Thing Management' (IoT Starts with 'Thing Management') Information Management 03/20/2019 4
Technology The 8 Biggest IoT Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (IoT Security Mistakes, White Paper) Praetorian 03/20/2019 4
Technology The Race to Exascale: A Story of Superpowers and Supercomputers (Exascale Race Is On) Data Center Dynamics 03/19/2019 5
Technology Reversing the Flow of Time On a Quantum Computer (Reversing Time) Science Daily 03/17/2019 7
Technology One Step Closer to a Clock That Could Replace GPS and Galileo (Portable Atomic Clock for GPS, Laser Cavity Soliton) Science Daily 03/12/2019 12
Technology This Year, Cellular Changes Forever (Cellular Changes Coming) GCN 03/11/2019 13
Technology Putting Qubits to Work and Play (Quantum Computers Explained) TechRepublic 03/09/2019 14
Technology 6 Questions to Ask While Buying a Connected Car (Connected Car Questions) Dark Reading 03/09/2019 14
Technology 1 + 1 Does Not Equal 2 for Graphene-Like 2D Materials (1 + 1 # 2 for Graphene) Science Daily 03/07/2019 16
Technology What is the IIoT? Everything you Need to Know about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT Explained) ZDnet 03/06/2019 17
Technology Google, Microsoft, Amazon Race for Augmented-Reality Glasses (The Race for AR Glasses) ToolBox 03/06/2019 17
Technology Smartphones Replicate 3D Objects for Virtual Reality (3D VR from Smartphone) GCN 03/05/2019 18
Technology Want A Foldable Phone? Hold Out for Real Glass (Needed Glass for Foldable Phone) Wired 03/04/2019 19
Technology 6 Major Challenges Foldable Phones Need to Overcome to Prove They're Not a Fad (Foldable Phone Challenges) Mashable 03/03/2019 20
Technology Moving Closer to Practical Photonic Quantum Computing (One Step Closer to Practical Quantum Computing) Science Daily 03/01/2019 22
Technology Universal Entangler For New Quantum Tech (Quantum Universal Entangler) Science Daily 02/28/2019 23
Technology Immunizing Quantum Computers Against Errors (Immunizing Quantum Computers) Science Daily 02/28/2019 23
Technology Get Ready for USB 3.2: Super-Fast 20Gbps Transfer Speeds But Tons of Confusion (Confusion Surrounds USB3.2, USB3.1, USB3.0, USB-IF, USB Gen 2x2) ZDnet 02/27/2019 24
Technology Most IoT Devices are Being Compromised by Exploiting Rudimentary Vulnerabilities (IoT Compromised by Exploiting Rudimentary Vulnerabilities) HelpNet Security 02/26/2019 25
Technology The Top 10 Alternatives to the Apple Watch (Apple Watch Alternatives) TechRepublic 02/24/2019 27
Technology In The Blink of an Eye: Team Uses Quantum of Light to Create New Quantum Simulator (Using Quantum's Superposition Principle) Science Daily 02/20/2019 31
Technology tor Graphene-Based Electronics (Breakthrough In Graphene-Based Electronics) Science Daily 02/20/2019 31
Technology The Complete Guide to: Drones (Drone Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 02/18/2019 33
Technology Autonomous Cars Are Not Ready for Public Deployment (Autonomous Cars Not Ready, Self Driving Cars) TechRepublic 02/16/2019 35
Technology Questions in Quantum Computing: How to Move Electrons with Light (Moving Electrons With Light) Science Daily 02/13/2019 38
Technology We Spoke To Neuroscientists About the Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces (Brain-Computer Interfaces) TechWorld 02/12/2019 39
Technology Engineers Develop Room Temperature, Two-Dimensional Platform for Quantum Technology (Room Temperature Quantum Technology) Science Daily 02/12/2019 39
Technology IBM's AI Loses Debate to a Human, But It's Got Worlds to Conquer (Artificial Intelligence Debates with Human) cnet 02/12/2019 39
Technology New Phenomenon Discovered That Fixes a Common Problem in Lasers: Wavelength Splitting (Correcting Laser Wavelength Splitting) Science Daily 02/09/2019 42
