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Mar 24, 2019

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Category Recent Cloud Articles Source Posted Date Age
Cloud Public Cloud: Real-World Examples of Strategic Success (Real-World Examples of Public Cloud Success) Networks Asia 03/20/2019 4
Cloud 3 Common Multi-Cloud Challenges – and How to Solve Them (Multi-Cloud Challenges, White Paper) BT 03/20/2019 4
Cloud Tips to Protect Your User Experience During Cloud Migration (Protecting Users During Migration) Information Management 03/18/2019 6
Cloud The 12 Worst Serverless Security Risks (Worst Serverless Security Risks) Dark Reading 03/18/2019 6
Cloud Survey: Cloud Monitoring, Management Tools Come Up Short (Management & Monitoring Tools Come Up Short) Networks Asia 03/15/2019 9
Cloud The Biggest Cloud Security Challenges Enterprises Face (Biggest Cloud Security Challenges) TechRepublic 03/12/2019 12
Cloud Real Words or Buzzwords?: Fog Computing (Fog Computing Explained) Security InfoWatch 03/12/2019 12
Cloud Juggling Cloud Security Pros and Cons has CIOs Looking to Managed Services (Juggling Security Pros and Cons, MSP, Hybrid) Networks Asia 03/12/2019 12
Cloud Cloud Native – Design, Delivery and Management of Applications (Cloud Native Management) Cloud Tweaks 03/12/2019 12
Cloud Cutting Costs in 2019 Can Be as Easy as Moving to a Cloud (Cost Cutting) Business 2 Community 03/08/2019 15
Cloud The Ugly Truth About Cloud Computing In the Enterprise (Lack of Strategy is the Ugly Truth) Networks Asia 03/06/2019 17
Cloud A Multi-Cloud Approach – What’s In It for Me? (Multi-Cloud Approach) IT World Canada 03/04/2019 19
Cloud Security Pros Agree: Cloud Adoption Outpaces Security (Adoption Outpacing Security) Dark Reading 03/03/2019 20
Cloud Survey: Most Companies are Failing at Cloud Cost Management (Cost Control Failure) Data Center Knowledge 03/01/2019 22
Cloud Don’t Forget the Distance When Looking Up to the Clouds (Proximity is Important) Networks Asia 02/28/2019 23
Cloud Avoid Turbulence When Shifting to Data Analytics In the Cloud (Avoid Turbulence When Migrating Analytics) Search Business Analytics 02/28/2019 23
Cloud Security Is Battling to Keep Pace with Cloud Adoption (Security Battling to Keep Pace) ComputerWeekly 02/27/2019 24
Cloud Checklist for a Successful Cloud UCC Implementation (Successful UCC Implementation) No Jitter 02/26/2019 25
Cloud Containers May Be Leading to Cloud Computing Cost Overruns (Containers Leading to Cost Overruns) ZDnet 02/25/2019 26
Cloud Exponential Growth of SaaS Deployment Exposes Hidden Vulnerabilities (SaaS Hidden Vulnerabilities) Information Management 02/25/2019 26
Cloud Estimate Cloud Computing Costs Prior to App Migration (Pre Migration App Cost Estimate) Search Cloud Computing 02/22/2019 29
Cloud Searching for a Cloud-Native App Strategy Amid the Chaos (Maintaining Order Amid the Chaos) InformationWeek 02/21/2019 30
Cloud Serverless: The future Of Cloud Computing? (The Future is Serverless) Networks Asia 02/20/2019 31
Cloud Private Cloud 3.0 is Here (Cloud 3.0 Arrives, Cloud 1.0, Cloud 2.0)) IT Web 02/16/2019 35
Cloud Tips to Selecting the Best Cloud Backup Solution (Selecting Backup Solutions) DCIG 02/14/2019 37
Cloud Tightening the Belt on Excess Spending for Cloud (Tighten the Belt on Excess Spending) InformationWeek 02/13/2019 38
Cloud You Have a Multi-Cloud Environment -- Now What? (Multi-Cloud Environment -- Now What?) No Jitter 02/12/2019 39
Cloud 5 Best Ways to Minimize Cloud Scaling Costs (Minimize Scaling Costs) Search Cloud Computing 02/12/2019 39
Cloud Identifying Cloud Migraines before Migration (Identifying Migration Migraines) NetworkComputing 02/09/2019 42
Cloud More Data and Cloud for IT Demands in 2019 (More in 2019) Networks Asia 02/08/2019 43
Cloud Future Trends in Cloud Computing All Point to Optimization (Optimization is the Future Trend) Business 2 Community 02/08/2019 43
