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Jan 19, 2019

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Category Recent Storage Articles Source Posted Date Age
Storage Hard Disk Drive Unit Shipments Slowly Spinning Down (HDD Shipments Down) The Register 01/16/2019 3
Storage NVMe Over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) (NVMe Over Fabrics, White Paper) Mellanox 01/16/2019 3
Storage NVMe Over Fabrics Agenda (NVMe Over Fabrics Agenda, White Paper) nvm EXPRESS 01/16/2019 3
Storage The Solid State of Storage in 2018 (Storage 2018) The Register 12/31/2018 19
Storage Top Storage News of 2018 (2018 Top Stories) TechRepublic 12/29/2018 21
Storage Comparing Tape and Cloud Storage for Long-Term Data Preservation (Tape vs Cloud for Long Term Storage, LTO) Storage Newsletter 12/28/2018 22
Storage Data Storage Using Individual Molecules (Individual Molecules) Science Daily 12/18/2018 32
Storage The Future is Bright, The Future is NVMe (The Future is NVMe) The Register 12/17/2018 33
Storage How Do SSDs Work? (Inside SSDs) ExtremeTech 11/20/2018 60
Storage Performance Benefits of NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe vs Fibre, White Paper) Demartek 11/16/2018 64
Storage When You Play the Game Of Storage Arrays, You Win or You - Where are the Visionaries? (Gartner's Magical Square) The Register 11/13/2018 67
Storage Making Steps Toward Improved Data Storage (Improved Data Storage) Science Daily 11/12/2018 68
Storage NVMe: Four Key Trends Set to Drive Its Adoption in 2019 and Beyond (NVMe Trends) DCIG 11/08/2018 72
Storage Physicists Create New, Simpler-than-Ever Quantum 'Hard Drive for Light' (Quantum Hard Drive) Science Daily 11/06/2018 74
Storage NVMe in the Data Centre (NVMe, White Paper) architectingIT 11/06/2018 74
Storage The State of Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage (White Paper) DataCore Software 10/25/2018 86
Storage Storage Availability, Vendor Lock-In Remain Pain Points for IT Pros Channel Partners 10/25/2018 86
Storage How Do Secondary Storage and Primary Storage Differ? Search Data Backup 10/22/2018 89
Storage Tape vs. Disk Storage: Why isn't Tape Dead Yet? Network World 10/20/2018 91
Storage The Future of the Cloud Depends on Magnetic Tape Bloomberg 10/17/2018 94
Storage Software-Defined Storage Positions Agencies For Modernization GCN 10/09/2018 102
Storage Spray-On Antennas Could Unlock Potential of Smart, Connected Technology Science Daily 09/21/2018 120
Storage Under Which Conditions Investment in HDDs Outperforms SSDs Storage Newsletter 08/21/2018 151
Storage Oh My Tosh, It's Only a 100TB Small Form-Factor SSD, SK? The Register 08/14/2018 158
Storage History (2004): HDD Areal Density Reaches 1Tb/Square Inch Storage Newsletter 08/08/2018 164
Storage The Age Of Hard Drives is Over as Samsung Cranks Out Consumer QLC SSDs The Register 08/07/2018 165
Storage SSDs Poised to Get a Lot Cheaper Network World 08/01/2018 171
Storage World's Fastest Human-Made Spinning Object could Help Study Quantum Mechanics Science Daily 07/20/2018 183
Storage Why HDD Factory Closure Means You May Need to Migrate to Solid State TechRepublic 07/17/2018 186
Storage SSDs get Bigger, While Prices Get Smaller Network World 05/22/2018 242
Storage History (1956): First Commercial HDD Shipped Storage Newsletter 03/01/2018 324
Storage Real Talk: Why are You Hanging On to that Non-Performant Disk? The Register 02/22/2018 331
Storage What Is A SAN and How Does it Differ From NAS? Network World 02/22/2018 331
Storage New '4-D Goggles' Allow Wearers to Be 'Touched' By Approaching Objects Science Daily 02/08/2018 345
Storage Five Requirements for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Software Data Center Knowledge 02/08/2018 345
Storage Tall, Slim Models are Coming to Take Over Dumpy SSD Territory The Register 02/02/2018 351
Storage What Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure, and Why Should You Care? TechRepublic 02/02/2018 351
Storage Dos Attacks Against Hard Disk Drives using Acoustic Signals HelpNet Security 01/16/2018 368