Technology Top 10 Ways Internet of Things and Blockchain Strengthen Supply Chains (IoT & Blockchain Strengthen Supply Chains) Business 2 Community 02/09/2019 42
Technology 5 Tips for Successful IoT App Development (Successful IoT App Tips) Business 2 Community 02/08/2019 43
Technology Top 5 Ways to Avoid Notification Stress (Avoiding Notification Stress) TechRepublic 02/07/2019 44
Technology The Problem with Vulnerable IoT Companion Apps (IoT Companion App Vulnerabilities) HelpNet Security 02/07/2019 44
Technology Bluetooth 5.1’s Presence Detection Could Be the Future of Smarthome (Smarthome Future is Bluetooth 5.1) How To Geek 02/04/2019 47
Technology Selling Fake Followers and Likes Is Illegal, Landmark Settlement Finds (Selling Fake Followers Is Illegal) cnet 02/02/2019 49
Technology Facebook Hires Up Three of Its Biggest Privacy Critics (Facebook Getting Serious About Privacy) Wired 02/01/2019 50
Technology 5 Steps To A New IoT Support Strategy (Support Strategy for IoT) TechRepublic 01/31/2019 51
Technology Taking Ethical Action In Identity: 5 Steps For Better Biometrics (Better Biometrics Ethics) HelpNet Security 01/31/2019 51
Technology Court's Biometrics Ruling Poses Risk to Technology Companies (Biometrics Legal Setback, BIPA, Facial Recognition, Fingerprints) Security Today 01/31/2019 51
Technology Can You Trust the Personal Internet of Things? (Personal IoT Trust) ZDnet 01/30/2019 52
Technology Stepping Up Security for an IoT World (Stepping Up IoT Security) Networks Asia 01/29/2019 53
Technology How Do Foldable Phones Work, And When Will I Get One? (Foldable Phones) How To Geek 01/29/2019 53
Technology Breakthrough Reported in Fabricating Nanochips (Nanochips Fabrication Breakthrough) Science Daily 01/27/2019 55
Technology IoT Made Easy: 6 Options for Local Government (IoT Made Easy) GCN 01/27/2019 55
Technology Do Crypto-Currencies Fuel Ransomware? (Crypto-Currencies Fueling Ransomware?, White Paper) IEEE 01/25/2019 57
Technology Could Blockchain be the Key to Securing IoT? (Securing IoT with Blockchain) NetworkComputing 01/24/2019 58
Technology Promising Steps Towards Large Scale Production of Graphene Nanoribbons for Electronics (Graphene Nanoribbons) Science Daily 01/23/2019 59
Technology 4 Brands That Realize the Potential of Augmented Reality (AR Implementations) Advertising Week 01/22/2019 60
Technology How to Secure Edge Computing in an Industrial IoT Network (IoT Edge Security) NetworkComputing 01/20/2019 62
Technology 2019: The Year AR Finally Goes From 'Unsexy' To Cool? (AR Finally Goes Cool, Augmented Reality) ZDnet 01/17/2019 65
Technology 10 Wearable Devices That Stole The Show At CES 2019 (CES 2019 Top Wearable Devices) CRN 01/16/2019 66
Technology Breakthrough in Organic Electronics (Organic Electronics Breakthrough, OLED) Science Daily 01/15/2019 67
Technology 10 Technology Trends You Should Be Worried about This Year (Worrisome Trends) SD Times 01/15/2019 67
Technology Quantum Computer Components: Learn the Basics (Quantum Computer Basics) TechRepublic 01/14/2019 68
Technology IoT Community Announces Formation of Security, Privacy & Trust IoT Center of Excellence (SPTIoTCoE) (IoT Community Announces Security, Privacy & Trust CoE) HelpNet Security 01/14/2019 68
Technology The Complete Guide to Internet of Things (Complete Guide to IoT, White Paper) Tech World Insights 01/14/2019 68
Technology 3D Printing 100 Times Faster with Light (3D Printing 100 Times Faster) Science Daily 01/12/2019 70
Technology Do Hidden Robots Need Guiding Standards Too? (Examining Isaac Asimov's Robot Rules) Business 2 Community 01/12/2019 70
Technology Spintronics 'Miracle Material' Put To the Test (Spin Transistors) Science Daily 01/11/2019 71
Technology Consumers Demand Security from Smart Device Makers (Consumers Demand Security from IoT) Dark Reading 01/11/2019 71
Technology Meet Your New Colleague: Artificial Intelligence (AI Colleague) Workforce 01/10/2019 72