Cloud $14.1 Billion in Cloud Spending to be Wasted in 2019 ($14.1 Billion Wasted) ParkMyCloud 02/07/2019 44
Cloud Is Public Cloud for Everyone? (Anyone For Public) Networks Asia 02/07/2019 44
Cloud Implement Cloud Failover, Replication For Workload Protection (Implement Cloud Failover) Search Cloud Computing 02/07/2019 44
Cloud Mitigating the Security Risks of Cloud-Native Applications (Container Security & Compliance Challenges) Dark Reading 02/06/2019 45
Cloud Protecting Your Data in Public Cloud Services (Protecting Your Data In Public) Continuity Central 02/06/2019 45
Cloud More Data and Cloud for IT Demands In 2019 (More Data and Cloud) Networks Asia 02/04/2019 47
Cloud Rubrik Data Leak is Another Cloud Misconfiguration Horror Story (Misconfigured Server Horror Story) Dark Reading 01/31/2019 51
Cloud Cloud Migration Opportunities to Be Aware of in 2019 (2019 Migration Opportunities) InformationWeek 01/30/2019 52
Cloud Enterprises are Struggling with Cloud Complexity and Security (Struggling with Complexity and Security) HelpNet Security 01/30/2019 52
Cloud Study: Most Cloud Attacks are Opportunistic (Opportunistic Attacks) GCN 01/30/2019 52
Cloud How to Become a Cloud Engineer: A Cheat Sheet (Cheat Sheet for Becoming a Cloud Engineer) TechRepublic 01/29/2019 53
Cloud Rise of Multicloud: 58% of Businesses Using Combination of AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud (Rise of Multicloud) TechRepublic 01/28/2019 54
Cloud In Wake of Snowden, U.S. Cloud Providers Face Calls to Wall Off Data IT World 01/27/2019 55
Cloud Security Is the No. 1 IT Barrier to Cloud and SaaS Adoption (No. 1 IT Barrier) TechRepublic 01/24/2019 58
Cloud Cloud Container Services Comparison (Comparing Container Services, AWS Container Service, Azure Container Services, Google Container Services) Business 2 Community 01/23/2019 59
Cloud Shadow IT, IaaS & the Security Imperative (Cloud Infrastructure Imperatives, Cloud Security) Dark Reading 01/22/2019 60
Cloud In Cloud Security, Automation does *Not* Mean Automatic (Automation Does *Not* Mean Automatic Security, Cloud Security) GCN 01/22/2019 60
Cloud Beware The Man In The Cloud: How To Protect Against A New Breed Of Cyberattack (Beware The Man In The Cloud Cyberattack, MitC) HelpNet Security 01/21/2019 61
Cloud Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations (Top Public Cloud Recommendations, White Paper) Palo Alto Networks 01/18/2019 64
Cloud Cloud Native – Design, Delivery And Management of Applications (Going Cloud Native, The Right Way) Cloud Tweaks 01/16/2019 66
Cloud 69% Of Enterprises Moving Business-Critical Applications To the Cloud (69% Moving Business-Critical Applications) TechRepublic 01/14/2019 68
Cloud The One Thing You Need More than Cloud Visibility (More than Cloud Visibility) Business 2 Community 01/13/2019 69
Cloud Who Takes Responsibility for Cyberattacks in the Cloud? (Responsibility for Cyberattacks) Dark Reading 01/12/2019 70
Cloud How Security Operations Centers Are Adapting to the Cloud Era (SOCs Adapting Networks Asia 01/09/2019 73
Cloud Open Stack Operations Guide (Cloud, White Paper) O'Reilly 01/05/2019 77
Cloud How to Tame a Multicloud Enterprise by Using a Cloud Management Platform (Taming a Multicloud Enterprise) ToolBox 12/31/2018 82
Cloud Cloud Security Concerns: IT vs. LoB (Security Concerns IT vs LoB) No Jitter 12/28/2018 85
Cloud The Cloud May Finally be Ready for Your Legacy Apps InformationWeek 12/21/2018 92
Cloud Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (Serverless Pitfalls, White Paper) UC Berkeley 12/20/2018 93
Cloud Rethinking Disaster Recovery for the Cloud (Rethinking DR) Networks Asia 12/19/2018 94
Cloud Key Enterprise Cloud Trends for 2019 (2019 Enterprise Trends) Networks Asia 12/19/2018 94
Cloud 5 Top Cloud Computing Myths Debunked (Debunking The Myths) Information Management 12/19/2018 94
