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Nov 14, 2018

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Category Recent Cloud Articles Source Posted Date Age
Cloud 5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Change In the Next Year (2019 Changes) TechRepublic 11/13/2018 1
Cloud What Are Likely to Be the Key Barriers to Embracing Serverless Computing? (Serverless Barriers) ZDnet 11/12/2018 2
Cloud Hybrid Cloud’s Growing Pains – And How To Beat Them: a Guide To Raising a Good Platform, So You Can Raise a Glass Later (Hybrid's Growing Pains) The Register 11/12/2018 2
Cloud Don’t Make Your Cloud Migration a House of Cards (Cruddy In, Cruddy Out) InfoWorld 11/12/2018 2
Cloud 4 Mistakes Cloud Users Make when Purchasing Amazon Reserved Instances (Amazon Reserved Instances Mistakes) Business 2 Community 11/08/2018 6
Cloud The ‘Born In the Cloud’ Advantage Is Real, But Not Absolute (Cloud From the Start) InfoWorld 11/06/2018 8
Cloud How to Get Your Company to Handle the Cloud Truth (Cloud Culture Change) InfoWorld 11/06/2018 8
Cloud Vendors Tell OMB to Keep It Simple in Cloud (Keeping The Cloud Simple) FCW 11/06/2018 8
Cloud Cloud Computing will Virtually Replace Traditional Data Centers Within Three Years (95% in Three Years) ZDnet 11/05/2018 9
Cloud Is a Cloud-Native Strategy Right for You? (Correct Strategy) NetworkComputing 11/04/2018 10
Cloud Gartner Symposium 2018: Enterprise Cloud Strategy Mistakes to Avoid (Avoiding Mistakes) Search CIO 10/31/2018 14
Cloud Application Security - A Shared Responsibility in the Cloud? NetworkComputing 10/30/2018 15
Cloud How to Deal With Big Cloud Acquisitions Like IBM's Red Hat Purchase InfoWorld 10/30/2018 15
Cloud Rethinking IT for Cloud Computing Informationweek 10/30/2018 15
Cloud Containers At-Risk: A Review of 21,000 Cloud Environments (White Paper, Risky Containers) Lacework, Inc. 10/29/2018 16
Cloud Cloudy with a Chance of Threats (Threats) NetworkComputing 10/28/2018 17
Cloud Securing Serverless: Defend or Attack? (Best Defense) Dark Reading 10/26/2018 19
Cloud Cloud Smart: Practical Considerations on Where To Focus (Smart Considerations) GCN 10/26/2018 19
Cloud Hybrid Cloud: A Cheat Sheet TechRepublic 10/25/2018 20
Cloud The Forced March to Cloud Computing InfoWorld 10/23/2018 22
Cloud Devops Is Mandatory for Multicloud Deployments InfoWorld 10/20/2018 25
Cloud Why Switch to the Cloud? Networks Asia 10/17/2018 28
Cloud Avoiding Reputational Risk When Moving To the Cloud Data Center Dynamics 10/17/2018 28
Cloud The Future of the Cloud Depends on Magnetic Tape Bloomberg 10/17/2018 28
Cloud What Is a Private Cloud? (and Some Things That It's Not) Network World 10/16/2018 29
Cloud Steel Yourself for the Cloud Hangover InfoWorld 10/16/2018 29
Cloud Solving the Cloud Infrastructure Misconfiguration Problem HelpNet Security 10/16/2018 29
Cloud Cloud Migration Best Practices: 4 Potential Problems to Avoid Search CIO 10/15/2018 30
Cloud Top Disadvantages of Cloud Computing: What CIOs Can Do Search CIO 10/15/2018 30
Cloud SAP Chief Security Officer Talks Cloud, Security Trends Search CIO 10/15/2018 30
Cloud Cutting Cloud Waste, Painlessly Informationweek 10/11/2018 34
Cloud Even if You're Not (Yet) Multi-Cloud, You Should Use Cloud Agnostic Tools Business 2 Community 10/11/2018 34
Cloud What Steps Can CIOs Take to Neutralize Cloud Shadow IT? Search CIO 10/10/2018 35
Cloud Big Bang Theory? Not for Cloud-Native Development SD Times 10/10/2018 35
Cloud Serverless Cloud Computing: Don't Go Overboard InfoWorld 10/09/2018 36
Cloud Should You Migrate Your DevOps Architecture to the Cloud? Informationweek 10/09/2018 36
Cloud Four Keys to Unlocking Cloud Data Management Data Center Knowledge 10/09/2018 36
Cloud What is XaaS? A Way to Inject Agility into Your Digital Business Networks Asia 10/08/2018 37
Cloud What Is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need To Know Now Networks Asia 10/08/2018 37
Cloud Cloud Misconfiguration: the Security Threat Too Often Overlooked InfoWorld 10/05/2018 40
Cloud Most Enterprises Highly Vulnerable to Security Events Caused by Cloud Misconfiguration Dark Reading 10/05/2018 40
Cloud Augmented Reality, Fog, and Vision: Duke Professor Outlines Importance of Smart Architectures Network World 10/03/2018 42
Cloud Putting Security on Par with DevOps Dark Reading 10/03/2018 42
Cloud Getting Multi-cloud Right with Per-app Architectures NetworkComputing 10/02/2018 43
Cloud The Cloud In 2019: Multicloud, Serverless Computing, and Kubernetes Containers InfoWorld 10/02/2018 43
Cloud Ten Scenarios Where Edge Computing Can Bring New Value ZDnet 10/01/2018 44