Technology IoT Momentum Continues as Edge Computing Gains Traction (IoT Continues Momentum) Networks Asia 01/10/2019 72
Technology Email Security Predictions: What We Can Expect In 2019 (2019 Email Security Predictions) HelpNet Security 01/10/2019 72
Technology Stepping Up Security for an IoT World (Stepping Up IoT Security) Networks Asia 01/08/2019 74
Technology Experian Exec Says Biometrics Won’t Save You from Mobile Hacks (Biometrics Won’t Save You From Hacks) Networks Asia 01/08/2019 74
Technology LA Taps Augmented Reality for Specialized Repairs (LA Benefits From AR) GCN 01/07/2019 75
Technology Here Are The 3 Biggest Trends To Watch In Mobile This Year (2019 Mobile Trends) Business 2 Community 01/05/2019 77
Technology 5 Technology Trends for 2019 (2019 Trends, OCR, NLP) Networks Asia 01/02/2019 80
Technology Top 10 IoT Vulnerabilities of 2018 (Top IoT Vulnerabilities) IT World Canada 01/02/2019 80
Technology 2018 Augmented and Virtual Reality Survey Report (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Survey Report, White Paper) Perkins Coie 01/01/2019 81
Technology 10 Tech Trends That Will Actually Be Adopted In 2019 (Trends That Will Be Adopted in 2019) TechRepublic 12/29/2018 84
Technology The Year in IT: Technologies that Shaped 2018 (2018 Centerstage Tech) TechRepublic 12/19/2018 94
Technology 5 Biggest IoT Security Failures Of 2018 (IoT Security Failures Of 2018) TechRepublic 12/18/2018 95
Technology How Wireless Recharging Works -- and Doesn’t, Yet (Wireless Recharging...Sorta) GCN 12/18/2018 95
Technology Why Email Phishing Persists (Phishing Here to Stay) GCN 12/18/2018 95
Technology 2018 Technology Trends That Will Matter a Decade from Now (Today's Tech That Will Matter in 10 Years, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Quantum Computing, Digital Transformation) ZDnet 12/15/2018 98
Technology The State Of Email Security (Email Security, White Paper) Mimecast Limited 12/14/2018 99
Technology How SDN and Blockchain can help with IoT Privacy and Security? (IoT better With SDN & Blockchain NetworkComputing 12/13/2018 100
Technology What can we expect from technology in 2019? (2019 Expectations) Networks Asia 12/11/2018 102
Technology A New Light on Significantly Faster Computer Memory Devices (Faster Computer Memory Devices) Science Daily 12/03/2018 110
Technology IoT and the Security Challenges That Tech Companies Face (IoT Security Challenges) TechRepublic 11/30/2018 113
Technology 5 Ways to Help Robots Work Together with People (Robots Working With People) GCN 11/29/2018 114
Technology Using Blockchain to Support Trustworthy Transactions on the IoT (Blockchain and IoT Trustworthiness) InformationWeek 11/28/2018 115
Technology Racing Electrons Under Control (Computing At Petahertz Frequencies) Science Daily 11/27/2018 116
Technology Quantum Computing at Scale: Scientists Achieve Compact, Sensitive Qubit Readout (Sensitive Qubit Readout) Science Daily 11/27/2018 116
Technology Building The Tricorder: The Race To Create A Real-Life Star Trek Medical Scanner (Building A Real-Life Tricorder ZDnet 11/26/2018 117
Technology How to Tell Which IoT Predictions to Pay Attention to (Real Or Fake IoT Predictions, IIoT) Network World 11/26/2018 117
Technology 6 Mobile Security Threats You Should Take Seriously in 2019 (2019 Mobile Threats) Networks Asia 11/23/2018 120
Technology Real Talk: You're Gonna Have to Get Real About Real-Time Analytics If You Wanna Make IoT Work (Making IoT Work) The Register 11/22/2018 121
Technology Securing the IoT Has Become Business-Critical (Business Critical: IoT Security) Network World 11/19/2018 124
Technology What Is Augmented Reality, Anyway? (Long Way To Go for Augmented Reality) GCN 11/19/2018 124
Technology The Impact of Popular IoT Devices on Our Lives (IoT's Impact) Read IT Quick 11/17/2018 126
