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Nov 14, 2018

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Data Fix Your Data Before You Move It To The Cloud (Migrating To The Cloud with Bad Data) InfoWorld 11/13/2018 1
Data Data Silos: Now and Forever? (Data Silos Forever) InformationWekk 11/13/2018 1
Data Are You Sure You Want to Build that Data Warehouse? (Building A Data Warehouse - Bad Idea) Business 2 Community 11/13/2018 1
Data Big Data Used to Predict the Future (Predicting The Future) Science Daily 11/12/2018 2
Data Disaster Recovery on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud: Head to Head (Head to Head Cloud DR Comparison, Cloud DR) Business 2 Community 11/11/2018 3
Data Forrester's 2019 AI Predictions Include Pragmatic AI (Artificial Intelligence Predictions) TechRepublic 11/09/2018 5
Data Five Steps For Successfully Implementing An ISO 27001 Risk Assessment Framework (Implementing ISO 27001) Continuity Central 11/09/2018 5
Data Why Disaster Recovery Should Become A Thing of the Past…(DR is Passé) Continuity Central 11/08/2018 6
Data 5 Best Practices For Third-Party Data Risk Management (Third-Party Risk Management) Information Management 11/07/2018 7
Data 3 Leading AI Concerns for Insurers (Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning) Digital Insurance 11/07/2018 7
Data A Chilling Tale: Data and Vendors Gone Wrong (Vendors Gone Wrong) Business 2 Community 11/07/2018 7
Data 5 Reasons Why Your Company Doesn't Take Analytics Seriously, and 5 Ways to Change That (Taking Analytics Seriously) TechRepublic 11/05/2018 9
Data Embedded Analytics: Easier to Create, More Accurate Than Ever (Embedded Analytics) SD Times 11/05/2018 9
Data 15 Top Platforms for MDM And Data Governance (Top MDM Platforms) Information Management 10/31/2018 14
Data Hospital Had Backups-Paid Ransom Anyway (White Paper ,Ransomware Even with Backups) Cylance 10/31/2018 14
Data 10 Ways to Use Machine Learning and AI in ITSM to Improve Processes (ITSM, 10 Ways for Artificial Intelligence) Search CIO 10/31/2018 14
Data 21% of All Files in the Cloud Contain Sensitive Data (Cloud Holds Sensitive Data) HelpNet Security 10/30/2018 15
Data Organizations Feel Ready to Put Highly Sensitive Data in the Cloud (Sensitive Data to the Cloud) HelpNet Security 10/29/2018 16
Data Should a Robo-Car Run Over A Kid or a Grandad? The Register 10/26/2018 19
Data 3 Steps to Improve The Quality of Your Organization's Data (Data Improvement) TechRepublic 10/26/2018 19
Data Artificial Intelligence Controls Quantum Computers (Quantum Computers and AI) Science Daily 10/26/2018 19
Data Real-Time Social Media Location Data Used to Predict Crime IT News 10/24/2018 21
Data Do You Really Need Online Data Backups? (White Paper) Enterprise Technology Services 10/24/2018 21
Data Start The Long Journey To AI Gains Now, Or Risk Missing Out On The Benefits (Artificial Intelligence) IT World Canada 10/22/2018 23
Data A Data Protection System Plus Management Creates Value, Risk Search Data Backup 10/22/2018 23
Data How TiDB Combines OLTP and OLAP in a Distributed Database InfoWorld 10/20/2018 25
Data Weighing the Pros and Cons of Data Security Outsourcing Information Management 10/20/2018 25
Data I'm Sorry, Dave: 9 Real Times AI Has Given Us the Creeps (Artificial Intelligence) ZDnet 10/19/2018 26
Data The Big Problem of Small Data: A New Approach Science Daily 10/19/2018 26
Data Conquering the Five Deadly Data Sins Networks Asia 10/19/2018 26
Data What 5 Skills Should a Disaster Recovery Team Leader Have? Search Disaster Recovery 10/18/2018 27
Data Inline Deduplication vs. Post-Processing: Data Dedupe Best Practices Search Data Backup 10/18/2018 27
Data Data Backup Planning: 10 Best Practices for Protection Search Data Backup 10/18/2018 27
Data Can Common Sense Be Built into AI? (Artificial Intelligence) GCN 10/17/2018 28
Data Does China Have the Answer To Closing the AI Skills Gap? (Artificial Intelligence) Networks Asia 10/16/2018 29
Data The Importance of Metadata in Enterprise Search and Aggregation Information Management 10/12/2018 33
Data Don't Ignore The Fundamentals (Artificial Intelligence) GCN 10/12/2018 33
Data Rail Operator Aurizon's IoT Push Helps Save $380m in 3 Years IT News 10/11/2018 34
Data 10 Interview Questions to Help Land the Best Data Pro Hires Digital Insurance 10/09/2018 36
Data Four Keys to Unlocking Cloud Data Management Data Center Knowledge 10/09/2018 36
Data Teach Your AI Well: A Potential New Bottleneck for Cybersecurity (Artificial intelligence) Dark Reading 10/08/2018 37
Data Does Your AI Need a Personality? (Artificial intelligence) Business 2 Community 10/08/2018 37
Data Archiving vs. Backup - What's the Difference? (White Paper) solarwinds 10/08/2018 37
Data 4 Ways Organizations Can Play Ball with Analytics TechRepublic 10/05/2018 40
Data Building Artificial Intelligence Aptitudes - Examining Myths and Realities Information Management 10/05/2018 40
Data 5 Mistakes Even the Best Organizations Make with Product and Customer Data Information Management 10/04/2018 41
