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Mar 24, 2019

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Warren Avery

Warren Avery

A Little About The Founder of Promethean Data Solutions and the IT Weekly Newsletter

Warren Avery, founder and president of Promethean Data Solutions, has been a data storage professional for over 30 years and is President of Promethean Data Solutions, Inc. and Publisher of the IT Weekly Newsletter. His experience has included selling Enterprise solutions for companies such as HP, EMC (selling the first Symmetrix in the state of AZ) , STK, Candle Corp. and VARs; in addition Warren has owned an advertising company, worked as a corporate headhunter and directed the world wide sales efforts for a high end bicycle manufacturing company. His in-depth knowledge of Enterprise Data and in the trenches selling of large complex solutions to fortune 500 companies as well as extensive selling to SMBs allows him to provide unique and useful viewpoints. Warren is unique in that most of the high-end selling was done in single man offices where the lack of a systems engineer provided invaluable experience with the technical side of the business. Warren holds a BSEE, lives in Chandler, AZ and has a passion for flying tail-draggers.

About the IT Weekly Newsletter

As for the IT Weekly Newsletter itself, we strongly believe that your online experience should be as painless as possible. Like you, we hate pop-up ads and sites that use irrelevant roll-over tactics and page exit distractions. So, we do NOT use popup screens or other clever distractions and nonsense. You are free to click and search at will. The information is presented as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We do NOT track you or use any type of cookie element.

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He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.
- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 16th President of the United States -
The only IT and Data Center Newsletter that is 100% unbiased in its content and delivery. We cut through the spin and get to the facts. Clean, unvarnished and fresh.Every week there are more than 400 online sources that contain articles of interest to IT and DC Professionals at all levels.Every week the IT Weekly Newsletter compiles 40+ of the absolute best technical articles with no product; company or press release bias, no pop-up ads, no sales angles. addressing everyday IT and Data Center issues involving:
  • Reducing Business and IT Risk
  • Improving Infrastructure Quality of Service
  • Increasing Availability and Reliability
  • Reducing Application Response Time
  • Increasing Business Productivity and Agility
  • Improving Server, Storage and Networks
  • Improving Security and Compliance
  • Protecting, Preserving and Restoring Data
  • Improving Regulatory Compliance
  • Reducing Audit Errors
  • Reducing IT and DC Costs
  • Developing Proactive Business Solutions
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