Technology 7 Questions Boards Need to Ask About Artificial Intelligence (Questions the Board Must Ask About AI) Information Management 11/17/2018 126
Technology How to Choose a Safer Analytics SDK for Your Mobile App (Safer Analytics SDK) Business 2 Community 11/16/2018 127
Technology How to Improve Enterprise IoT Security: 5 Tips (5 Tips for IoT Security) TechRepublic 11/15/2018 128
Technology Why 5G, AI, Cloud, and Blockchain Will Dominate The Digital Future Of The Enterprise (Dominating The Future, Artificial Intelligence) TechRepublic 11/13/2018 130
Technology 10 Predictions for How the Tech Industry Will Change In 2019 and Beyond (2019 And Beyond Predictions) TechRepublic 11/12/2018 131
Technology 12 Certifications for Enterprise Architects (Enterprise Architect Certifications) Networks Asia 11/12/2018 131
Technology What Is A Solid-State Battery and Will They Solve Our Battery Life Problems? (Solid State Battery) How To Geek 11/09/2018 134
Technology Dollar for Dollar, Crafting Cryptocurrency Sucks Up 'More Energy' Than Mining Gold, Copper, etc. (Bitcoin Is Expensive to Mine) The Register 11/08/2018 135
Technology Batteryless Smart Devices Closer To Reality (Batteryless IoT Devices Science Daily 11/08/2018 135
Technology Coping With Errors In The Quantum Age (Correcting Quantum Errors) Science Daily 11/06/2018 137
Technology Most CIOs say IoT will become a Major Burden (IoT To Become Burden) HelpNet Security 11/05/2018 138
Technology What's New in IoT: Trends for 2019 (IoT Trends) Networks Asia 11/02/2018 142
Technology Present and Future of Quantum Computing (Quantum Future) ToolBox 11/02/2018 142
Technology Your Wearable is Always Watching You v3 co uk 10/31/2018 144
Technology Integrated Quantum Chip Operations Possible, Tests Show (Quantum Possibilities) Science Daily 10/31/2018 144
Technology US Rubber Stamps Right to Repair: What It Means for IT, SMBs, and Tinkerers TechRepublic 10/30/2018 145
Technology IoT Security by Design (Security in IoT) No Jitter 10/30/2018 145
Technology What's the IoT Doing to Your Data Center? (Data Center IoT) Network World 10/30/2018 145
Technology IoT Now Top Internet Attack Target (White Paper, IoT Attacks) F5 10/30/2018 145
Technology 21 New Tech Jobs That Will Define the Next Decade of IT Work (Future Tech Jobs) TechRepublic 10/29/2018 146
Technology Spinning the Light: The World's Smallest Optical Gyroscope (Smallest Gyroscope) Science Daily 10/26/2018 149
Technology What's the IoT Doing to Your Data Center? Network World 10/26/2018 149
Technology Quantum Computing: A Cheat Sheet TechRepublic 10/25/2018 150
Technology How Rants On Social Media Can Come Back to Haunt You Science Daily 10/23/2018 152
Technology The Coming Wave of Regulation over Facial Recognition Informationweek 10/23/2018 152
Technology Congress Takes First Steps Toward Regulating Artificial Intelligence GCN 10/23/2018 152
Technology First Proof of Quantum Computer Advantage Science Daily 10/19/2018 156
Technology Here Are the 10 Top Tech Trends You Need to Understand Right Now TechRepublic 10/16/2018 159
Technology Spies Among Us: Tracking, IoT & the Truly Inside Threat Dark Reading 10/16/2018 159
Technology IoT Security: Follow These Rules to Protect Your Users from Hackers, Gadget Makers Told ZDnet 10/15/2018 160
Technology Lift Off for World-First Ultrasound Levitation that Bends Around Barriers Science Daily 10/15/2018 160
Technology Building a Better Battery Layer By Layer Science Daily 10/12/2018 163
Technology World's fastest camera freezes time at 10 trillion frames per second Science Daily 10/12/2018 163
Technology 10 Top Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 Information Management 10/12/2018 163
Technology HTG Explains: How Does a CPU Actually Work? How To Geek 10/12/2018 163
Technology CompTIA Names Top 10 Emerging Technologies Informationweek 10/04/2018 171