Cloud Chaos Engineering Aims to Avert Disasters (Availability Thru Chaos Engineering) ToolBox 12/17/2018 96
Cloud Principles of Chaos Engineering (Chaos Engineering Principles0 PRINCIPLES OF CHAOS ENGINEERING 12/17/2018 96
Cloud 6 Cloud Security Predictions for 2019 (2019 Predictions) Dark Reading 12/16/2018 97
Cloud Strategically Achieving Multicloud Success (Multicloud Success Strategy, White Paper) F5/IBM 12/14/2018 99
Cloud Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations (Security Recommendations, White Paper) Palo Alto Networks 12/14/2018 99
Cloud Key Considerations When Migrating Workloads to the Public Cloud (Migrating To The Public Cloud, White Paper) Insight 12/11/2018 102
Cloud Options for Dedicated Cloud Interconnects and Their Benefits (Options for Dedicated Interconnects) Search Networking 11/28/2018 115
Cloud 7 Factors to Consider When Designing a Cloud Migration Plan (Migration Factors) TechRepublic 11/27/2018 116
Cloud Why Banking Industry Cloud Strategies Lag Behind (Banking Industry Lags Behind) InformationWeek 11/26/2018 117
Cloud Closing the Cloud Security Business Gap (Mitigate Data Threats, White Paper) SalesForce 11/23/2018 120
Cloud Why a Multi-Cloud Strategy Is Critical for Enterprise Data Protection (Multi-Cloud Strategy Is Essential) Data Center Knowledge 11/21/2018 122
Cloud Gotcha Pricing from the Cloud Pushes Workloads Back on Premises (It's Not Cheaper) Network World 11/19/2018 124
Cloud 10 Challenges in Taking off on a Bold Multi-Cloud Strategy (Multi-Cloud Strategy Challenges) ciol 11/17/2018 126
Cloud The Top 5 Myths about Cloud-Based Security (Cloud Security Myths) TechRepublic 11/16/2018 127
Cloud Cloud Security: The Essential Checklist (Essential Security Checklist, IAM, LDAP) InfoWorld 11/16/2018 127
Cloud An Introduction To the New IT Approach Called Hybrid IT (Hybrid Introduction, White Paper) WEI 11/14/2018 129
Cloud 5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Change In the Next Year (2019 Changes) TechRepublic 11/13/2018 130
Cloud What Are Likely to Be the Key Barriers to Embracing Serverless Computing? (Serverless Barriers) ZDnet 11/12/2018 131
Cloud Hybrid Cloud's Growing Pains - And How To Beat Them: a Guide To Raising a Good Platform, So You Can Raise a Glass Later (Hybrid's Growing Pains) The Register 11/12/2018 131
Cloud Don't Make Your Cloud Migration a House of Cards (Cruddy In, Cruddy Out) InfoWorld 11/12/2018 131
Cloud 4 Mistakes Cloud Users Make when Purchasing Amazon Reserved Instances (Amazon Reserved Instances Mistakes) Business 2 Community 11/08/2018 135
Cloud The 'Born In the Cloud' Advantage Is Real, But Not Absolute (Cloud From the Start) InfoWorld 11/06/2018 137
Cloud How to Get Your Company to Handle the Cloud Truth (Cloud Culture Change) InfoWorld 11/06/2018 137
Cloud Vendors Tell OMB to Keep It Simple in Cloud (Keeping The Cloud Simple) FCW 11/06/2018 137
Cloud Cloud Computing will Virtually Replace Traditional Data Centers Within Three Years (95% in Three Years) ZDnet 11/05/2018 138
Cloud Is a Cloud-Native Strategy Right for You? (Correct Strategy) NetworkComputing 11/04/2018 140
Cloud Gartner Symposium 2018: Enterprise Cloud Strategy Mistakes to Avoid (Avoiding Mistakes) Search CIO 10/31/2018 144
Cloud Application Security - A Shared Responsibility in the Cloud? NetworkComputing 10/30/2018 145
Cloud How to Deal With Big Cloud Acquisitions Like IBM's Red Hat Purchase InfoWorld 10/30/2018 145
Cloud Rethinking IT for Cloud Computing Informationweek 10/30/2018 145
Cloud Containers At-Risk: A Review of 21,000 Cloud Environments (White Paper, Risky Containers) Lacework, Inc. 10/29/2018 146
Cloud Cloudy with a Chance of Threats (Threats) NetworkComputing 10/28/2018 147
Cloud Securing Serverless: Defend or Attack? (Best Defense) Dark Reading 10/26/2018 149
Cloud Cloud Smart: Practical Considerations on Where To Focus (Smart Considerations) GCN 10/26/2018 149
Cloud Hybrid Cloud: A Cheat Sheet TechRepublic 10/25/2018 150
