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Mar 24, 2019

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Devops 6 Ways Mature DevOps Teams Are Killing It in Security (Mature DevOps Teams Are Hitting Home Runs in Security) Dark Reading 03/21/2019 New
Devops DevOps Done Right (DevOps Done Right, White Paper) New Relic 03/20/2019 4
Devops The Complete Guide to: DevOps (DevOps Complete Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 03/12/2019 12
Devops NetOps vs. DevOps vs. NetSecOps: What's the difference? (NetOps vs. DevOps vs. NetSecOps) Search Networking 03/11/2019 13
Devops Q&A: DevOps Institute’s Jayne Groll on the Future of DevOps (Future of DevOps) InformationWekk 03/07/2019 16
Devops 7 Must-Have Skills for Enterprise DevOps Practitioners (Must Have Enterprise Skills) TechRepublic 03/05/2019 18
Devops The Patterns of Elite DevSecOps Practices (DevSecOps Practices Patterns) HelpNet Security 03/05/2019 18
Devops 4 Must-Have DevOps Tools in 2019 (Must-Have Tools) Business 2 Community 02/26/2019 25
Devops Containers, Cloud Orchestration Tools Rattle DevOps Foundation (Undermining the Foundation) Search Cloud Computing 02/22/2019 29
Devops 7 Essential Best Practices to Follow When Adopting a DevOps Model (Essential Best Practices for Adoption) SD Times 02/11/2019 40
Devops Strive for Real-World Technical Debt Management in DevOps Orgs (Technical Debt Management) Search IT Operations 02/05/2019 46
Devops Why Teams Create DevOps Platforms To Match Projects (Creating DevOps Platforms) Search IT Operations 02/04/2019 47
Devops How to Use 9 Cloud DevOps Best Practices For Cost Control (Best Practices for Cloud Cost Control) Business 2 Community 01/31/2019 51
Devops A New Breed of IT Pro: The Hybrid Engineer (New Breed of IT Pro, DevOps) NetworkComputing 01/27/2019 55
Devops Why Developers and DevOps Pros Spend Most of Their Days Troubleshooting (Troubleshooting : One of Top Three Daily Tasks) TechRepublic 01/24/2019 58
Devops CISOs Provide Tips for Protecting Privileged Access In DevOps, Cloud Environments (Tips for Cloud Environments) Networks Asia 01/23/2019 59
Devops PCI Council Releases New Software Framework for DevOps Era (PCI Council Releases New SW, PA-DSS) Dark Reading 01/19/2019 63
Devops DevOps: Big Effort, Big Benefits (Big Effort, Big Benefits) InformationWeek 01/17/2019 65
Devops Why Security By Design and Security Devops Are So Critical to Success (Security By Design Critical to Success) HelpNet Security 01/14/2019 68
Devops Container Deployments Bring Security Woes at DevOps Speed (Container Security Woes) Dark Reading 01/10/2019 72
Devops Mastering The 12 Agile Software Development Principles (Mastering Agile Principles, DevOps) Information Management 01/09/2019 73
Devops DevOps Security Model Hits Organizational Snags (Organizational Snags) Search IT Operations 01/03/2019 79
Devops How to Transition to DevOps in Less Than 30 Days (30 Day Transition) InformationWeek 12/29/2018 84
Devops Risk Based Access Control and the Role of Continuous Authentication (Continuous Authentication, DevOps) ToolBox 12/19/2018 94
Devops DevOps Is Causing Chaos for Enterprises (Causing Problems) SD Times 12/17/2018 96
Devops Forget Shifting Security Left; It's Time to Race Left (DevOps Shift Left) Dark Reading 12/13/2018 100
Devops Security Teams Struggle with Container Security Strategy (Strategy for Container Security) Dark Reading 11/15/2018 128
Devops DevOps Done Right (Barriers To Success, White Paper) New Relic 11/14/2018 129
Devops DevOps and Security: How to Make Disjointed Security and DevOps Teams Work Effectively (DevOps Working With Security) HelpNet Security 11/07/2018 136
Devops Time to Marry DevOps, Agile and Lean IT, Advocates Urge (Time To Get Hitched) ZDnet 11/05/2018 138
