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Nov 14, 2018

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Operations Making the Right Hyperconvergence Choice: HCI Hardware or Software? (HW Or SW For HCI, Hyperconverged Infrastructure) Network World 11/13/2018 1
Operations What Special Ops Taught Me about TechOps (TechOps Lessons From Special Ops) InformationWekk 11/13/2018 1
Operations Vulnerabilities in Our Infrastructure: 5 Ways to Mitigate the Risk (Mitigate the Risk) Dark Reading 11/11/2018 3
Operations Not Just for Google: ML-Assisted Data Center Cooling You Can Do Today (Over Cooling, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) Data Center Knowledge 11/10/2018 4
Operations A 6-Step Approach For ITSM And ITOM To Work Better Together (Getting ITSM & ITOM Working Together, White Paper) servicenow 11/08/2018 6
Operations Data Center Automation: 2 Acronyms You Should Know (Data Center Acronyms) ZDnet 11/05/2018 9
Operations Data Center Automation: 10 Vendors You should Know (10 Automation Vendors) ZDnet 11/05/2018 9
Operations Six Pillars Of Monitoring Automation (Automation Monitoring) SD Times 11/05/2018 9
Operations Infrastructure Monitoring Software: Can You Afford It? (White Paper, Monitoring the Infrastructure) NetApp 10/31/2018 14
Operations Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Catalyst for Change (White Paper, Hyperconverged Catalyst for Change) Freeform Dynamics/VMware 10/31/2018 14
Operations 10 Must-Have Skills for ITSM Pros (ITSM Skills) CIO 10/26/2018 19
Operations Edge Data Centers (White Paper) TIA 10/25/2018 20
Operations The Importance of Hyper-Availability for Critical Infrastructure Networks Asia 10/25/2018 20
Operations Software-Defined Data Center - Get The Most Out of Today's Infrastructure (White Paper) IBM 10/25/2018 20
Operations Wave Energy to Power Undersea Data Centers Network World 10/23/2018 22
Operations Uptime Institute Issues a Weather Warning for Data Centers Network World 10/20/2018 25
Operations 20 Innovative Data Centers That Give Us A Glimpse Into the Future of Computing TechRepublic 10/19/2018 26
Operations Uptime Institute Rings Climate Change Warning Bell for Data Center Operators Data Center Knowledge 10/12/2018 33
Operations 5 Reasons Why Hardware Choices are Critical for HCI NetworkComputing 10/11/2018 34
Operations Not Your Father's Immersion Cooling (Liquid Cooling) Data Center Knowledge 10/11/2018 34
Operations Why Hyper-Converged Gear Needs to Go the Extra File: Merging Blocks and Filers To Break Out of the Niche The Register 10/10/2018 35
Operations Why You Should Use Docker and Containers InfoWorld 10/10/2018 35
Operations Why Orchestration Does Not Equal Automation NetworkComputing 10/09/2018 36
Operations Four Critical KPIs for Securing Your IT Environment HelpNet Security 10/09/2018 36
Operations My Biggest IT Mistake and What I Learned From It TechRepublic 10/05/2018 40
Operations Boosting UPS Performance with Lithium-ion Technology Data Center Knowledge 10/04/2018 41
Operations 4 Ways Automation Has Become IT's Best Friend Business 2 Community 10/01/2018 44
Operations IoT: The Operational View NetworkComputing 08/10/2018 96
Operations Powering AI in the Enterprise Data Center Knowledge 08/09/2018 97
Operations How to Empower Today's 'cISOs' Dark Reading 05/29/2018 169
Operations Data Center Infrastructure, the Often-Overlooked Security Risk Data Center Knowledge 04/17/2018 211
Operations How Measuring Security for Risk & ROI Can Empower CISOs Dark Reading 03/28/2018 231
Operations The Power of Pre Mortems Business 2 Community 03/01/2018 258
Operations New IoT Chips Speed Encryption, Dramatically Reduce Power Consumption and Memory Requirements TechRepublic 02/13/2018 274
Operations Powerful Battery Created Science Daily 02/05/2018 282
Operations 6 Ideas for Activities That Strengthen Team Communication and Cooperation TechRepublic 01/17/2018 301
Operations 10 Hard Truths About Succeeding in IT Operations TechRepublic 12/20/2017 329
Operations Data Center Cooling Market Set to Explode in the Coming Years Network World 11/29/2017 350
Operations Data Center Security: Honey Pots and the Art of Deceiving Hackers Data Center Knowledge 11/22/2017 357
Operations Data Center Standards: Where's the Value? Data Center Knowledge 11/22/2017 357
Operations Huge Power Imbalance Between Firms and Users Whose Info They Grab The Register 10/16/2017 394
Operations IT Powerhouses Try to Come from Behind In Enterprise Iot Network World 08/24/2017 447
Operations Automation Seen as Key to Offset Limited IT Hiring Power Digital Insurance 08/18/2017 453