Cloud The Forced March to Cloud Computing InfoWorld 10/23/2018 152
Cloud Devops Is Mandatory for Multicloud Deployments InfoWorld 10/20/2018 155
Cloud Why Switch to the Cloud? Networks Asia 10/17/2018 158
Cloud Avoiding Reputational Risk When Moving To the Cloud Data Center Dynamics 10/17/2018 158
Cloud The Future of the Cloud Depends on Magnetic Tape Bloomberg 10/17/2018 158
Cloud What Is a Private Cloud? (and Some Things That It's Not) Network World 10/16/2018 159
Cloud Steel Yourself for the Cloud Hangover InfoWorld 10/16/2018 159
Cloud Solving the Cloud Infrastructure Misconfiguration Problem HelpNet Security 10/16/2018 159
Cloud Cloud Migration Best Practices: 4 Potential Problems to Avoid Search CIO 10/15/2018 160
Cloud Top Disadvantages of Cloud Computing: What CIOs Can Do Search CIO 10/15/2018 160
Cloud SAP Chief Security Officer Talks Cloud, Security Trends Search CIO 10/15/2018 160
Cloud Cutting Cloud Waste, Painlessly Informationweek 10/11/2018 164
Cloud Even if You're Not (Yet) Multi-Cloud, You Should Use Cloud Agnostic Tools Business 2 Community 10/11/2018 164
Cloud What Steps Can CIOs Take to Neutralize Cloud Shadow IT? Search CIO 10/10/2018 165
Cloud Big Bang Theory? Not for Cloud-Native Development SD Times 10/10/2018 165
Cloud Serverless Cloud Computing: Don't Go Overboard InfoWorld 10/09/2018 166
Cloud Should You Migrate Your DevOps Architecture to the Cloud? Informationweek 10/09/2018 166
Cloud Four Keys to Unlocking Cloud Data Management Data Center Knowledge 10/09/2018 166
Cloud What is XaaS? A Way to Inject Agility into Your Digital Business Networks Asia 10/08/2018 167
Cloud What Is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need To Know Now Networks Asia 10/08/2018 167
Cloud Cloud Misconfiguration: the Security Threat Too Often Overlooked InfoWorld 10/05/2018 170
Cloud Most Enterprises Highly Vulnerable to Security Events Caused by Cloud Misconfiguration Dark Reading 10/05/2018 170
Cloud Augmented Reality, Fog, and Vision: Duke Professor Outlines Importance of Smart Architectures Network World 10/03/2018 172
Cloud Getting Multi-cloud Right with Per-app Architectures NetworkComputing 10/02/2018 173
Cloud The Cloud In 2019: Multicloud, Serverless Computing, and Kubernetes Containers InfoWorld 10/02/2018 173
Cloud Ten Scenarios Where Edge Computing Can Bring New Value ZDnet 10/01/2018 174
Cloud What is IPv6, and Why aren't We There Yet? Network World 09/27/2018 178
Cloud Guide to Cloud Computing Architectures NetworkComputing 09/27/2018 178
Cloud Cloud and SD-WAN: a Marriage Made in Heaven IT Web 09/27/2018 178
Cloud 5G Will Bring Cloud Computing to Everyone InfoWorld 09/25/2018 180
Cloud Don't Be Afraid to Reboot Your Cloud Architecture InformationWeek 09/24/2018 181
Cloud 4 Hidden Cloud Computing Costs that Will Get You Fired InfoWorld 09/21/2018 184
Cloud Why People Are the Biggest Barrier to Public Cloud Success TechRepublic 09/18/2018 187
Cloud 4 Ways to Maximize IT Productivity in a Transition to Cloud (Migration Productivity) InformationWeek 09/14/2018 191
Cloud Re-Architecting IT for Multicloud: 5 Key Steps Networks Asia 09/11/2018 194
Cloud The 3 Reasons CIOs have Become Cloud-First InfoWorld 09/11/2018 194
Cloud Move Securely to the Cloud: Gain the Advantages InformationWeek 09/11/2018 194
Cloud Azure Outage Proves the Hard Way that Availability Zones are a Good Idea Data Center Knowledge 09/11/2018 194
Cloud The Simple Fix So Your Cloud Costs Don't Spin Out of Control InfoWorld 09/07/2018 198
Cloud Don't Rely on the Cloud Provider to Protect Your Data Data Center Knowledge 09/07/2018 198
Cloud Who's Afraid of Cloud Native? Data Center Dynamics 09/07/2018 198
Cloud 8 Attack Vectors Puncturing Cloud Environments Dark Reading 09/07/2018 198
Cloud Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers - Backup Review Storage Newsletter 09/06/2018 199
Cloud How to Retrofit the Cloud for Security: 2 Essential Steps InfoWorld 08/31/2018 205