Cloud What is IPv6, and Why aren't We There Yet? Network World 09/27/2018 48
Cloud Guide to Cloud Computing Architectures NetworkComputing 09/27/2018 48
Cloud Cloud and SD-WAN: a Marriage Made in Heaven IT Web 09/27/2018 48
Cloud 5G Will Bring Cloud Computing to Everyone InfoWorld 09/25/2018 50
Cloud Don't Be Afraid to Reboot Your Cloud Architecture InformationWeek 09/24/2018 51
Cloud 4 Hidden Cloud Computing Costs that Will Get You Fired InfoWorld 09/21/2018 54
Cloud Why People Are the Biggest Barrier to Public Cloud Success TechRepublic 09/18/2018 57
Cloud 4 Ways to Maximize IT Productivity in a Transition to Cloud InformationWeek 09/14/2018 61
Cloud Re-Architecting IT for Multicloud: 5 Key Steps Networks Asia 09/11/2018 64
Cloud The 3 Reasons CIOs have Become Cloud-First InfoWorld 09/11/2018 64
Cloud Move Securely to the Cloud: Gain the Advantages InformationWeek 09/11/2018 64
Cloud Azure Outage Proves the Hard Way that Availability Zones are a Good Idea Data Center Knowledge 09/11/2018 64
Cloud The Simple Fix So Your Cloud Costs Don't Spin Out of Control InfoWorld 09/07/2018 68
Cloud Don't Rely on the Cloud Provider to Protect Your Data Data Center Knowledge 09/07/2018 68
Cloud Who's Afraid of Cloud Native? Data Center Dynamics 09/07/2018 68
Cloud 8 Attack Vectors Puncturing Cloud Environments Dark Reading 09/07/2018 68
Cloud Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers - Backup Review Storage Newsletter 09/06/2018 69
Cloud How to Retrofit the Cloud for Security: 2 Essential Steps InfoWorld 08/31/2018 75
Cloud Edge Or Cloud? The 6 Factors that Determine Where to Put Workloads Information Management 08/29/2018 77
Cloud How to Avoid Overspending on Cloud Networks Asia 08/28/2018 78
Cloud Cloud-Native DevOps won't Work Without Test Automation InfoWorld 08/28/2018 78
Cloud FedRAMP: Friend or Foe for Cloud Security? Information Management 08/28/2018 78
Cloud Network Design Considerations for Hybrid Clouds NetworkComputing 08/21/2018 85
Cloud The Biggest Risk in Cloud Computing is Not Doing It InfoWorld 08/21/2018 85
Cloud How to Manage Cloud Security When Providers and Customers Share Responsibility TechRepublic 08/19/2018 87
Cloud Tips for a True Multi-Cloud Strategy InformationWeek 08/16/2018 90
Cloud A Winning Strategy: Why Multi-Cloud Should Be the End Game Data Center Knowledge 08/16/2018 90
Cloud 7 Secrets to a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy Networks Asia 08/13/2018 93
Cloud How Cloud will Solve Your Analytics Frustrations Networks Asia 08/09/2018 97
Cloud Decryption Laws Edge Closer to Reality IT News 08/09/2018 97
Cloud How ADCs Sharpen App Security Focus for a Multi-Cloud World Networks Asia 08/06/2018 100
Cloud Is The Golden Age of Cloud Opex Already Over? IT News 08/03/2018 103
Cloud The Journey to Cloud: Five Ways to Avoid Short Sightedness Networks Asia 07/31/2018 106
Cloud Cloudops: The Neglected Part of Cloud Migration InfoWorld 07/31/2018 106
Cloud How SD-WAN Will Make the Cloud Much, Much Bigger Networks Asia 07/24/2018 113
Cloud Why High-Performance Computing Has Moved to the Cloud InfoWorld 07/20/2018 117
Cloud Cyber Security In the Cloud: are You 'Flying Blind'? Continuity Central 07/19/2018 118
Cloud How Cloud Computing Changes the Role of the CIO Information Management 07/18/2018 119
Cloud How Cloud Computing Changes The Role of the CIO Information Management 07/18/2018 119
Cloud How Clouds Will Crystallize Around Blockchain InformationWeek 07/17/2018 120
Cloud How To Get Real Value From Big Data In the Cloud InfoWorld 07/13/2018 124
Cloud What Cloud Natives Can Teach the Rest of Us InformationWeek 07/13/2018 124
Cloud How Hybrid Cloud File Services solve AEC's File Problems Network World 07/12/2018 125
Cloud The Key to Proactive Multicloud Cost Management InfoWorld 07/11/2018 126
Cloud Cloud NAS Offers File Access Across On-Site and In-Cloud ComputerWeekly 07/11/2018 126
Cloud Is Cloud to Cloud Migration Worth the Effort? Business 2 Community 07/11/2018 126
Cloud 10 Tips for Managing Cloud Costs InformationWeek 07/10/2018 127
Cloud Redefining Automation in a Multi-Cloud World NetworkComputing 07/06/2018 131
Cloud You Can No Longer Afford to Indulge Cloud Blockers InfoWorld 07/06/2018 131
Cloud The Flexible IT Team, Its Strengths and Flaws Information Management 07/05/2018 132
Cloud Will the Future of Cloud Storage Resemble a Bit Torrent? Data Center Knowledge 07/05/2018 132
Cloud Proposed Future Data Sharing Laws Revealed IT News 07/04/2018 133
Cloud The Benefits of Mature Cloud Security Strategies HelpNet Security 07/02/2018 135
Cloud Network Security in Cloud-Generation Firewalls with SD-WAN Networks Asia 06/28/2018 139