Operations Data Center Architecture: Converged, HCI, and Hyperscale NetworkComputing 07/17/2017 485
Operations You Can Speak more Powerfully Without Ever Raising Your Voice Fast Company 07/13/2017 489
Operations That Minutes-Long Power Glitch? It's Going to Cost British Airways -80m, IAG Investors Told The Register 06/15/2017 517
Operations Data Center Optimization: How to Do More Without More Money Data Center Knowledge 06/02/2017 530
Operations Rising Volume of Attacks Overpowers Security Teams HelpNet Security 06/01/2017 531
Operations Faster, Smaller, more Powerful Computer Chips Science Daily 05/12/2017 551
Operations Why Is Incident Response Automation and Orchestration So Hot? Network World 03/16/2017 608
Operations Data Center Managers, It's Time to Commit to Those New Year's Resolutions Network World 01/23/2017 660
Operations Your Own Motion could One Day Power Your Cell Phone ComputerWorld 12/09/2016 705
Operations Renewable Energy Represented More than Half of All New Power Capacity In '15 ComputerWorld 10/26/2016 749
Operations A Look Inside Google's, Microsoft's and Facebook's Datacenters TechRepublic 10/05/2016 770
Operations 12 most Powerful Hyperconverged Infrastructure Vendors Network World 08/25/2016 811
Operations See the Powerful Megachips that Will Clash at Hot Chips ComputerWorld 08/19/2016 817
Operations The Power of Metadata Business 2 Community 06/27/2016 870
Operations The 10 Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World Network World 06/20/2016 877
Operations Quantum Logical Operations Realized with Single Photons Science Daily 05/03/2016 925
Operations 10 High-Tech Tools Powering Las Vegas InformationWeek 04/15/2016 943
Operations New Solar Towers, Cubes offer 20X More Power, Researchers Say ComputerWorld 03/23/2016 966
Operations Hacking Operations are as Vulnerable as a House of Cards Network World 02/19/2016 999
Operations Life On the Edge: The Benefits of Using Micro Datacenters ComputerWeekly 02/17/2016 1001
Operations Modern Datacenters and Their Escalating Issues Business 2 Community 02/05/2016 1013
Operations Data Center Colocation in 2016: What to Expect Data Center Knowledge 01/28/2016 1021
Operations The Matrix Reloaded: Security Goals v. Operational Requirements Dark Reading 01/07/2016 1042
Operations DARPA Targets Tiny, Battery-Powered Atomic Clocks that Could Shield GPS Outages Network World 01/05/2016 1044
Operations Honda Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Car with 400-Mile Range ComputerWorld 10/28/2015 1113
Operations Operations Costs Are the Achilles' Heel of NoSQL ComputerWorld 10/27/2015 1114
Operations No Total Recall: Smartphones Causing 'Digital Amnesia' as Brain Powers Fade v3 co uk 07/01/2015 1232
Operations What Defines a Mature IT Security Operation? ComputerWorld 06/15/2015 1248
Operations How Facebook Cut 75 Percent of Power It Needs to Store Your #tbt Photos Data Center Knowledge 05/08/2015 1286
Operations When Google Errs: A Cautionary Tale of Great Power ZDnet 04/27/2015 1297
Operations Stop Bashing IT Operations InformationWeek 04/08/2015 1316
Operations Inside the Rickety, Vulnerable Systems that Run Just About Every Power Plant IT World 04/02/2015 1322
Operations Context: Finding The Story Inside your Security Operations Program Dark Reading 03/23/2015 1332
Operations 11 Chic Chargers: Portable Power that's Dressed to Impress ComputerWorld 02/20/2015 1363
Operations Watson AI Power Still Leaves Robots Short of Practical Skills TechWorld 02/16/2015 1367
Operations 3,200-Megapixel Camera for Powerful Cosmos Telescope Moves Forward Network World 01/09/2015 1405
Operations Data Center SDN Growing 65% this Year Network World 10/14/2014 1492
Operations Data Centers are the New Polluters ComputerWorld 08/26/2014 1541
Operations Energy Harvested from Body, Environment Could Power Wearables, IoT Devices IT World 08/10/2014 1557
Operations Data Centers Move from Metro NetworkComputing 08/08/2014 1559
Operations 11 Offbeat Battery Chargers: Portable Power with a Twist Network World 07/18/2014 1580
Operations 5 Technology Innovations that are Set to Empower People With Disabilities TechOnline India 07/15/2014 1583
Operations USB Type-C: Simpler, Faster and More Powerful InfoWorld 04/15/2014 1674
Operations Operation Stop the Exfiltration Dark Reading 04/02/2014 1687
Operations Top Initiatives in IT Operations for 2014-2015 Network World 04/01/2014 1688
Operations Realizing the Power of Small Data InformationWeek 03/20/2014 1700
Operations SSDs: A Guide to Using Flash in the Datacenter NetworkComputing 02/13/2014 1735
Operations Liquid-Cooled Supercomputers, to Trim the Power Bill New York Times Technology 02/11/2014 1737