Storage Cool Disk Drive Actuator Pillar, Seagate - How About Two of Them? The Register 01/04/2018 380
Storage Thanks To the 'Glassdoor Effect,' Companies Will Never Be the Same Benefit News 12/13/2017 402
Storage NASA Shows the World Its 20-Year Virtual Reality Experiment to Train Astronauts: The Inside Story TechRepublic 11/20/2017 425
Storage The Insanely Simple Way I Learned to Be Useful in Every Meeting Fast Company 08/18/2017 519
Storage NVMe 101: What Is It, and Why Should You Care? Data Center Knowledge 08/03/2017 534
Storage 6 Ways SSDs are Cheaper Than Hard Drives NetworkComputing 07/12/2017 556
Storage Everything You Need to Know About the Petya, er, NotPetya Nasty Trashing Pcs Worldwide The Register 06/28/2017 570
Storage Travel IT Biz Reportedly Testing 100TB SSDs The Register 05/17/2017 612
Storage Backblaze Updates Lifetime HDD Failure Rates in 1Q17 Storage Newsletter 05/09/2017 620
Storage All-Flash, All-Disk or Hybrid? Storage Newsletter 05/01/2017 628
Storage Giving the Recovery Point Objective Some Respect Continuity Central 04/18/2017 641
Storage Troubleshooting Tips for SSDs Storage Newsletter 02/08/2017 710
Storage NASA has a Shadow IT Problem Network World 02/08/2017 710
Storage Best External Hard Drive 2017: 6 USB hard disks tested Trusted Reviews 01/30/2017 719
Storage Why All Hyperconverged Infrastructure isn't Created Equal TechRepublic 01/18/2017 731
Storage NASA's "Human Computers" and the Hidden Figures Movie Story Network World 12/22/2016 758
Storage Seven Myths for Hyperconverged Integrated Systems HelpNet Security 11/04/2016 806
Storage 'Atomic Sandwiches' could Make Computers 100X Greener Science Daily 10/04/2016 837
Storage What a Time to Be Alive: Nissan Reveals Self-Driving Chair The Register 09/29/2016 842
Storage See How an SSD Works Network World 09/19/2016 852
Storage 12 Hyperconverged Infrastructure Providers that Matter Storage Newsletter 08/16/2016 886
Storage Sounds from Your Hard Disk Drive Can Be Used to Steal a PC's Data ComputerWorld 08/12/2016 890
Storage NASA Ready to Build Mars 2020 Rover ComputerWorld 07/15/2016 918
Storage NVMe SSDs Tormented for Months in Some Kind of Sick Review Game The Register 06/27/2016 936
Storage Here's how NASCAR Is Digitizing Race Day Network World 06/24/2016 939
Storage HDD Reliability Based on 114,155 Years of 61,590 Spinning Devices - Backblaze Storage Newsletter 05/18/2016 976
Storage Why HDD Market Declining? Storage Newsletter 05/02/2016 992
Storage SSD Prices Plummet Again, Close in on HDDs ComputerWorld 03/03/2016 1052
Storage NASA Wants to Get Supersonic with New Passenger Jet Network World 02/29/2016 1055
Storage What Is a PCIe SSD, and Do You Need One in Your PC? How To Geek 01/27/2016 1088
Storage 3D NAND: The Hard Disk Drive Killer NetworkComputing 01/05/2016 1110
Storage The Sinking Fibre Channel SAN NetworkComputing 01/04/2016 1111
Storage Consumer SSDs and Hard Drive Prices are Nearing Parity Network World 12/02/2015 1144
Storage 10 Reasons Why Phishing Attacks are Nastier Than Ever Network World 11/09/2015 1167
Storage 5 Disaster Recovery Options: Balancing the Pros and Cons, Objectives, and Cost Disaster Recovery Journal 11/04/2015 1172
Storage SSD Pricing Vs. HDD Costs NetworkComputing 10/28/2015 1179
Storage NASA's Mars Journey: Next Steps for Mankind InformationWeek 10/11/2015 1196
Storage Hard Disk Failure Prediction Research May Save IT Time and Money TechRepublic 09/22/2015 1215
Storage Why It's Insane to Trust Static Analysis Dark Reading 09/22/2015 1215
Storage 7 Real NASA Technologies in Sci-Fi Movie 'The Martian' ComputerWorld 08/28/2015 1240
Storage NASA Touts Real Technologies Highlighted in Imminent 'The Martian' Flick Network World 08/21/2015 1247
Storage 10 NASA Images that Will Inspire You InformationWeek 08/11/2015 1257
Storage The Case against SSDs ZDnet 07/29/2015 1270
Storage How NASA is (Slowly) Talking to the Spacecraft Snapping Pictures of Pluto Network World 07/15/2015 1284
Storage Comparing IOPS for SSDs and HDDs TVTechnology 07/08/2015 1291
Storage NASA's Cool, Radical and Visionary Concepts Network World 07/08/2015 1291