Cloud Edge Or Cloud? The 6 Factors that Determine Where to Put Workloads Information Management 08/29/2018 207
Cloud How to Avoid Overspending on Cloud Networks Asia 08/28/2018 208
Cloud Cloud-Native DevOps won't Work Without Test Automation InfoWorld 08/28/2018 208
Cloud FedRAMP: Friend or Foe for Cloud Security? Information Management 08/28/2018 208
Cloud Network Design Considerations for Hybrid Clouds NetworkComputing 08/21/2018 215
Cloud The Biggest Risk in Cloud Computing is Not Doing It InfoWorld 08/21/2018 215
Cloud How to Manage Cloud Security When Providers and Customers Share Responsibility TechRepublic 08/19/2018 217
Cloud Tips for a True Multi-Cloud Strategy InformationWeek 08/16/2018 220
Cloud A Winning Strategy: Why Multi-Cloud Should Be the End Game Data Center Knowledge 08/16/2018 220
Cloud 7 Secrets to a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy Networks Asia 08/13/2018 223
Cloud How Cloud will Solve Your Analytics Frustrations Networks Asia 08/09/2018 227
Cloud Decryption Laws Edge Closer to Reality IT News 08/09/2018 227
Cloud How ADCs Sharpen App Security Focus for a Multi-Cloud World Networks Asia 08/06/2018 230
Cloud Is The Golden Age of Cloud Opex Already Over? IT News 08/03/2018 233
Cloud The Journey to Cloud: Five Ways to Avoid Short Sightedness Networks Asia 07/31/2018 236
Cloud Cloudops: The Neglected Part of Cloud Migration InfoWorld 07/31/2018 236
Cloud How SD-WAN Will Make the Cloud Much, Much Bigger Networks Asia 07/24/2018 243
Cloud Why High-Performance Computing Has Moved to the Cloud InfoWorld 07/20/2018 247
Cloud Cyber Security In the Cloud: are You 'Flying Blind'? Continuity Central 07/19/2018 248
Cloud How Cloud Computing Changes the Role of the CIO Information Management 07/18/2018 249
Cloud How Cloud Computing Changes The Role of the CIO Information Management 07/18/2018 249
Cloud How Clouds Will Crystallize Around Blockchain InformationWeek 07/17/2018 250
Cloud How To Get Real Value From Big Data In the Cloud InfoWorld 07/13/2018 254
Cloud What Cloud Natives Can Teach the Rest of Us InformationWeek 07/13/2018 254
Cloud How Hybrid Cloud File Services solve AEC's File Problems Network World 07/12/2018 255
Cloud The Key to Proactive Multicloud Cost Management InfoWorld 07/11/2018 256
Cloud Cloud NAS Offers File Access Across On-Site and In-Cloud ComputerWeekly 07/11/2018 256
Cloud Is Cloud to Cloud Migration Worth the Effort? Business 2 Community 07/11/2018 256
Cloud 10 Tips for Managing Cloud Costs InformationWeek 07/10/2018 257
Cloud Redefining Automation in a Multi-Cloud World NetworkComputing 07/06/2018 261
Cloud You Can No Longer Afford to Indulge Cloud Blockers InfoWorld 07/06/2018 261
Cloud The Flexible IT Team, Its Strengths and Flaws Information Management 07/05/2018 262
Cloud Will the Future of Cloud Storage Resemble a Bit Torrent? Data Center Knowledge 07/05/2018 262
Cloud Proposed Future Data Sharing Laws Revealed IT News 07/04/2018 263
Cloud The Benefits of Mature Cloud Security Strategies HelpNet Security 07/02/2018 265
Cloud Network Security in Cloud-Generation Firewalls with SD-WAN Networks Asia 06/28/2018 269
Cloud Why Enterprises Struggle with Hybrid Cloud and DevOps InformationWeek 06/27/2018 270
Cloud The Future of Consumer MDM: Cloud, Referential Matching and Automation Information Management 06/27/2018 270
Cloud 4 Types of Idle Cloud Resources That Are Wasting Your Money Business 2 Community 06/26/2018 271
Cloud It's Not Easy to Move From a Private Cloud to a Hybrid Cloud InfoWorld 06/22/2018 275
Cloud Why West Bend Went All-in on Cloud Digital Insurance 06/22/2018 275
Cloud 4 Orphaned Cloud Resources Eating Away at Your AWS Budget - and How to Avoid Them Business 2 Community 06/21/2018 276
Cloud How to Achieve an Invisible Infrastructure with the Four Pillars of Multicloud Networks Asia 06/19/2018 278