Technology Business Email Compromise Made Easy for Cyber Criminals ComputerWeekly 10/04/2018 171
Technology Augmented Reality, Fog, and Vision: Duke Professor Outlines Importance of Smart Architectures Network World 10/03/2018 172
Technology Atomically Thin, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Could Increase Computer Speed, Memory by A Million Times Science Daily 10/02/2018 173
Technology How People Judge Good from Bad Science Daily 10/02/2018 173
Technology 5 Signs that Blockchain will Hit Wide Enterprise Adoption Soon TechRepublic 10/01/2018 174
Technology What is Binary, and Why Do Computers Use It? How To Geek 10/01/2018 174
Technology Today's VR is Just the Start: Here's What is Coming in the Future How To Geek 09/28/2018 177
Technology Owning Security in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Dark Reading 09/26/2018 179
Technology Baddies Just Need One Email Account With Clout to Unleash Phishing Hell The Register 09/24/2018 181
Technology Quantum Computing: A New Way to Count Qubits Science Daily 09/24/2018 181
Technology How Layered Email Security Protects Staff, Data, Reputation Networks Asia 09/24/2018 181
Technology Industrial IoT Faces Big Challenges Network World 09/21/2018 184
Technology Artificial General Intelligence: Dream Goal, Nightmare Scenario or Fantasy? Information Management 09/20/2018 185
Technology Want To Be a Great Engineering Manager? Let Your Developers Fail TechRepublic 09/19/2018 186
Technology How Long Does a Quantum Jump Take? Science Daily 09/19/2018 186
Technology Smart Cows and How To Design IoT Products that Won't Fail Information Management 09/19/2018 186
Technology The Top 11 Phishing Email Subject Lines SMBs Should Look Out for TechRepublic 09/18/2018 187
Technology Is Email Evil? Bosses are Getting Boxed in By Their Inbox Science Daily 09/18/2018 187
Technology Hyped to Death: AI Must Avoid Becoming a Clich NetworkComputing 09/18/2018 187
Technology Fighting the Fear Of New Tech With the Chief Technology Evangelist Information Management 09/14/2018 191
Technology Why That Email From Your Boss Could Be A Scam Waiting To Happen TechRepublic 09/10/2018 195
Technology Graphene Enables Clock Rates In the Terahertz Range Science Daily 09/10/2018 195
Technology Hey, Twitter and Facebook: Your Wild West Era's Coming to An End cnet 09/06/2018 199
Technology Penn State Researchers Discover Fresh Way to Speed Up Creation of Quantum Computers v3 co uk 09/05/2018 200
Technology Scientists 'Teleport' a Quantum Gate Science Daily 09/05/2018 200
Technology IoT: The Nexus for Change Networks Asia 09/02/2018 203
Technology Stop Annoying Everyone with These Common Email Mistakes Fast Company 08/31/2018 205
Technology The Bias Problem with Artificial Intelligence, and How To Solve It Information Management 08/28/2018 208
Technology IoT Failures Plague Most Users Worldwide HelpNet Security 08/28/2018 208
Technology 6.4 Billion Fake Emails Sent Every Day HelpNet Security 08/24/2018 212
Technology 7 Serious IoT Vulnerabilities Dark Reading 08/21/2018 215
Technology Artificial Intelligence: What it Can And Can't Do for Companies Networks Asia 08/19/2018 217
Technology 5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Get the Most From a Job Fair Fast Company 08/16/2018 220
Technology 10 Tips for Buying Refurbished Technology Devices TechRepublic 08/13/2018 223
Technology Long-Sought Carbon Structure Joins Graphene, Fullerene Family Science Daily 08/13/2018 223
Technology Artificial Intelligence: How Much is Hype and How Much is Reality? Networks Asia 08/12/2018 224
Technology Artificial Intelligence Starts in the IT Department InformationWeek 08/08/2018 228
Technology As Iron Sharpens Iron: Hone your Engineering Team InformationWeek 08/03/2018 233
Technology 20 Terrifying Uses of Artificial Intelligence TechRepublic 07/31/2018 236