Devops Companies Implementing DevSecOps Address Vulnerabilities Faster Than Others (Faster Vulnerability Solutions, DevOps) HelpNet Security 11/05/2018 138
Devops DevOps Done Right: How To Break Down The IT Department Silos without Alienating Developers (Doing It Right) ComputerWeekly 11/02/2018 142
Devops The Case for MarDevSecOps (Security in DevOps) Dark Reading 10/31/2018 144
Devops A Wake-Up Call for Software Development Practices?(SW Wakeup Call) Informationweek 10/30/2018 145
Devops Devops Is Mandatory for Multicloud Deployments InfoWorld 10/20/2018 155
Devops Transitioning from DevOps to Rugged DevOps: Avoiding the pitfalls SD Times 10/12/2018 163
Devops 9 Best Practices for Managing Infrastructure in a Containerized Environment (Containers) NetworkComputing 10/11/2018 164
Devops Should You Migrate Your DevOps Architecture to the Cloud? Informationweek 10/09/2018 166
Devops Seven signs you might not be cut out to lead a DevOps team TechRepublic 10/04/2018 171
Devops Bridging the Priority Gap Between IT and Security in DevOps HelpNet Security 10/04/2018 171
Devops Defining Software Quality Metrics for Agile and DevOps SD Times 10/04/2018 171
Devops DevOps Hiring: Look for the Right Mindset Informationweek 10/03/2018 172
Devops Why Go Faster? 5 Ways DevOps Delivers Value GCN 10/01/2018 174
Devops DevOps is an Operational Strategy, Not a Project (Operational Strategy) NetworkComputing 09/21/2018 184
Devops Building Security into DevOps Versus Bolting it On HelpNet Security 09/20/2018 185
Devops DevOps: From a Business and Executive Perspective InformationWeek 09/15/2018 190
Devops DevOps Demystified: A Primer for Security Practitioners Dark Reading 09/10/2018 195
Devops Soft Eng Salaries Soar By 25 Per Cent - And, Oh Yes, DevOps is Best Paid for Non-Boss Techies The Register 09/07/2018 198
Devops Using DevOps to Simplify Disaster Recovery NetworkComputing 09/06/2018 199
Devops Why Adopting Devops Can Increase Profitability, Productivity, and Market Share TechRepublic 09/03/2018 202
Devops How Mid-Size Firms can Overcome DevOps Challenges InformationWeek 08/28/2018 208
Devops ITIL, DevOps, Whatever - The Labels don't Matter InformationWeek 08/27/2018 209
Devops Embedding Security into the DevOps Toolchain Dark Reading 08/23/2018 213
Devops How to Become a DevOps engineer: A Cheat Sheet TechRepublic 08/20/2018 216
Devops Tackle These 10 Sample Devops Interview Questions and Answers The Server Side 08/16/2018 220
Devops Improving DevOps Security Practices (Improving DevOps) NetworkComputing 08/16/2018 220
Devops 6 DevOps Books for IT Professionals NetworkComputing 08/07/2018 229
Devops 10 Questions Devops Engineers Can Expect to Be Asked in a Job Interview TechRepublic 07/27/2018 240
Devops 5 Practices That Make a DevOps Leader TechRepublic 07/23/2018 244
Devops Getting DevOps right IDG Connect 07/09/2018 258
Devops 5 Steps to Put a Faltering DevOps Plan Back on Track InformationWeek 06/14/2018 283
Devops How to Adopt DevOps on a Small Scale (Small Scale Adoption) NetworkComputing 06/12/2018 285
Devops Security Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up Messy Firewall Rules to Reduce Complexity ( Tidy Up Firewalls) HelpNet Security 05/24/2018 304
Devops You're In Charge of Change, and Now You Need to Talk About DevOps Hater Robin The Register 05/14/2018 314
Devops 5 Steps to Overcoming the Challenges to Devops Success Information Management 04/24/2018 334
Devops Define DevOps' Role in Application Security InformationWeek 04/02/2018 356
Devops 10 Bad Habits Devops Admins must Break TechRepublic 03/22/2018 367
Devops From Measurement to Insight: Put DevOps Metrics to Work InformationWeek 03/14/2018 375