Cloud Cloud Security: The Reason Hackers Have It so Easy Will Infuriate You Fast Company 06/19/2018 278
Cloud What Is Cloud-Native? The Modern Way to Develop Software InfoWorld 06/14/2018 283
Cloud Network-Intelligence Platforms, Cloud Fuel a Run on Faster Ethernet Networks Asia 06/13/2018 284
Cloud How to Get the Most Cloud Security InfoWorld 06/12/2018 285
Cloud Cloud Connectivity: Methods and Myths NetworkComputing 06/11/2018 286
Cloud Cloud Costs too High? It's Your Own Fault InfoWorld 06/05/2018 292
Cloud Going Cloud-Native Costs More than You Think InfoWorld 06/03/2018 294
Cloud How to Avoid the Coming Cloud Complexity Crisis InfoWorld 05/29/2018 299
Cloud GDPR Violation Lawsuit Filed, Watch Out For EU Country-Specific Tweaks IT World Canada 05/28/2018 300
Cloud Why the Advantages of Multi-Cloud May Not Outweigh the Challenges Business 2 Community 05/28/2018 300
Cloud When Being Cloud-Native Is a Bad Idea InfoWorld 05/25/2018 303
Cloud 5 Ways to Get Discounts on Cloud Resources Business 2 Community 05/18/2018 310
Cloud How to Best Defend Against Cloud-Native Malevolence Information Management 05/16/2018 312
Cloud The Impact of Net Neutrality Repeal on Cloud Computing Information Management 05/14/2018 314
Cloud Why SMBs Take on Extra Risk When Working with Cloud Vendors TechRepublic 05/13/2018 315
Cloud Don't Let Orphaned Volumes and Resources Contribute to Cloud Waste Business 2 Community 05/04/2018 324
Cloud The Right Way to Manage DevOps Configurations in the Cloud InfoWorld 05/01/2018 327
Cloud Checking all the Boxes in a Multi-Cloud Data Management Environment Data Center Knowledge 05/01/2018 327
Cloud 10 Things You Need to Know about Working with Providers of Data Storage in the Cloud Data Center Knowledge 04/29/2018 329
Cloud If Your Cloud Apps Don't Have APIs, You're Doing it Wrong InfoWorld 04/27/2018 331
Cloud Moving Apps to the Cloud Is Painful; These Steps Can Make It Hurt Less InformationWeek 04/27/2018 331
Cloud How to Gain Visibility Into a Multicloud Environment InfoWorld 04/25/2018 333
Cloud How Upgrade Cycles Impact the Cost per Instance in Cloud Computing Business 2 Community 04/25/2018 333
Cloud Defining RPO and RTO in the Age of Cloud Computing Business 2 Community 04/25/2018 333
Cloud Expect Cloud Providers to Bypass GDPR Where They Can, Just Like Facebook Did InfoWorld 04/24/2018 334
Cloud How Cloud Computing is Impacting Disaster Recovery Planning InformationWeek 04/24/2018 334
Cloud When Enterprises Need a Hardware Bridge to Their Cloud-Based Systems to Ensure Business as Usual Continuity Central 04/24/2018 334
Cloud What Clients Look For in a Cloud Migration Provider Business 2 Community 04/24/2018 334
Cloud The Right Way to Pick a Cloud Database InfoWorld 04/20/2018 338
Cloud Why Human Vulnerabilities are More Dangerous to Your Business Than Software Flaws TechRepublic 04/19/2018 339
Cloud 2018 Multi-Cloud Strategy: from Niche to Norm in the Enterprise Business 2 Community 04/19/2018 339
Cloud What Is Hybrid Cloud Really, and What's the Best Strategy? Networks Asia 04/18/2018 340
Cloud 6 Hidden Bottlenecks in Cloud Data Migration InfoWorld 04/18/2018 340
Cloud Cloud Security Alert: Log Files are Not the Answer Networks Asia 04/17/2018 341
Cloud Moving Your Data Analytics to the Cloud Isn't So Easy InfoWorld 04/17/2018 341
Cloud 1-In-4 Orgs Using Public Cloud has had Data Stolen HelpNet Security 04/16/2018 342
Cloud Cloud Contracts: How to Choose Between Winner-Takes-All and Best of Breed TechRepublic 04/13/2018 345
Cloud Managing Vulnerabilities in the Cloud . . . and Everywhere Else Networks Asia 04/12/2018 346
Cloud 5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing the Business World Business 2 Community 04/12/2018 346
Cloud Is the Cloud the Key to Democratizing AI? Networks Asia 04/10/2018 348
Cloud 2018 Multi-Cloud Strategy: From Niche to Norm in the Enterprise Data Center Knowledge 04/03/2018 355