Technology 10 Top Barriers to AI Success InformationWeek 07/31/2018 236
Technology If You're Serious About Securing IoT Gadgets, May as Well Start Here The Register 07/25/2018 242
Technology Here's Why AI Can't Make a Catchier Tune Than the Worst Pop Song in the Charts Right Now The Register 07/24/2018 243
Technology Quantum Computing: Seven Truths You Need to Know TechRepublic 07/24/2018 243
Technology The 10 Top Wearable Tech Devices of 2018 (So Far) CRN 07/17/2018 250
Technology 5 Social Media Habits That Could Ruin Your Chances of Getting Hired TechRepublic 07/13/2018 254
Technology Single-Electron Pump Device Could Bring High-Performance Quantum Computing to the World v3 co uk 07/05/2018 262
Technology Artificial Intelligence: A Skynet Future or the Greatest Story of Humankind? Networks Asia 07/04/2018 263
Technology Study of 800-Million Tweets Finds Distinct Daily Cycles in Our Thinking Patterns Science Daily 06/28/2018 269
Technology How Smart Technology Gadgets can Avoid Speed Limits Science Daily 06/28/2018 269
Technology Smart Cows and How Not to Design IoT Products to Fail Networks Asia 06/28/2018 269
Technology Get a Grip, Literally: Clumsy Robots can't Nab Humans' Jobs Just Yet The Register 06/26/2018 271
Technology I Left My Dream Job at Facebook: Here's the Best Way to Quit a Job Fast Company 06/19/2018 278
Technology Graphene Tech: What if Five Minutes Were Enough to Charge Your Battery? ZDnet 06/18/2018 279
Technology Scientists Develop Way for Silicon to More Easily Manipulate Qubits for Faster Quantum Computing v3 co uk 06/13/2018 284
Technology Peeling Back the Layers of an IoT Architecture No Jitter 06/12/2018 285
Technology The Robots Are Coming! The Robots Are Coming! No Jitter 06/05/2018 292
Technology Why Quantum Computing Should Be on Your Radar Now InformationWeek 06/04/2018 293
Technology Artificial Intelligence: Job Killer or Creator? InformationWeek 05/28/2018 300
Technology 'Spooky Action at a Distance': Researchers Develop Module for Quantum Repeater Science Daily 05/22/2018 306
Technology 7 Things to Consider When Making IoT Infrastructure Decisions Data Center Knowledge 05/22/2018 306
Technology Graphene Paves the Way to Faster High-Speed Optical Communications Science Daily 05/21/2018 307
Technology IoT World: The Edge is Getting Smarter, Smaller, and Moving Further Out Data Center Knowledge 05/18/2018 310
Technology This is What's Wrong With Your Emails Fast Company 05/16/2018 312
Technology Explanation for Puzzling Quantum Oscillations Has Been Found Science Daily 05/15/2018 313
Technology Wearable Ring, Wristband Allow Users to Control Smart Tech with Hand Gestures Science Daily 05/14/2018 314
Technology Why Enterprises can't Ignore Third-Party IoT-Related Risks Dark Reading 05/14/2018 314
Technology Robots Go From Soft to Rigid (... Jokes Follow) ZDnet 05/11/2018 317
Technology How to Manage Non-IoT Equipment that Runs Alongside Connected Devices TechRepublic 05/11/2018 317
Technology Hide and Seek Brings Persistence to IoT Botnets Dark Reading 05/11/2018 317
Technology Artificial Intelligence: A Question of Data Business 2 Community 05/11/2018 317
Technology How to Spin Up an AI Flywheel with Data InformationWeek 04/30/2018 328
Technology Keys To Getting ROI On Your IoT Investments in the First Year Network World 04/23/2018 335
Technology This Is How to Sleep Better: 5 Secrets from Neuroscience The Ladders 04/21/2018 337
Technology FDA Pushes for Medical Devices to Include Mandatory Built in Update Mechanisms SC Magazine 04/20/2018 338
Technology Face Recognition Technology That Works in the Dark Science Daily 04/16/2018 342
Technology Connected Technology & the Future of Your Data Business 2 Community 04/14/2018 344
Technology 4 Types of Machine Intelligence You should Know InformationWeek 04/10/2018 348
Technology The Science of Happiness, In Four Simple Work Habits Fast Company 04/06/2018 352