Data What to Do When a BC/DR Plan Goes Awry Search Disaster Recovery 10/04/2018 41
Data Ten Business Continuity Risks to Monitor in 2018 Search Disaster Recovery 10/04/2018 41
Data How Does the ISO 22316 Standard Cover Resilience? Search Disaster Recovery 10/04/2018 41
Data In-Memory Technology: Serving Up Application Data To Users On the Go SD Times 10/03/2018 42
Data Best Practices tor Aligning Business Strategy With Data Management (DATA and MANAGEMENT) Information Management 10/02/2018 43
Data SaaS Data Planning: A Start-to-Finish Guide to Implementation Business 2 Community 10/02/2018 43
Data Why Big Data Is Ready For Content Management TechRepublic 09/28/2018 47
Data Prepare for the New Normal of Data Privacy Informationweek 09/28/2018 47
Data Moving Beyond Data Compliance to Data Efficiency and Usability Information Management 09/28/2018 47
Data How to be Data-Driven when Data Economics are Broken Business 2 Community 09/28/2018 47
Data Managing Data the Way We Manage Money Dark Reading 09/27/2018 48
Data How Do Some of the Best AI Algorithms Perform on Real Robots? Not Well, it Turns Out The Register 09/25/2018 50
Data Building The Ideal Data Quality Team Starts with These Roles Information Management 09/25/2018 50
Data Why You Should Extend Your Data Insights with Graph Analytics TechRepublic 09/24/2018 51
Data The Journey to AI: Get the Data Prep and Wrangling Right Networks Asia 09/18/2018 57
Data When to Use a CRDT-Based Database InfoWorld 09/18/2018 57
Data Getting the Right Firewall Protection for Your Data Centre Networks Asia 09/12/2018 63
Data 5 Signs You Should Invest in Data Science Business 2 Community 09/10/2018 65
Data Weighing the Pros and Cons of Real-Time Data Monitoring Information Management 09/06/2018 69
Data Why a Healthy Data Diet Is the Secret to Healthy Security Dark Reading 09/06/2018 69
Data Need-to-Know Social Media Metrics for Data Security Teams Information Management 09/05/2018 70
Data No Room for Fakes: Real Data is the Fuel for Machine Learning Networks Asia 09/04/2018 71
Data How to Achieve Large-Scale IoT with Relational Databases InfoWorld 08/30/2018 76
Data Is California's New Data Privacy Law a Sign of Things to Come? Information Management 08/30/2018 76
Data How to Maximize Big Data Results Business 2 Community 08/30/2018 76
Data Edge Computing and The Future of the Data Center Networks Asia 08/29/2018 77
Data Empowering Executives with Data Security Effectiveness Evidence Information Management 08/29/2018 77
Data California's New Privacy Act may Drive Tighter Controls in Data Centers Data Center Knowledge 08/29/2018 77
Data Big Data Is Now Economics and Not Just Technology TechRepublic 08/28/2018 78
Data The California Data Protection Law Domino Effect Information Management 08/27/2018 79
Data 10 Common Pitfalls that Threaten Data Quality Strategies Information Management 08/27/2018 79
Data 7 Emerging Open Source Big Data Projects that Will Revolutionize Your Business Networks Asia 08/26/2018 80
Data Nearly Half of Businesses Suffered An Unrecoverable Data Event in the Last Three Years HelpNet Security 08/24/2018 82
Data How Advanced OCR Found New Life in Big Data Systems Information Management 08/23/2018 83
Data How to Overcome the Potential for Unintended Bias in Data Algorithms Information Management 08/21/2018 85
Data What CEOs and CFOs Should Know: The 7 Costs of SaaS Data Loss Business 2 Community 08/21/2018 85
Data 10 Critical Steps In the Safe Disposal of Data Devices Information Management 08/16/2018 90
Data How AI, IoT, and Big Data Will Shape the Future of Cybersecurity TechRepublic 08/13/2018 93
Data Microsoft's Underwater Data Center has Live Fish Cams cnet 08/09/2018 97
Data What Data Center Operators Need to Know About Migrating to 400GE Data Center Knowledge 08/06/2018 100
Data Colocation Data Center Facilities: One Size Does not Fit All - Part 2 Data Center Knowledge 08/02/2018 104
Data The Best Security for Data Centers Is Based on Lack of Trust Data Center Knowledge 07/31/2018 106
Data From Source to Analytics: A Farm-to-Table Approach to Data Governance Information Management 07/30/2018 107
Data The Data Century Networks Asia 07/26/2018 111
Data Data Analytics or Data Visualizations? Why You Need Both Business 2 Community 07/23/2018 114
Data Turning Big Data into Actionable Insights IT World Canada 07/20/2018 117
Data Dogs and Big Data: A Mini Case Study TechRepublic 07/17/2018 120
Data What Your Business is Missing If You Aren't Using Predictive Analytics Business 2 Community 07/17/2018 120
Data Faster Photons could Enable Total Data Security Science Daily 07/16/2018 121
Data 10 Questions Data Scientists Should Ask Employers During a Job Interview TechRepublic 07/12/2018 125
Data Digging Deep for Data Center Optimization Data Center Knowledge 07/12/2018 125
Data Clear the Real-World Barriers to Better Data Utilization InformationWeek 07/11/2018 126
Data Backup vs. Archive: Why It's Important to Know the Difference IT World 07/09/2018 128
Data The IoT Data Explosion is Coming Fast: Here's How Colocation Providers can Benefit Networks Asia 07/05/2018 132