Cloud Forrester Urges Organizations to Use Cloud-To-Cloud Backup For SaaS Data Protection Business 2 Community 04/02/2018 356
Cloud 5 Questions to Ask Cloud Services Providers About Security SC Magazine 03/30/2018 359
Cloud Don't Get Surprised By the Cloud's Data-Egress Fees InfoWorld 03/30/2018 359
Cloud 7 Common Flaws that Keep Security Managers Up at Night SC Magazine 03/29/2018 360
Cloud Only 16% of Organizations Believe Their Current Security Can Protect Them in the Cloud TechRepublic 03/28/2018 361
Cloud Does Your IT Department Have the Proper Cloud Skills? InformationWeek 03/27/2018 362
Cloud Why Passage of SESTA/FOSTA is Leading Some Cloud Providers to Terminate Users TechRepublic 03/26/2018 363
Cloud The Best Way to Adopt the Cloud: Short Sprints vs. Big Bang InfoWorld 03/23/2018 366
Cloud The CLOUD Act: 5 Things Businesses Need to Know About the Data Privacy Law TechRepublic 03/22/2018 367
Cloud 62% of Enterprise IT Leaders Say on-Premises Security is Better Than Cloud TechRepublic 03/22/2018 367
Cloud You Need a Data Strategy More Than a Cloud Strategy Networks Asia 03/22/2018 367
Cloud 5 Ways to Get Ready for Public Cloud Deployment Dark Reading 03/22/2018 367
Cloud Cloud vs. Data Center: How to Know What's Right for Your Organization Network World 03/20/2018 369
Cloud You Need an 'I've Been Hacked' Plan for Your Cloud InfoWorld 03/20/2018 369
Cloud What's the Difference between Cloud File Syncing and Cloud Backup? How To Geek 03/19/2018 370
Cloud What's the Difference Between Cloud File Syncing and Cloud Backup? How To Geek 03/19/2018 370
Cloud The Key Question for Your Cloud Computing Strategy InfoWorld 03/16/2018 373
Cloud The Future of IT: Snapshot of a Modern Multi-Cloud Data Center ZDnet 03/16/2018 373
Cloud Reaching for the Clouds (IoT Ready) Networks Asia 03/14/2018 375
Cloud How to Get Real ROI from Your Move to the Cloud InfoWorld 03/13/2018 376
Cloud Why a Bare-Metal Cloud Provider Might Just Meet Your Needs Networks Asia 03/12/2018 377
Cloud Why Hybrid Cloud Bursting went Nowhere InfoWorld 03/09/2018 379
Cloud How to Ensure Your Cloud Storage is Compliant with GDPR Information Management 03/09/2018 379
Cloud Big Data Analytics: The Cloud-Fueled Shift now Under Way InfoWorld 03/08/2018 380
Cloud Multicloud's Hidden Trade-Off: Greater Security Risk InfoWorld 03/06/2018 382
Cloud SysAdmin vs. DevOps: 4 Ways That the Cloud is Redefining IT Business 2 Community 03/06/2018 382
Cloud Training the Cloud Architect: Five Things to Learn Data Center Knowledge 03/06/2018 382
Cloud What Are Cloud-Based Call Centers and Why Choose Them Over On-Premise Call Centers? Business 2 Community 03/05/2018 383
Cloud GDPR And the Cloud: What You Need to Know InfoWorld 03/02/2018 386
Cloud Multi-Layered Security is a Must to Protect Cloud Environments IT World Canada 03/01/2018 387
Cloud Cloud Operations Management: Is the Cloud Really Making Operations Easier? Business 2 Community 03/01/2018 387
Cloud Five Ways Organizations are Optimizing Cloud Usage Data Center Knowledge 03/01/2018 387
Cloud DevOps Is Essential to the Cloud, and to Its Payoff InfoWorld 02/27/2018 389
Cloud Cloud Migration: The Pros and Cons of a Common Platform InfoWorld 02/23/2018 393
Cloud Emerging Blockchain-Based Distribution Storage Market and Its Effect on Cloud Computing Network World 02/22/2018 394
Cloud 5 Things I Learned While Trying to Understand Today's Cloud Pricing InformationWeek 02/22/2018 394
Cloud Cisco Report: A Story of Cloud Endings and Beginnings InformationWeek 02/14/2018 402
Cloud The Evidence Is In: The Cloud's Advantages are Now Clear to Business InfoWorld 02/13/2018 403
Cloud Fewer CIOs Running ROI Calculations for Cloud: Survey Networks Asia 02/12/2018 404
Cloud Hyperscale Oligarchs to Rule the Cloud as the Big Get Bigger, and the Small ... You Won't Care The Register 02/08/2018 408
Cloud Crucial Steps for a Successful Cloud Migration Business 2 Community 02/08/2018 408