Technology What Blockchain Means for the Internet of Things ToolBox 04/04/2018 354
Technology 5 Technology Predictions from IBM Research Global Labs Information Management 04/03/2018 355
Technology 10 Email Phrases that Make You Sound Unprofessional Fast Company 03/29/2018 360
Technology 10 Ways to Tell if That Email is Legitimate...or Not SC Magazine 03/28/2018 361
Technology What Would a Regulated-IoT World Look Like? Network World 03/22/2018 367
Technology The Containerization of Artificial Intelligence Dark Reading 03/16/2018 373
Technology Do This 20-Minute Morning Routine Before Answering a Single Email Fast Company 03/14/2018 375
Technology The Hype and Reality Surrounding AI and ML Networks Asia 03/13/2018 376
Technology 7 Social Media Habits that Disqualified Candidates, According to Hiring Managers The Ladders 03/12/2018 377
Technology Boffins Pull off Quantum Leap in True Random Number Generation The Register 03/11/2018 377
Technology Robots Hijacked by Ransomware May Soon Become a Reality HelpNet Security 03/09/2018 379
Technology Watch a Robot Solve a Rubik's Cube in Under .5 Seconds ZDnet 03/09/2018 379
Technology Here Are the 10 Most In-Demand AI Skills and How to Develop Them TechRepublic 03/08/2018 380
Technology How a Remote-Controlled Robotic Pill Could Be the Next Breakthrough in Digital Health TechRepublic 03/06/2018 382
Technology 4 Ways to Avoid Social Media Overload (Without Quitting Completely) Fast Company 03/05/2018 383
Technology New Speed Record for Trapped-Ion 'Building Blocks' of Quantum Computers Science Daily 03/01/2018 387
Technology 7 Transportation IoT Predictions from Cisco Network World 02/26/2018 390
Technology The Most Digital Games Ever: The Technology Story Behind the Winter Olympics Data Center Knowledge 02/23/2018 393
Technology 6 Steps for Making Smart Decisions with Wearables Data TLNT 02/15/2018 401
Technology New Method for Waking Up Devices Science Daily 02/12/2018 404
Technology Is That You, T-1000? No, Just a Lil Robot that Can Mimic Humans on Sight The Register 02/08/2018 408
Technology How Wearable Tech Will Help Winter Olympic Athletes Skate Faster and Stay Warm TechRepublic 02/08/2018 408
Technology The Case for Emailing ... Differently Business 2 Community 02/08/2018 408
Technology The 11 Least Secure Connected Devices TechRepublic 02/02/2018 414
Technology New Research Advances Spintronics Technology Science Daily 02/01/2018 415
Technology IoT Botnets by the Numbers Dark Reading 01/31/2018 416
Technology A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence Business 2 Community 01/30/2018 417
Technology New Technology Standard Could Shape the Future of Electronics Design Science Daily 01/25/2018 422
Technology How Professionals Can Achieve More by Doing Less With Calm Technology TechRepublic 01/23/2018 424
Technology Facebook Programmer Invents Flick, a New Unit of Time CiOL 01/23/2018 424
Technology Six Red-Hot IoT Predictions for 2018 Networks Asia 01/18/2018 429
Technology What You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence... Business 2 Community 01/10/2018 437
Technology Choosing a Container Technology? Keep These 3 Things in Mind Data Center Knowledge 01/10/2018 437
Technology Forget the CES Hype, IoT Is All About Industry Network World 01/09/2018 438
Technology Examining IoT Connection Options (IoT Options) No Jitter 01/05/2018 442
Technology Five Rude Emails You Send without Realizing It The Ladders 01/04/2018 443
Technology Five Rude Emails You Send Without Realizing it The Ladders 01/04/2018 443
Technology IoT Is an Invitation to Ransomware Information Management 12/28/2017 450
Technology Watch for These 5 Technology Trends in 2018 Business 2 Community 12/21/2017 457
Technology Using The Dark Side Of Excitons for Quantum Computing Science Daily 12/20/2017 458