Storage The Rise of SSDs Over Hard Drives, Debunked ComputerWorld 06/23/2015 1306
Storage Facebook SSD Failure study Pinpoints Mid-Life Burnout Rate Trough The Register 06/22/2015 1307
Storage NASA: "Wild" Technology will Transform Aviation Network World 06/22/2015 1307
Storage SSD Prices In a Free Fall NetworkComputing 06/19/2015 1310
Storage Nantero's Carbon-Nanotube Memory Could Replace SSDs and DRAM IT World 06/02/2015 1327
Storage John Nash, 'Beautiful Mind' Inspiration, Influenced IT, Too InformationWeek 05/26/2015 1334
Storage How NASA Uses Virtual Reality to Train Astronauts TechRepublic 05/19/2015 1341
Storage How Much You Really Need To Worry About SSD Reliability Network World 05/13/2015 1347
Storage NASA Details Bleeding edge Communications Ideas Network World 05/12/2015 1348
Storage SSDs Have a Problem: They're Getting too Fast, too Soon InfoWorld 05/12/2015 1348
Storage NASA's MESSENGER Spacecraft Will Soon Go Out With a Bang, Crashing Into Mercury at About 8,750MPH Network World 04/29/2015 1361
Storage Everything You Need To Know About NVMe, The Insanely Fast Future For SSDs IT World 04/06/2015 1384
Storage Why (Most) Disk Drives Need to Breathe ZDnet 03/30/2015 1391
Storage 10TB SSD Drives Inch Closer to Reality IT World 03/30/2015 1391
Storage Ultimate Wearable Tech: NASA Using 3D Printing to Design Mars Spacesuit TechRepublic 03/18/2015 1403
Storage NASA Tests Robotic Helicopter that Would Act as Mars Scout IT World 01/23/2015 1457
Storage Debunking SSD Myths Network World 01/22/2015 1458
Storage Self-Repairing Disk Arrays: Cheaper and More Reliable than RAID 6 Network World 01/16/2015 1464
Storage NASA Hubble: Taking the Best Shots for 25 Years IT World 01/08/2015 1472
Storage Gartner Sees Enterprise SSD-HDD Revenue Crossover in 2017 The Channel Register 01/07/2015 1473
Storage Grueling Endurance Test Blows Away SSD Durability Fears IT World 12/05/2014 1506
Storage Bank of America Tech Chief Cathy Bessant: What I Believe InformationWeek 12/01/2014 1510
Storage NASA Sets huge $5M Cubesat Competition Network World 11/25/2014 1516
Storage Want A 100TB Disk Drive? You'll Have To Wait 'Til 2025 ComputerWorld 11/25/2014 1516
Storage NASA Creates First 3D Printed Object in Space ComputerWorld 11/25/2014 1516
Storage Are Converged Systems Right for You? NetworkComputing 11/12/2014 1529
Storage Why Solid-State Disks are Winning The Argument The Register 11/07/2014 1534
Storage Converged Ethernet vs. More Links NetworkComputing 11/07/2014 1534
Storage Technique for HAMR Media Promises Improved Writeability for Next-Gen HDDs Storage Newsletter 10/28/2014 1544
Storage Quick Look: NASA's Human Space Flight Return IT World 09/18/2014 1584
Storage Worm Illuminates Potential NAS Nightmare Dark Reading 09/15/2014 1587
Storage Playing to Win: Connected Objects and Sports Business 2 Community 08/17/2014 1616
Storage SSD Controllers may Run Your Applications Someday InfoWorld 08/07/2014 1626
Storage NASA Tests Crazytech Flying Saucer Thruster, Could Reach Mars in Days The Register 08/04/2014 1629
Storage NASA Breakthrough Improves 3D Printing in Space Network World 07/29/2014 1635
Storage 45 Years After Moon Landing, NASA Looks to Next Giant Leap ComputerWorld 07/14/2014 1650
Storage NASA Challenge Tests Autonomous Robots ComputerWorld 06/11/2014 1683
Storage New Interface for HDDs: SATA Express at PCIe Speed Storage Newsletter 06/05/2014 1689
Storage NASA to Beam Video from Space Station with a Laser Beam IT World 06/05/2014 1689
Storage Inside Ford's 3D Printing Lab, Where Thousands of Parts are Made IT World 06/04/2014 1690
Storage Buckle Up -- SSDs Are About to Get Three Times Faster InfoWorld 05/27/2014 1698
Storage Buckle Up -- SSDs Are About to Get Up to Four Times Faster InfoWorld 05/27/2014 1698
Storage NASA to Test Laser Communication System Network World 04/18/2014 1737
Storage Is There an Alternative to Physically Destroying SSDs? Business 2 Community 01/29/2014 1816
Storage The Myth of the Supersonic Disk Drive NetworkComputing 01/24/2014 1821
Storage SSD Prices Face Uncertain Future in 2014 IT World 01/17/2014 1828