Devops DevOps Futures: SREs, Re-Skilling, and New-Ops InformationWeek 03/06/2018 382
Devops What is DevOps? Transforming Software Development InfoWorld 02/26/2018 390
Devops Hired to Clean Up the Mess? Here Are 3 Ways to Be a Success TLNT 02/20/2018 396
Devops Closing the loop on DevOps Networks Asia 02/16/2018 400
Devops From DevOps to DevSecOps: Structuring Communication for Better Security Dark Reading 02/15/2018 401
Devops Democracy & DevOps: What Is the Proper Role for Security? Dark Reading 02/15/2018 401
Devops Measure Devops for Efficiency, Not Just Speed InformationWeek 01/30/2018 417
Devops Why Successful Devops Implementation Requires a "Cultural Change" TechRepublic 01/26/2018 421
Devops The World of DevOps Tools Can Make a Newbie's Head Spin InformationWeek 01/18/2018 429
Devops Trying to Make DevOps Work? Learn How Nike Just Did It. The Server Side 01/11/2018 436
Devops Can DevOps Problems Actually Cause Projects to Fail? The Server Side 01/11/2018 436
Devops 5 Tips to Developing a Successful DevOps Culture TechRepublic 01/10/2018 437
Devops DevOps Processes Flounder if Old Business Models Don't Change The Server Side 01/08/2018 439
Devops Creative Ways to Encourage the Integration of Devops Processes The Server Side 01/08/2018 439
Devops What is Agile Methodology? Modern Software Development Explained InfoWorld 01/01/2018 446
Devops 9 'People Problems' Plaguing DevOps InformationWeek 11/16/2017 492
Devops 25 DevOps Vendors to Consider in 2018 InformationWeek 11/13/2017 495
Devops Are DevOps and Software Quality Incompatible? InformationWeek 11/09/2017 499
Devops DevSecOps: Add Security To Complete Your DevOps Process InfoWorld 10/17/2017 523
Devops The Importance of Devops In Digital Transformation Networks Asia 10/09/2017 531
Devops How Devops Changes Monitoring InfoWorld 10/09/2017 531
Devops How DevOps Changes Both Dev and Ops InfoWorld 10/04/2017 536
Devops 5 Great Books for Devops Enthusiasts InfoWorld 09/25/2017 545
Devops DevOps Barbarians at the Gate NetworkComputing 09/21/2017 549
Devops 12 DevOps Terms You Need to Know InformationWeek 09/13/2017 557
Devops Integrating Security into DevOps Networks Asia 08/28/2017 573
Devops How Devops Tools Accelerate Software Delivery InfoWorld 08/24/2017 577
Devops 50% Of Companies Still In Process of Implementing Devops, Report Says TechRepublic 08/18/2017 583
Devops Devops Skills Gap: Do You Have the Necessary Skills to Succeed? HelpNet Security 08/17/2017 584
Devops DevOps Can't Happen without Education InformationWeek 08/16/2017 585
Devops 7 Agile Certifications to Take Your Career to the Next Level IT World 06/22/2017 640
Devops 5 Deadly Mistakes an Agile IT Operations Network World 01/24/2017 788
Devops The DevOps Engineer Is an Optical Illusion InformationWeek 12/08/2016 835
Devops Google Will Be Powered Completely by Clean Energy Next Year Data Center Knowledge 12/08/2016 835
Devops 10 Key Security Terms Devops Ninjas Need to Know InfoWorld 12/01/2016 842
Devops How to Implement Agile Project Management TLNT 11/14/2016 859
Devops Are your Fragile Packages Safe? Ask Intel's Tiny IoT Chip ComputerWorld 08/19/2016 947
Devops How to Contract for Outsourcing Agile Development Network World 07/01/2016 996
Devops It's Time for Security Spring Cleaning InfoWorld 03/26/2016 1093
Devops Deleting is More Than Ok - It's Key to Clean Data Business 2 Community 10/01/2015 1270
Devops How the DMCA May Have Let Carmakers Cheat Clean Air Standards IT World 09/28/2015 1273
Devops Cleaning Up Botnets Takes Years, If Ever, to Complete IT World 08/03/2015 1329
Devops NIST to Sys Admins: Clean Up Your SSH Mess The Register 08/25/2014 1672
Devops What DJs can Teach DevOps Cynics InformationWeek 04/17/2014 1802