Technology Predictions 2018: 5 Trends Driving the IoT and IIoT Information Management 12/19/2017 459
Technology Error-Free Into the Quantum Computer Age Science Daily 12/15/2017 463
Technology These Are the Four Biggest Email Problems (And How to Fix Them) Fast Company 12/06/2017 472
Technology Three Email Mistakes to Avoid the Week You Come Back from Vacation Fast Company 12/04/2017 474
Technology The Rising Dangers of Unsecured IoT Technology Dark Reading 12/04/2017 474
Technology Big Step Forward for Quantum Computing Science Daily 11/29/2017 479
Technology A Transistor of Graphene Nanoribbons Science Daily 11/29/2017 479
Technology 11 Tech Giants Investing in Artificial Intelligence TechWorld 11/27/2017 481
Technology Will Wearables Ever be Cool? Probably Not. But in Field Service, They'll be Useful Business 2 Community 11/26/2017 482
Technology The 12 Most Unlikely Places to Find Next-Level Technology TechRepublic 11/24/2017 484
Technology Pushing IoT to the Edge Networks Asia 11/20/2017 488
Technology Deception Technology: Prevention Reimagined Dark Reading 11/15/2017 493
Technology We're Not Saying Uncle Sam Has Lost Control on Twitter, But US Embassy in Riyadh Just Did a Shout Out for Oatmeal The Register 11/08/2017 500
Technology How I Infiltrated a Fortune 500 Company with Social Engineering Dark Reading 11/07/2017 501
Technology Wearables are Showing Their True Worth in the Enterprise Space Networks Asia 11/03/2017 506
Technology Forrester's Top 10 Technology Trends for 2018 Digital Insurance 11/03/2017 506
Technology The Automated Office: 8 Ways Companies are Using AI to Increase Productivity TechRepublic 10/31/2017 509
Technology IoT Won't Take Off Until SoCs Cost 50 Cents or Less - ARM TechCon v3 co uk 10/27/2017 513
Technology 10 Social Engineering Attacks Your End Users Need to Know About Dark Reading 10/19/2017 521
Technology Create Real Value with Augmented (not Artificial) Intelligence Informationweek 10/17/2017 523
Technology 9 Scary Robots That Will Give You the Jitters ZDnet 10/13/2017 527
Technology It's time for a New C-Suite Position: Chief AI Officer ZDnet 10/13/2017 527
Technology These Common Email Mistakes are Ruining Your Credibility Fast Company 10/12/2017 528
Technology Companies are Investing Millions In AI -- and Facing Big Barriers ZDnet 10/11/2017 529
Technology Data or Metadata? For the IoT They're Both Important Network World 10/06/2017 534
Technology Most Decision Makers Expect ROI from Artificial Intelligence Within Two Years HelpNet Security 10/06/2017 534
Technology The Privacy Implications of Email Tracking HelpNet Security 10/05/2017 535
Technology IoT Tipping Point: Connection Capacity NetworkComputing 10/05/2017 535
Technology HPC Meets AI - A World of Possibilities Networks Asia 10/04/2017 536
Technology 10 Ways Technology is Changing Disaster Response TechRepublic 10/03/2017 537
Technology Digital Twins and IoT Enable Smart Products and Services InformationWeek 09/27/2017 543
Technology Innovative Control System Paves the Way for Large Scale Universal Quantum Computing Science Daily 09/26/2017 544
Technology Physicists Demonstrate Using a Laser to Control a Current In Graphene within Just One Femtosecond Science Daily 09/25/2017 545
Technology Cost Effective Quantum Moves a Step Closer Science Daily 09/19/2017 551
Technology Social Media Gets the Word Out During Irma Emergency CIO Today 09/13/2017 557
Technology Graphene Based Terahertz Absorbers Science Daily 09/12/2017 558
Technology High-Speed Quantum Memory for Photons Science Daily 09/08/2017 562
Technology 30 Ways to Improve IoT Privacy Network World 08/31/2017 570
Technology The Future of Nanotechnology Business 2 Community 08/30/2017 571
Technology Augmented Reality Technology May Help Guide Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Science Daily 08/25/2017 576
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