Cloud 7 Ways Cloud Services Pricing is Confusing Business 2 Community 02/07/2018 409
Cloud Always-on In 2018 - The True Power of Multiple Clouds Networks Asia 02/01/2018 415
Cloud Chewing the Cloudy Fat with Colin Bodell, the Ultimate Cloud Insider InformationWeek 02/01/2018 415
Cloud One Cloud Accounting Dilemma Will Soon be Fixed InfoWorld 01/30/2018 417
Cloud 11 Best-Paying Cloud Skills InformationWeek 01/29/2018 418
Cloud How Likely Can Terrorists, Nuclear Attacks, or Hackers Take Down the Cloud? InfoWorld 01/25/2018 422
Cloud What Is Fog Computing? Connecting the Cloud to Things Networks Asia 01/24/2018 423
Cloud What Is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud, Explained ZDnet 01/24/2018 423
Cloud No, Edge Computing Will not Replace Cloud Computing InfoWorld 01/23/2018 424
Cloud 5 Steps to Better Security in Hybrid Clouds Dark Reading 01/23/2018 424
Cloud Why Multi-Cloud Will Become the New Standard in 2018 TechRepublic 01/19/2018 428
Cloud Cloud Portability: Why You'll Never Really get There InfoWorld 01/19/2018 428
Cloud If it's Always Cloudy, There's Bound to Be Some Rain Networks Asia 01/18/2018 429
Cloud Top 5 Multi-Cloud Questions: The Case for Optimizing Workload by Workload Data Center Knowledge 01/18/2018 429
Cloud Hybrid Cloud: 4 Top Use Cases NetworkComputing 01/17/2018 430
Cloud What the Storage Industry's Inevitable Transition to the Cloud Means for Your Business Network World 01/16/2018 431
Cloud Don't Fall for the 'Pluggable Cloud' Siren Call InfoWorld 01/12/2018 435
Cloud As Cloud Market Swells, so Does Cloud Environment Complexity InformationWeek 01/12/2018 435
Cloud Security, Management and Compliance Challenges are Impacting Cloud Benefits HelpNet Security 01/11/2018 436
Cloud Avoiding the Most Common Devops Security Vulnerabilities in the Cloud The Server Side 01/11/2018 436
Cloud Better Cloud Management Through Cloud Resource Tagging InfoWorld 01/10/2018 437
Cloud SD-WAN Deployment Options: DIY vs. Cloud Managed Networks Asia 01/09/2018 438
Cloud Lack Of Cloud Skills and Training Begin to Take a Toll InfoWorld 01/09/2018 438
Cloud Lack of Cloud Skills and Training Begin to Take a Toll InfoWorld 01/09/2018 438
Cloud Employee Cloud Adoption Requires New Perimeter Defenses Data Center Knowledge 01/09/2018 438
Cloud Cloud Computing 2018: More of Everything InformationWeek 01/04/2018 443
Cloud The Future of the Cloud: Agentless Migration and Multi-Cloud Solutions Digital Insurance 01/04/2018 443
Cloud 4 Surprise Cloud Computing Trends for 2018 InfoWorld 01/02/2018 445
Cloud 3 New Year's Resolutions for the Cloud in 2018 InfoWorld 12/29/2017 449
Cloud Cloud Storage Confusion Leading to Major Security Issues TechRepublic 12/19/2017 459
Cloud How the End of Net Neutrality Will Affect Enterprise Cloud Computing InfoWorld 12/19/2017 459
Cloud The Network in 2018: Cloud, Containers, and Connections NetworkComputing 12/15/2017 463
Cloud Data Integration Is One Thing the Cloud Makes Worse IT World 12/12/2017 466
Cloud Minimizing Public Cloud 'Blind Spots' as Apps Multiply Networks Asia 12/11/2017 467
Cloud AWS Ignites Debate About the Death of IT Ops InformationWeek 12/11/2017 467
Cloud Hybrid Cloud - You're Doing It Wrong InformationWeek 12/07/2017 471
Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service is Not Cloud Migration Data Center Knowledge 12/07/2017 471
Cloud Five Predictions for the Hybrid Cloud Market in 2018 Networks Asia 12/06/2017 472
Cloud The Critical NetOps-Devops Tag Team for Multi-Cloud Agility Networks Asia 11/29/2017 479
Cloud When It Comes to the Cloud, Don't Start with Technology InfoWorld 11/28/2017 480
Cloud How to Diagnose Cloud Performance Issues InfoWorld 11/22/2017 486
Cloud Cloud Pricing Comparison: AWS vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud vs. IBM Cloud InfoWorld 11/22/2017 486
Cloud Facing the Hybrid Cloud Reality NetworkComputing 11/21/2017 487
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